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Know about the benefits of ice water for the amazing Face

Intrigued by the title above? Yes, it's true. Ice water turns out to have an awful lot of amazing benefits especially for the area of skin on the face. Use ice water by way of a marinade or rinse is perfect, especially for your skin that has a kind of greasy, pori – enlarged pores and dull.

The following detailed explanation about the benefits of ice water for the face along with the suggestion of the use of and benefits when combined with other natural ingredients. Happy reading.

What are the benefits of water Ice to the face?
Sure you never feel how sore skin due to mengkerut and exposed to ice water too long. As it turns out, the reversed effect is slightly painful, water ice is very beneficial for the skin of the face.

The simplest way to implement a water ice therapy for the face is by pouring cold water into a basin. Add ice cubes, and tie your long hair. Dip the face for 10 – 30 seconds into a basin containing cold water. To perform a maximum of 1 – 2 times a week then the stunning results you will get. How does this happen?

1. Deflating Eye Pouch

Ice water or cold water has the effect of contraction on the skin and blood vessels that Cascades over the face. These contractions cause the blood vessel to pull back the water that accumulated in the SAC of the eye. This is a natural way of deflating the SAC of the eye. Use ice water will look beautifying and makeup make up you.

2. Former Redness Fades

Ice water potent untuh overcome former redness or burning injuries due to sunburn. Simply follow the steps previously mentioned. By dipping the face into a basin containing cold water and some ice cubes for 10 to 30 seconds.

Avoid soaking the sunburned faces too long in cold water, because it will inhibit blood circulation and cause burning or burn scar wound difficult recovery.

3. Fight against Wrinkles

Smooth wrinkles on the face can be overcome by doing a facial immersion in cold water. Quick cooling process of facial skin will help delay the process of aging and aging resulting in aging. Add some natural ingredients into Bowl containing ice water will further give better effect to address wrinkles on the face.

4. Lighten and make the face look more Fresh

Carry out soaking the face with ice water and ice cubes for 10 – 30 minutes can help brighten and make the face look more fresh. This effect has been demonstrated by several Hollywood artists such as Sonia Morgan and Melody Erdogan.

5. Relieve Acne

Ice cold water also have the effect of relieving acne. Including also relieve the pain due to inflammation of the skin condition acne. Indirectly ice water also menurup oil glands that produce excessive oil on the face. So the pimple will be reluctant to drop in and spoil the beauty of your facial skin.

6. Close the Pore Enlarges facial pores

To the effect that this one, water ice is very famous and very powerful in the fight it. In accordance with who have recommended above, simply by soaking the face into a basin containing water ice for 10 to 30 seconds then an enlarged pore pore will be narrowed to perfection.

Natural ingredients that can be used in conjunction with ice water
To enhance and enrich the content of ice water, then some natural ingredients you can use simultaneously. The following explanation as well as an easy way to make it:

1. Water juice of Grapefruit

You can use lemon juice water to enrich the content of water ice. In the juice of oranges, contained many benefits vitamin C as antioxidan. Relieves and heals inflamed acne. How to use it pretty easy, make orange juice into ice cubes and use along with the facial wash using cold water.

Or you can use separately, after soaking the face with ice water for 10-30 seconds, continue use of the juice of the orange-shaped ice cubes on areas of the face for 10-30 seconds of the second. Effect of citrus juice will increasingly complement the freshness of water ice on your face.

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel can directly you use shortly after making the marinade face with ice water and dry the face with a towel to dry. Aloe Vera gel works as a natural moisturizer on the face. If your skin is oily, use cederung Aloe Vera gel will brighten and neutralize the back skin of your face.

3. Honey and olive oil

You can combine the honey and olive oil with ice water as raw material in a way face the marinade as ice cubes. Its use is similar to lemon juice using water as ice cubes. Can be applied shortly after making the marinade face with ice water. Or you can do it separately with intermittent intermittent soaking water ice.

Honey has the effect of clearing the skin of the face, while the olive oil will help moisturize the face. The combination of honey with olive oil will be increasingly realistic effects and benefits of ice water to the face.

4. Honey and Lemon

Different between a combination of honey – honey with olive oil with lemon juice. The combination of honey and lemon juice helps relieve the pain, redness and inflammation due to Acne breaks out. To conserve its use, you can make ice cubes with a mixture of honey and lemon in advance.

Use shortly after doing the marinade of the face, or may you use ice cubes directly as mixtures of water ice in the basin. Wait for the ice cubes melting a bit before using it as a rinse water or marinade face.

5. Essential oils

Some essential minya is also very useful when combined with ice water as a marinade or water to wash the face. Since oil and water could not be United, awarding the oil of life can be done separately. Squirt a little lemon essential oil, lavender or tea tree oil on a towel that you use on a piece of tissue or a cotton swab to dry.

Balurkan on the face shortly after making the marinade face with ice water. The content of the oil life will nourish the skin, giving it a refreshing effect and help treat inflammation due to acne.

Apple Cidar Vinegar 6.

Apple cidar vinegar may be rather hard to find in Indonesia. Natural ingredients is very famous for its usefulness as an anti – aging. Clean the skin pores with pore raised bacteria and excess oil from the face. The antioxidant content in the Apple cidar vinegar was also able to enhance and improve the circulation of blood towards the face.

You can mix a few drops of Apple cidar vinegar in the Bowl containing ice cubes to take its benefits. Or you can also shape it into ice cubes, as well as a circular massage movements on the face. Starting from the right and left cheeks, forehead, nose and Chin.

Yes, it has presented a brief description about the benefits of ice water for the face. There will be no problems that means on the activities of the soaking and rinse face with cold water although this activity may be a bit painful. But when it becomes accustomed, you'll love and was amazed with the results you can. Hope this article is helpful and good luck!


How to overcome the wind Sitting as well as Prevention Measures

How to overcome the wind sitting may be very You need, especially for those who suffer the condition of this one. The wind sits on its own is a condition of pain in the chest caused by the muscles in the heart get blood supply is lacking. Disruption of this one due to hardening or narrowing of blood vessels. In General, attacks the wind sits unfathomable when the influx.

The effect is quite dangerous from the wind sitting is likely sufferers experience pain very outstanding starts from the chest, arms, jaw, and also your back. About symptoms that indicate that you are currently developing wind sitting is tightness, nausea, body that feels very tired, dizzy, to discharge excess sweat. Then how to cope with the wind sitting? To answer these questions, you can listen to the reviews here.

How to overcome the wind Sits a very effective
The treatment of the wind sits on its own aims in order to reduce the risk of a more severe level i.e. death. It can be seen from the many cases of death that much going on, especially in the evening. Without any clear signs, the whole body feels pain, start breathing hard, until it finally died.

In fact, to treatment and how to prevent the wind sits quite easily. You only need to implement a healthy lifestyle every day. In addition, the consumption of a variety of foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients, such as vegetables, fruits, and seeds. But if it turns out that the wind sits already attacking you or people around, do wind sitting how to resolve the following:

Use Nitrate Drugs
For information, nitrate is one of the content in the medicine which can be used to overcome the wind. Not only that, nitrate can also be used in the long term. In a sense, this content is also very effective to prevent the occurrence of wind.

For the mengonsumsinya, surely you should consult a doctor in advance about the drug with nitrates such as what is safe for consumption. You can mengonsumsinya when will run the activity that triggered the wind sits like a sport. Keep in mind, during the taking of the drug on this one, don't drink any kind of fizzy drinks or liquor because it can cause fatal damage in the body.

Use Preventive Medicine Blood Clotting
Other types of drugs are also effective to overcome the wind sits is a useful remedy prevent blood clotting. If allowed to call this type of medication, then you can use Clopidogrel and the type of drug being Ticagrelor to prevent blood clotting. That way, the risk is more dangerous than wind sat can be reduced.

Use of the drug for an inhibitor of Beta
How to cope with the wind the next sitting is by consuming a drug inhibitor of beta. This is one drug that is reliable because it is able to provide resistance to the rise of the hormone adrenaline is very high when the wind sitting strikes. In doing so, then then any heart rhythm can also be more stable.

You may be wondering, why step to overcome the wind sits only use drugs? If there is no traditional medicine which can be consumed? In fact until recently undiscovered folk remedy that serves to overcome the wind. It is due to wind up sitting directly related to the heart of the most vital part of the body. As for traditional materials was only able to prevent the occurrence of the wind sits, not to resolve it.

Therefore, when you often experience symptoms of the wind sits as explained above, you should immediately consult your health to the doctor. It is aimed so that the physician can perform an examination and take steps appropriate to you for experiencing a disease on this one.

The cause of the occurrence of the wind sits down to avoid
You already know some of the ways of overcoming the wind sits. Another thing that You should also certainly notice is about what are the causes of the emergence of the wind sits. So then you can reduce the risk of developing one of a disease that may not be considered trivial. As for the cause is as follows:

High Cholesterol Levels
As we know, the cholesterol levels in the body are high will trigger the appearance of various diseases, one of which is wind. This is because cholesterol levels that are already too severe will accumulate in blood vessels. In doing so, then the blood flow to the heart of the matter will not be stable so that it becomes a major trigger wind.

The second cause is hypertension or high blood pressure. When the flow of blood that flows throughout the body are blocked, then automatically the heart takes a lot of pressure in pumping blood. It will slowly damage the part of the artery wall. Consequently, the occurrence of hardening of the blood vessels.

Obesity or condition in which excess fat buildup in the body that lead to obesity is indeed becoming a trigger for a variety of ailments. Not only wind up sitting alone, obesity has also become a major trigger of a person experiencing diabetes, hypertension, even strokes.

You all surely agree that smoking is a bad habit that should be avoided by anyone, no matter it's kids, adults, men, or women. This is because all the content contained in cigarettes is very dangerous to the body. One of the consequences brought about by smoking for the body is the occurrence of hoarding of cholesterol in the body. This will make the blood to carry oxygen difficulties should be circulated to all parts of the body. (read also: a myriad of dangers to the health of our body)

History of illness suffered
The cause is there is a history of the disease suffered. The diseases in question are all types of ailments related to heart and artery walls. If it turns out You have a history of heart disease, then we recommend that you maintain the health of the body and more cautious because of the risk of developing wind sit quite large.

Lack Of Exercise
Lack of exercise will cause a lot of problems on the health of the body. Because, each day the sports body needs at least for the sake of burn fat and assist the process of absorption of nutrients in the food consumed. (read also: what are the benefits of sport for human health? this explanation)

To that end, if you rarely work out, and all of a sudden when exercising you are too imposing themselves, then the organ the heart that was not accustomed to such heavy activity will bear a heavy burden. This is one of the triggers the onset of wind. Your own surely never had it. When it was rarely exercised, then you do any sports or futsal, the breath will become congested even eye berkunang-kunang.

Old Age
The wind causes the last sitting is age. The older the age of a person, then the risk of developing wind sitting would be the greater. Why? This is because elderly people who have blood vessels that are not supple and hard. As for the people who suffered the risk of developing wind sitting are those aged 45 years and over.At least that's some of the things you need to know about the causes of the occurrence of the wind sits. The bottom line is You should still maintain good health, be it with sufficient daily nutrients or by exercising and avoiding unhealthy lifestyle. In doing so, then your body will also be far from any kind of disease, including the wind sits. Hopefully the reviews about how to overcome the wind sits on top of benefit to you.

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Is It True That The Disease Lupus Contagious? Here's The Explanation Read More

Have you heard that the disease lupus contagious? Then what you heard that 100% is wrong. Although lupus sufferers experience a variety of physical weakness like HIV/AIDS, please note that the disease is not contagious.

The following will explain how to perception of infectious disease lupus symptoms, as well as handling and treatment. Happy reading!

The wrong perceptions about the disease of Lupus that can be Contagious
Lupus is an autoimmune disease. Caused by inflammation that occurs due to the attack of the immune system of our own. The human immune system that play a role in this matter is the substance of antibodies called immunoglobulin medical terms as well.

The disease lupus, immunoglobulin should be reacting and attacking bacteria, viruses or other disease cells thus turned the attack almost all parts of the important organs in the human body such as the heart, kidneys, joints, muscles, skin, eyes and the nervous system is even disrupting the formation of human blood cells.

Early symptoms of this disease is a chronic weakness, fever, loss of appetite and weight loss. Pain and swelling can occur in the muscle, redness and blotches resembling butterflies on areas of the face (butterfly rash), hair loss, anemia and blood clotting disorders. Even can cause various disorders of organs as well as other blood circulation disorders.

Lupus disease is not caused by infectious diseases that can be transmitted. So the perception about the infectious disease lupus is the wrong perception. The following detailed description of some of the factors precipitating the onset of lupus disease:

Genetic factors is one of the main causes of the onset of lupus. There is a gene that mutates in the body, causing the immune system to experience chaos. Turn attacking the system and various organs in the body.

You need to be wary if there are among your family there who experience the symptoms of lupus. If you are experiencing a lupus sibling, then the risk of you having lupus also became 20 times bigger. Genetic mutation is not always going to happen, but some environmental factors and unhealthy eating patterns can trigger the onset of lupus.

Environmental Factors
As has been mentioned earlier that some environmental factors can trigger lupus. Among other things, excessive exposure to the ultraviolet, virus, physical and emotional stress as well as a history of trauma or accident.

Radiation from UV rays emitted by the Sun contains a UV photon that can be captured by the DNA of skin cells and destructive nature. Avoid working under the Sun too. But if your job can not avoid the condition the blazing sun protective cream SPF use stinging or shirt and CAP that closes the skin's surface.

Different types of the virus among other EBV (Epstein-bar virus), Herpes Zoster virus and Cytomegalovirus is some kind of virus that can trigger the onset of a genetic mutation on the system Your antibodies.

Physical and psychological stress
After knowing the factors precipitating the onset of symptoms of lupus. It turns out that internal factors namely the physical and psychological stress is one of the founders of the emergence of autoimmune symptoms in lupus, especially for a woman. Avoid various physical stress either stress due to excessive exercise and psychological stress can prevent the severity of the disease lupus.

Hormonal factors and gender
Women have a risk of 9 times greater suffering from lupus than men. This happens due to the influence of estrogen in a woman's body that is "immunoenhancing" or improve the immune reaction. For this reason also the fact a woman's immune system would be better than men.

However, does not cover the possibility of men will experience the condition lupus due to unhealthy living patterns, consumption of toxins such as nicotine in cigarette smoke, silica and various other products that contain mercury.

-The immunosuppressant drug use in the long term
Some use drugs can trigger the onset of lupus. Once again keep in mind that lupus can not be transmitted through the touch of a hand, or body fluids. Lupus caused by the use of drugs called also GOES by (Drug-Induced Lupus Erythematosus).

The drugs-prokainamid and quinidine used to cope with the disorders of heart rhythm, CPZ used to overcome the disorder or psychotic disorder can trigger the disease proved soul lupus especially if consumed within long.

Stop the drugs drug use is simply the only way that can be used to stop the occurrence of various symptoms of lupus. The doctor will also prescribe the drug kortikosteorid to overcome this.

Weakness that results from this autoimmune condition causes a variety of health complications and loss conditions. Lupus patients often will experience a variety of infectious diseases such as TB or secondary disorders of other respiratory and hepatitis can occur in patients of lupus. This is precisely the disease can be contagious and spread to other family members.

Avoid conditions of transmission of secondary infections due to Lupus
Have mentioned before that the disease lupus is not contagious disease. But secondary infections due to lupus that can spread and infect family members. Here are a few tips to prevent transmission of the infection while caring for a patient with lupus:

Apply the Wash Hands properly
There are 7 steps wash hands properly recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Preceded by wetting your hands with running water, wipe and rub both hands back in turn. Then rub the sela sela finger in turn. Next is rubbing the fingertips by way of mengatupkan both palms.

The next step is rubbing and twisting the thumbs Alternately, last rinsing the bracelet. Wash your hands of this movement will be more perfect when using SOAP or use liquid disenfektan.

Did the movement of hand washing before touching the patient, after touching patients and after touching objects, objects in the vicinity of patients with lupus. In addition to the later defended himself with an infection, indirectly you also later defended the patients with lupus from exposure to other infections via hand and touches you. Hand-washing is included in the healthy living easy steps that you should make it a habit now.

Using masks and Gloves
When when caring for patients with lupus you are flu or cough. Then it is recommended to use a mask to avoid the transmission of the flu virus and coughs to patients. It is very important to do because patients with lupus experience impaired immune system or a chronic body defense.

Transmission of viruses and bacteria when symptoms of lupus is going be memperberat condition of patients, increase the number of drugs that must be taken and will be more memperberat performance organ such as a kidney and heart.

Deaths from lupus often occurs due to damage to the kidneys, later of heart failure. Exercising regularly, avoiding sun exposure, avoid smoking and cigarette smoke or alcohol and other toxic materials proved to be very useful to prevent worsening of the condition.

Such information as to whether the disease lupus contagious or not, along with how to prevent the onset of secondary infection transmission from and to patients of lupus. Hopefully this article useful, healthy greeting!

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Is there an easy way to overcome clogged Ear?

Clogged ears can be caused by a variety of causes, including among the causes of ear clogged is colds, allergies, infections and a pile of serumen or earwax. In addition to discussing the various causes of clogged ears, this article will discuss various ways of overcoming ear clogged in accordance with the cause. The various causes of Clogged Ears and how to overcome it Various factors may be the cause of clogged ears. Disease or less hygiene habits of the ear is one of the causes. Here's a brief explanation about the different factors cause clogged ears Colds and Flu Of course You wonder, how colds and flu that layout the ailment is on the nose can cause blockage in the ear. This happens because in the anatomy of the nose and the ear are connected by a channel called the eustachian tuba. When a cold or flu, conditions are inflamed nasal passages. So that the surface of the tuba Eustachian join experienced inflammation and a little swelling. So that its function is to keep the air pressure in the ears join disturbed. When the flu or colds You right feel the blockage. And this will disappear along with the recovery of colds or flu. An easy way to relieve colds is to increase the durability of the body. Meet the needs of the body with optimal nutrition, healthy and balanced diet as well as additional supplements and vitamins. Using hot steam is also able to relieve nasal congestion so that indirectly the clogged ears will feel relieved. Sinusitis Sinusitis is a condition of terjebaknya of mucus in the sinus cavity on cavity-areas of the face. This later became the nest of mucus infection because it cannot be ejected from the nose. Due to the pile of slime is also causing the difference in air pressure in the inner ear. A sense of blockage when you have sinusitis can be assuaged by doing three quick steps. The first step push the nose up to not do the breathing process. Then please close your mouth and breath hembuskan towards the final step a closed nose. The air you hembuskan will be delivered to the middle ear. So a sense of blockage will disappear, and the pressure in the ears will adjust with the air pressure outside the body. Ear Infections In the case of ear infection, not only taste clogged you will feel. Pain, fever, head of the berkunang until the vertigo symptoms can arise when an infection and inflammation of the ear. Immediately consult ENT specialists to resolve the infection on your ears. Usually the drugs that will be given is in addition to the anti-inflammatory drugs of pain, the doctor may also prescribe antibiotics or antibiotic drops in the form of a drink. Dispensing drops is wrong and not in keeping with the overdose thus may damage the eardrum and become the cause of deafness. Always consult a physician before using a medicated drugs. Allergy As is the case when cold. Allergic conditions, the surface skin or mucous in the nasal passages will swell. Causes of lancaran of air circulation inside the ear and the outside of the body. A sense of blockage in the ear you will feel in addition to other allergy signs such as itching and redness, and swelling in the area of the face. Overcoming allergies should correspond to the cause. If allergic to food, then avoid the consumption of food ingredients, do the first handling like a young coconut water consumption or drink allergy drugs containing Antihistamines such as CTM. For an allergic reaction that results from the consumption of drugs, immediately heading to the health service center to get a shot of ephinephrin. These injections will immediately and quickly relieves various allergic reactions can be life-threatening. Dirty ears As well as nostrils, ear holes was created Lord with a range of complementary accessories such as feather and functioning fine hair filter as well as moisturize incoming air. So that dirt or serumen ears can be accumulated in the holes of both left and right ears. This shit will close the hole so that you will feel the blockage in the ear. Serumen ear can be issued with ear cleaners use a standalone rather than with cotton bud but with a special spoon actually should only be carried out by medical personnel. Because, the use of this tool without the correct supervision can thus at risk against the occurrence of injuries and infections in the ear. Visit the ENT doctor at least every 6 bulansekali to carry out the checking against the serumen conditions and the health of your ears. Clean the ears too often thus is less good habits to be implemented. The presence of serumen is one of the signs of our ears are protected properly. Clean up too often can damage delicate feather condition on the ear hole. The risk of infection will easily occur. Perform the cleaning hole ear independently of a maximum of once a week. Foreign objects in the ear Not rarely there are foreign objects which enter into the ear and can be a blockage. It is more common in children, because the curiosity is high so that a wide variety of toys or seeds are inserted into the holes in your ears. To remove the obstruction caused by the entry of foreign matter, you should head for the health service center. Because issuing itself thus can create new problems that can lead to the risk of occurrence of injury and infection in the ear. Animals or small animals can also enter the ear. Cause a noisy sound, as well as a sense of blockage in the ear. Removing the animal from the ear holes also did not easy, because when animals disturbed thus can bite and hurt the ears. Natural ways that you can do to cope with this condition is to shed oil or medicinal herbal oil like oles wasps into the hole of the ear. Wait for a few minutes, while holding the body by lying. Animals can come out with his own and will not hurt your ears and family members. Maintain the cleanliness of the environment becomes the key to avoiding the entry of animal ears or other small animals. Avoid eating on the bed, as well as clean bedding every day is obliged to do if you do not want your ears as well as family members of the entry of animals. How to clean the Ears properly? Dirt in the ears is a natural outcome of the oil glands in the ear. Function capture dust as well as hold the ear entry of water. Earwax in a little amount will not cause interference. But excessive dirt can be the cause of clogged ears can't even hear clearly. The use of a cotton bud, cotton that is clipped with clips or even use hair clips can be at risk of damaging vital organs inside the ear, which is the eardrum. The dirt should be ejected even even more and pushed into the rut of the ear. Cause blockage and triggers ear infection inside. The correct way is to use the medicine drops serumen softeners, baby oil or glycerine liquid, liquid hydrogen preroksida or H2O2. Squirt the liquids to taste into the rut of the ear. After two or three days it will soften earwax. After 2 – 3 days then squirt warm water into the ear. Tilt the head to the opposite direction so that the water can bring out the softened dirt. Use of dry tissue to absorb impurities coming out of his ears and dispose of in the trash. Such information as how to easily overcome the clogged ears that corresponds to the cause. As well as a little extra information about how to clean the ears properly. Hope this article is useful.

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Baby's Breath Reads? Know the cause and measures to overcome it

Baby's breath reads is one of the things the public experienced by infants but sometimes make parents worry about the health condition of the fruit of his heart. This indeed is a normal thing, but there are times when You have to worry when the sound emitted by the baby during breathing does not like small children in General. Therefore, on this occasion will be reviewed about what are the causes of baby's breath reads and acts exactly as what you need to do as a parent. The thing that causes the baby's Breath Reads In normal conditions, when newborn, once in a while she would emit when breathing. The condition occurs due to lung and nasal baby still doing adaptation to the surrounding environment. As we know, air condition and environment for the baby is outside and inside the uterus is very different. The adaptation by the nose and lungs this was the normal cause of why baby emits during breathing. Usually, the sound while breathing will slowly disappear when infants aged 2 to 3 weeks. Other causes that make the little flame when breathing is because he was stricken with a specific disease. The following are some types of sound released by the baby and what was the cause. In doing so, then as a parent, you can perform actions or measures appropriate to overcome it. Among them are the following: Sounds Like The Sound Of Whistling When your heart's flame fruit like whistling when breathing, most likely due to the occurrence of a small blockage in the breathing passages. Baby nose itself has a very small channel as a pathway out of the entry of air. If there is a blockage in the line, as there is mucus in it, then it will bring up sound like whistling. It is a condition that will not be hazardous to the fruit of your heart. The mucus will slowly disappear. However, if a long period of time the baby's breath reads a continuous whistling, both when he was sleeping or breathing as usual, then we suggest that you checked the condition to the doctor. It could be already happening under the breath tract infections on fruit of your heart. Votes issued Shrill This condition is referred to as laringomalasia or stridor. Usually the sound will be heard when the fruit of the heart took a breath. This condition is caused due to the respiratory tract of infants who become more soft and narrow. When your heart's fruit experienced this, you do not need to worry because when they were age 2 years, then respiratory tract adaptation would be perfect so shrill that sounded too will disappear by itself. Hoarseness is when the baby is Coughing and crying As for the cause of the baby's breath reads hoarse when he coughs or cries is due to blockage of mucus at the larynx. It is a condition that is quite dangerous because of the onset of symptoms of the infection into the trachea, larynx, bronchial tubes as well. In other words, you have to bring fruit into the doctor's heart in order to get the proper handling and inspection in addressing it. Tempo sound with short and Tightness The next sound is the emergence of conditions such as people crowded with short or quick tempo. This is usually caused due to pneumonia, i.e. fluid in the alveoli or air duct at least of the respiratory system. When your heart's fruit experienced this, then he would have difficulty taking a breath even more often to tears. Already severe conditions, the fruit of the heart will be continuous coughing and hoarseness will pull out if checked using a stethoscope. The condition of the baby's breath reads as has been described above are some of the conditions that normally occur in infants. In spite of being a normal thing, but it does not hurt to take them to the doctor for the sake of getting a proper handling before things happen that you don't want. Dangerous breathing problems on Fruit Hearts If the problem of the sound emitted by the baby when breathing as has been described above is still entered in the normal category, in contrast with some of the following conditions. When the fruit of the heart emits when breathing and accompanied by some of the following conditions, you should immediately take them to the doctor. Among them are the following: In a minute, the fruit of the heart is breathing more than 60 times. Fruit heart constantly snorting and having trouble each time they take a breath. Its physical characteristics are accompanied by an increasingly wide nostrils. Accompanied by a cough that never stops. The occurrence of retraksi, which is the condition where the muscles in the neck and chest up and down very quickly. When the baby slept, her breathing stopped for approximately 10 seconds. The advent of triangular patches of blue on the area around the lips, nose, and forehead. This is because the heart does not get fruit intake or supply of oxygen. So when the baby's breath reads and it is accompanied with things above, it can be drawn a conclusion that the conditions of the respiratory tract of infants being problematic. For the sake of avoiding unwanted possibilities, we recommend you immediately take them to the doctor. Tips for Overcoming a Baby Flame Breath As a parent, you certainly must know how to address the issue of baby's breath reads. To this end, there are several things you can do. By doing some of these things, then you can help the fruit hearts breathe with relief. Among them are the following: Give Gentle Massages The first way is the massage the chest baby gently using eucalyptus oil or balsam special baby. This will greatly help the baby get the air fresher and a lot. Pijatlah on the right and left to the chest. This gentle massage can also help to thin the mucus to clog the airway of your baby. Apply the oil with Fresh Aromas on the nose of an infant Another thing you can do is by applying warm scented oil at the baby's nose. This will really help unleash your inner fruit of the respiratory tract. But keep in mind, don't put too much oil on the baby's nose because it is still very sensitive. (read also: effective nasal congestion remedies can relieve your respiratory) Get Your Baby's Activity More Often The next way to address the issue of baby's breath reads due to blockage in the form of mucus in the respiratory tract is to invite them to play. You can train a baby walk or play. This is because when the baby is active in the move, then slowly mucus be the main causes of the emergence of sound when the baby breathes can be removed. At least that's some of the things you can do to troubleshoot your breath baby goes, well that's when it goes hoarse or resembling the whistling. In addition, make sure your bed and play baby clean of dust. For that reason, it is important to let You as parents to always pay attention to the health condition of the fruit of your heart to stay healthy. May be useful.

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Diet with lemon to get Ideal Body

For those of you who want to do the diet, activities must have been familiar with how a diet with lemon. This is because lemon is known as one of the natural ingredients for a diet that is proven to be very powerful in helping the process of absorption of food and meluruhkan of fat in the body. As we know that diet does indeed become one of the most appropriate measures to keep the weight of the body to stay healthy. Because the body with an ideal weight will be more difficult, especially that of developing related to obesity. Not only that, has the ideal body will also make you look more interesting. Back in the reviews about the diets use lemon, on this occasion will be discussed about how to do it and what benefits you can get. How to do the Diet with lemon right Although there have been many people who know that lemon is a natural ingredients to help the process of burning fat in the body, but only a few who understand how to apply this diet program. For that, you can read on how to properly do the diet using lemons here: Check The Condition Of The Stomach First The first thing to really note is about the condition of Your stomach. Why? This is because the diet using lime juice is not recommended for those who have gastric problems such as ulcers. For sufferers of gastritis, acid substances content too high on the lime juice will make you experience a variety of digestive problems to result in the emergence of unbearable pain in a part of the stomach. Therefore, it is recommended that You checked the condition of Your stomach first before doing step diet with lemon. Select the Lemons are Ripened The second way is to simply select a ripe lemon only. This is because vitamin C and acidic substances on young lemon too much, conversely, old lime juice will lose a lot of useful content in it. In addition, the lemon with the appropriate kematang contain nutrients called Citrus Aurantifolia is ideal for meluruhkan of fat in the body. To select a ripe lime is not so difficult. You do not need to memerhatikanukurannya. Just look at the color of the skin of the lemon as well as hard or whether the lemon. Lemons are ripened already has a green skin color somewhat cooked and tender when pressed. How To Diet Using Lime About how to diet with lemon can actually be done in various ways. It can be tailored to each person's body condition. But the easiest way do the diets use lemon is by mengonsumsinya each morning and evening. In the morning, you can prepare 2 to 3 lemon fruit. Squeeze the lime juice and add warm water to taste. For best results, You may add pure honey, but do not add sugar. How this is done when your stomach is still in a State of blank. While in the evening, exactly 2 hours after a meal, mix the juice of 3 to 4 pieces of lemon with warm water. You can also add honey to reduce the sour taste. However it should be noted that the maximum hours dinner hours is 18:00. After that, try don't eat fatty foods or berkarbohidrat. If you are hungry, eat enough snacks to taste only. How can this be done for 2 weeks on a regular basis to get maximum results. In addition, you should also regularly exercise during diet program inside with lime so that the health condition of the body stay awake. The content of nutrients in Lime The main reason fulfilling diet program with lemon proved to be very powerful in burning fat is a nutrient content in it. The role of vitamin C in here is very important because it can combat the saturated fat levels in your body. Regarding the content of the complete nutrition in lemon, at least at each lime with a diameter of 3 to 6 cm contain 30 mg of vitamin c. vitamin C Amount has been able to fullfill the needs of body vitamin C to as much as 30%. In addition, vitamin C is also easily dissolves in the body and will be expelled through the urine. Not only is effective in carrying out the program of diet, vitamin C in lemons also functions in the growth of the body, especially to repair cells and tissues throughout the body that suffered damage. In addition to vitamin C, in 100 gram lemon, there are many other nutritional content. Among them are the following: Vitamin B1 – 0.04 mg Carbohydrates – 11.4 grams Proteins – 0.9 grams Fat – 0.2 grams Minerals – 0.5 grams Iron – 0.4 grams Ascorbic acid – 49 mg Calcium – 33 grams Phosphorus – 23 mg Water – 89 grams In addition to some nutritional above, lemon still has a lot of natural chemical compounds once such as citric acid, lemon acid, iron, amino acids, etc. This is what makes excellent use of lemon to diet. All the content in addition to functioning combat evil fat, burn fat, it also helps keep your immune system. The benefits of lime juice in weight loss After learning how to diet with lemon as well as any nutrients content in it, then you should also find out about the benefits of lime juice to lose weight you are. Among them are the following: Burn body fat As a natural diet with lemon, the main benefit of course owned by the lime is to help the process of burning fat in the body. This is because the content of citric acid or citric acid which gives a sour fruits, including lemons, is an anti oxidant substances that can turn fat into energy. Fat accumulated in the body when not immediately processed will make weight gain. In addition, vitamin C also took a role of its own as it can help the process of improving the metabolism of the body. The fat that a major factor that contributed to the weight must be eliminated: with the help of the contents of nutrients in the lime juice. However to get maximum results, you will also have to compensate with a workout. Launch The Digestive System Diet program made using lemon surely also faster in losing weight especially smoothly aided the digestive system. In the diet program, smooth digestive system will contribute greatly to food that goes in the body can digest properly. In addition, substances that are not needed by the body, such as fat and toxins, can also be disposed of. Detoxification As we know, the fat is not only instrumental in adding to the weight, but also one of the sources of the emergence of a variety of ailments. This is because the saturated fats that have piled up the content of harmful substances for the body. As for the benefits of lime juice as a natural ingredient for diet is doing detoxification process. Its function is so that toxins in the body can be neutralized. This is because the content of anti oxidants which are quite high in lime so as to neutralize toxins and free radicals. (read also: some benefits of lemon you should know) Keeping Blood Sugar Levels How to diet with lemon for weight loss also proved effective as it can help the process of absorption of blood sugar that comes from the food that goes into the body. With the reduced absorption of blood sugar, then your stomach will more spared from hunger. This will make your appetite stay awake. The conditions of stable blood sugar will also lower the risk of developing diabetes. So a little review about how to properly diet with lemon that you can do. The thing to remember is for running a diet program, you should also avoid fatty, greasy food, and foods rich in carbohydrates. May be useful.

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What is TB disease and how to prevent it?

Indonesia is the country with the second largest TUBERCULOSIS sufferers in the world. Such as revealed by Health Minister Nila Moeloek Djuwita f. in dialogue together with the Director of the Hospital of se-South Kalimantan at the Ulin General Hospital Region Banjarmasin in May. He revealed that the number of tuberculosis sufferers in Indonesia was ranked the second most after India. The high number of tuberculosis sufferers this need to get noticed the entire parties concerned. This disease is very easily transmitted, especially in residential areas have a high population density.

TB patients when there is a sign in the hospital, it's likely the whole family in one House will be exposed to the same disease. Sufferers of tuberculosis will also have difficulty if wishing to work or study abroad. Many migrant workers residing in Indonesia overseas had to be discharged because the contracted tuberculosis. Likewise with students who want to continue their schooling abroad, their departure had to be delayed if the results of the medical check-up of their positive indicates that they suffer from this disease.

Get To Know Back Tb Disease
Currently, tuberculosis is included in the top 10 of most disease causing death in the world. The community actually have heard of this disease, but many also have yet to know in greater depth, related to the transmission and complications when the disease is not immediately addressed. Tuberculosis itself is often abbreviated as TB or TB, an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Generally, the disease attacks the lungs, but does not cover the possibility of other parts of the body can also be stricken.

If we are healthy and have a good body defense system, when we are exposed to the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis the body's natural defense system then we will fight and kill bacteria, so that we do not contract the disease tuberculosis. This is the importance of maintaining the durability of the body to stay healthy.

But sometimes our body's defense system not functioning optimally and failed to kill the bacteria that causes tuberculosis (there is also a vulnerable population groups because they have weaker immune systems; i.e., people with HIV/AIDS, the elderly, toddlers, and those who are undergoing chemo), so these bacteria spread in our body. It could be that we are not revealing any signs and symptoms, but these bacteria will remain in our body. This condition is called latent TUBERCULOSIS. People who are in this condition do not transmit tuberculosis to others.

When our body's defense system once again failed to cope with the infection, the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis which had ' lived ' in the body will move into the lungs or other parts of the body and will cause the signs and symptoms in a time span a few weeks or a few months. Signs and symptoms of tuberculosis which is a typical cough that lasted more than three weeks (and usually accompanied by phlegm), weight loss, a lot of night sweats, fever, tired, lost appetite, and swelling around the neck. This condition is called active TB.

How many latent tuberculosis cases develop into active? The answer is, 10% of cases of latent tuberculosis infection will develop into active, which if left untreated will cause death of half of infected sufferers. Active tuberculosis sufferer can pass the disease to others through droplets when coughing or sneezing are concerned.

How Seriously This Tb Disease?
Tuberculosis can cause some complications and even death. As it has been presented in the previous points, the bacterium causes tuberculosis can stay in the blood stream and invade other organs. This happens especially in the case of active tuberculosis who did not get a good handling. When attacking bones and joints, then the person will feel pain and stiffness in the spine. Joints that stricken usually pelvic joints and knees.

When TB-causing bacteria attacks the lining of the brain, brain membranes membranes can experience swelling we know familiar with the term meningitis. The sufferer usually feel the pain of the head who settled or lost arise which lasted for several weeks. Liver and kidney was not spared from the attacks of the disease. Liver and kidney in charge of filtering out the remnants of the metabolism of the blood flow, resulting in infected tuberculosis both organs will not be able to start its work properly.
In fact, tuberculosis can invade the heart. The network that now envelops the heart will experience swelling and holds plenty of fluids. As a consequence, the task of the heart pumps blood throughout the body can be disturbed. This condition is called cardiac tamponade, which can be fatal. Worldwide, nearly 2.5 billion people (or one-third of the total number of the world's population) are infected with TB, with 9.6 million of them are in a condition of active tuberculosis.

What prevention efforts we can do?
Administering BCG vaccine in infants is the initial step in prevention of disease tuberculosis. In Indonesia, the BCG vaccine is generally given before the baby was 3 months. The vaccine is made from the bacteria Mycobacterium bovine (most similar to tuberculosis-causing bacteria) that have been weakened, so it will not cause the recipient of the vaccine became sick. By administering this vaccine, the immune system will be activated so that it can generate cells that are able to protect the recipients of the vaccine from bacteria tuberculosis.

A person with active TB should undergo treatment by consuming certain types of antibiotics in a specific time period, as prescribed by the doctor. He had to undergo treatment until finished and should not be interrupted. Anti tuberculosis are not taken regularly can cause bacterial resistance tuberculosis drugs, so it will be more difficult to treat it later in the day. In addition to treatment, people with active tuberculosis can also conduct prevention efforts in order not to spread the disease to others.

First, he has to stay at home during the first two weeks of the treatment process. Avoid going to work, attend school, or sleeping one room with others in that time period. Second, cover mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, and then immediately dispose of the tissue into the trash-covered and then wash your hands with SOAP and running water. If there are no paper towels, use the inside of the upper arm to cover Your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

Third, wearing a mask, especially in the first two months of the period of treatment and when interacting with groups of populations that are vulnerable. Finally, set the home environment in order to have good ventilation. TB-causing bacteria would spread easily in small spaces that are closed, in which air cannot move freely. If the temperatures are not too cold outside, open the doors and Windows and use a fan to push air from the inside out.

Maybe twenty years ago when the dissemination of information was not semasif now, sufferers of tuberculosis tend to be obscured by the surrounding people due to ignorance are going the way of transmission and treatment. But now, by applying measures the detection, treatment and prevention, transmission of TB can be prevented and the risk of its complications can be minimized.