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Baby's Breath Reads? Know the cause and measures to overcome it

Baby's breath reads is one of the things the public experienced by infants but sometimes make parents worry about the health condition of the fruit of his heart. This indeed is a normal thing, but there are times when You have to worry when the sound emitted by the baby during breathing does not like small children in General. Therefore, on this occasion will be reviewed about what are the causes of baby's breath reads and acts exactly as what you need to do as a parent. The thing that causes the baby's Breath Reads In normal conditions, when newborn, once in a while she would emit when breathing. The condition occurs due to lung and nasal baby still doing adaptation to the surrounding environment. As we know, air condition and environment for the baby is outside and inside the uterus is very different. The adaptation by the nose and lungs this was the normal cause of why baby emits during breathing. Usually, the sound while breathing will slowly disappear when infants aged 2 to 3 weeks. Other causes that make the little flame when breathing is because he was stricken with a specific disease. The following are some types of sound released by the baby and what was the cause. In doing so, then as a parent, you can perform actions or measures appropriate to overcome it. Among them are the following: Sounds Like The Sound Of Whistling When your heart's flame fruit like whistling when breathing, most likely due to the occurrence of a small blockage in the breathing passages. Baby nose itself has a very small channel as a pathway out of the entry of air. If there is a blockage in the line, as there is mucus in it, then it will bring up sound like whistling. It is a condition that will not be hazardous to the fruit of your heart. The mucus will slowly disappear. However, if a long period of time the baby's breath reads a continuous whistling, both when he was sleeping or breathing as usual, then we suggest that you checked the condition to the doctor. It could be already happening under the breath tract infections on fruit of your heart. Votes issued Shrill This condition is referred to as laringomalasia or stridor. Usually the sound will be heard when the fruit of the heart took a breath. This condition is caused due to the respiratory tract of infants who become more soft and narrow. When your heart's fruit experienced this, you do not need to worry because when they were age 2 years, then respiratory tract adaptation would be perfect so shrill that sounded too will disappear by itself. Hoarseness is when the baby is Coughing and crying As for the cause of the baby's breath reads hoarse when he coughs or cries is due to blockage of mucus at the larynx. It is a condition that is quite dangerous because of the onset of symptoms of the infection into the trachea, larynx, bronchial tubes as well. In other words, you have to bring fruit into the doctor's heart in order to get the proper handling and inspection in addressing it. Tempo sound with short and Tightness The next sound is the emergence of conditions such as people crowded with short or quick tempo. This is usually caused due to pneumonia, i.e. fluid in the alveoli or air duct at least of the respiratory system. When your heart's fruit experienced this, then he would have difficulty taking a breath even more often to tears. Already severe conditions, the fruit of the heart will be continuous coughing and hoarseness will pull out if checked using a stethoscope. The condition of the baby's breath reads as has been described above are some of the conditions that normally occur in infants. In spite of being a normal thing, but it does not hurt to take them to the doctor for the sake of getting a proper handling before things happen that you don't want. Dangerous breathing problems on Fruit Hearts If the problem of the sound emitted by the baby when breathing as has been described above is still entered in the normal category, in contrast with some of the following conditions. When the fruit of the heart emits when breathing and accompanied by some of the following conditions, you should immediately take them to the doctor. Among them are the following: In a minute, the fruit of the heart is breathing more than 60 times. Fruit heart constantly snorting and having trouble each time they take a breath. Its physical characteristics are accompanied by an increasingly wide nostrils. Accompanied by a cough that never stops. The occurrence of retraksi, which is the condition where the muscles in the neck and chest up and down very quickly. When the baby slept, her breathing stopped for approximately 10 seconds. The advent of triangular patches of blue on the area around the lips, nose, and forehead. This is because the heart does not get fruit intake or supply of oxygen. So when the baby's breath reads and it is accompanied with things above, it can be drawn a conclusion that the conditions of the respiratory tract of infants being problematic. For the sake of avoiding unwanted possibilities, we recommend you immediately take them to the doctor. Tips for Overcoming a Baby Flame Breath As a parent, you certainly must know how to address the issue of baby's breath reads. To this end, there are several things you can do. By doing some of these things, then you can help the fruit hearts breathe with relief. Among them are the following: Give Gentle Massages The first way is the massage the chest baby gently using eucalyptus oil or balsam special baby. This will greatly help the baby get the air fresher and a lot. Pijatlah on the right and left to the chest. This gentle massage can also help to thin the mucus to clog the airway of your baby. Apply the oil with Fresh Aromas on the nose of an infant Another thing you can do is by applying warm scented oil at the baby's nose. This will really help unleash your inner fruit of the respiratory tract. But keep in mind, don't put too much oil on the baby's nose because it is still very sensitive. (read also: effective nasal congestion remedies can relieve your respiratory) Get Your Baby's Activity More Often The next way to address the issue of baby's breath reads due to blockage in the form of mucus in the respiratory tract is to invite them to play. You can train a baby walk or play. This is because when the baby is active in the move, then slowly mucus be the main causes of the emergence of sound when the baby breathes can be removed. At least that's some of the things you can do to troubleshoot your breath baby goes, well that's when it goes hoarse or resembling the whistling. In addition, make sure your bed and play baby clean of dust. For that reason, it is important to let You as parents to always pay attention to the health condition of the fruit of your heart to stay healthy. May be useful.

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Diet with lemon to get Ideal Body

For those of you who want to do the diet, activities must have been familiar with how a diet with lemon. This is because lemon is known as one of the natural ingredients for a diet that is proven to be very powerful in helping the process of absorption of food and meluruhkan of fat in the body. As we know that diet does indeed become one of the most appropriate measures to keep the weight of the body to stay healthy. Because the body with an ideal weight will be more difficult, especially that of developing related to obesity. Not only that, has the ideal body will also make you look more interesting. Back in the reviews about the diets use lemon, on this occasion will be discussed about how to do it and what benefits you can get. How to do the Diet with lemon right Although there have been many people who know that lemon is a natural ingredients to help the process of burning fat in the body, but only a few who understand how to apply this diet program. For that, you can read on how to properly do the diet using lemons here: Check The Condition Of The Stomach First The first thing to really note is about the condition of Your stomach. Why? This is because the diet using lime juice is not recommended for those who have gastric problems such as ulcers. For sufferers of gastritis, acid substances content too high on the lime juice will make you experience a variety of digestive problems to result in the emergence of unbearable pain in a part of the stomach. Therefore, it is recommended that You checked the condition of Your stomach first before doing step diet with lemon. Select the Lemons are Ripened The second way is to simply select a ripe lemon only. This is because vitamin C and acidic substances on young lemon too much, conversely, old lime juice will lose a lot of useful content in it. In addition, the lemon with the appropriate kematang contain nutrients called Citrus Aurantifolia is ideal for meluruhkan of fat in the body. To select a ripe lime is not so difficult. You do not need to memerhatikanukurannya. Just look at the color of the skin of the lemon as well as hard or whether the lemon. Lemons are ripened already has a green skin color somewhat cooked and tender when pressed. How To Diet Using Lime About how to diet with lemon can actually be done in various ways. It can be tailored to each person's body condition. But the easiest way do the diets use lemon is by mengonsumsinya each morning and evening. In the morning, you can prepare 2 to 3 lemon fruit. Squeeze the lime juice and add warm water to taste. For best results, You may add pure honey, but do not add sugar. How this is done when your stomach is still in a State of blank. While in the evening, exactly 2 hours after a meal, mix the juice of 3 to 4 pieces of lemon with warm water. You can also add honey to reduce the sour taste. However it should be noted that the maximum hours dinner hours is 18:00. After that, try don't eat fatty foods or berkarbohidrat. If you are hungry, eat enough snacks to taste only. How can this be done for 2 weeks on a regular basis to get maximum results. In addition, you should also regularly exercise during diet program inside with lime so that the health condition of the body stay awake. The content of nutrients in Lime The main reason fulfilling diet program with lemon proved to be very powerful in burning fat is a nutrient content in it. The role of vitamin C in here is very important because it can combat the saturated fat levels in your body. Regarding the content of the complete nutrition in lemon, at least at each lime with a diameter of 3 to 6 cm contain 30 mg of vitamin c. vitamin C Amount has been able to fullfill the needs of body vitamin C to as much as 30%. In addition, vitamin C is also easily dissolves in the body and will be expelled through the urine. Not only is effective in carrying out the program of diet, vitamin C in lemons also functions in the growth of the body, especially to repair cells and tissues throughout the body that suffered damage. In addition to vitamin C, in 100 gram lemon, there are many other nutritional content. Among them are the following: Vitamin B1 – 0.04 mg Carbohydrates – 11.4 grams Proteins – 0.9 grams Fat – 0.2 grams Minerals – 0.5 grams Iron – 0.4 grams Ascorbic acid – 49 mg Calcium – 33 grams Phosphorus – 23 mg Water – 89 grams In addition to some nutritional above, lemon still has a lot of natural chemical compounds once such as citric acid, lemon acid, iron, amino acids, etc. This is what makes excellent use of lemon to diet. All the content in addition to functioning combat evil fat, burn fat, it also helps keep your immune system. The benefits of lime juice in weight loss After learning how to diet with lemon as well as any nutrients content in it, then you should also find out about the benefits of lime juice to lose weight you are. Among them are the following: Burn body fat As a natural diet with lemon, the main benefit of course owned by the lime is to help the process of burning fat in the body. This is because the content of citric acid or citric acid which gives a sour fruits, including lemons, is an anti oxidant substances that can turn fat into energy. Fat accumulated in the body when not immediately processed will make weight gain. In addition, vitamin C also took a role of its own as it can help the process of improving the metabolism of the body. The fat that a major factor that contributed to the weight must be eliminated: with the help of the contents of nutrients in the lime juice. However to get maximum results, you will also have to compensate with a workout. Launch The Digestive System Diet program made using lemon surely also faster in losing weight especially smoothly aided the digestive system. In the diet program, smooth digestive system will contribute greatly to food that goes in the body can digest properly. In addition, substances that are not needed by the body, such as fat and toxins, can also be disposed of. Detoxification As we know, the fat is not only instrumental in adding to the weight, but also one of the sources of the emergence of a variety of ailments. This is because the saturated fats that have piled up the content of harmful substances for the body. As for the benefits of lime juice as a natural ingredient for diet is doing detoxification process. Its function is so that toxins in the body can be neutralized. This is because the content of anti oxidants which are quite high in lime so as to neutralize toxins and free radicals. (read also: some benefits of lemon you should know) Keeping Blood Sugar Levels How to diet with lemon for weight loss also proved effective as it can help the process of absorption of blood sugar that comes from the food that goes into the body. With the reduced absorption of blood sugar, then your stomach will more spared from hunger. This will make your appetite stay awake. The conditions of stable blood sugar will also lower the risk of developing diabetes. So a little review about how to properly diet with lemon that you can do. The thing to remember is for running a diet program, you should also avoid fatty, greasy food, and foods rich in carbohydrates. May be useful.

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What is TB disease and how to prevent it?

Indonesia is the country with the second largest TUBERCULOSIS sufferers in the world. Such as revealed by Health Minister Nila Moeloek Djuwita f. in dialogue together with the Director of the Hospital of se-South Kalimantan at the Ulin General Hospital Region Banjarmasin in May. He revealed that the number of tuberculosis sufferers in Indonesia was ranked the second most after India. The high number of tuberculosis sufferers this need to get noticed the entire parties concerned. This disease is very easily transmitted, especially in residential areas have a high population density.

TB patients when there is a sign in the hospital, it's likely the whole family in one House will be exposed to the same disease. Sufferers of tuberculosis will also have difficulty if wishing to work or study abroad. Many migrant workers residing in Indonesia overseas had to be discharged because the contracted tuberculosis. Likewise with students who want to continue their schooling abroad, their departure had to be delayed if the results of the medical check-up of their positive indicates that they suffer from this disease.

Get To Know Back Tb Disease
Currently, tuberculosis is included in the top 10 of most disease causing death in the world. The community actually have heard of this disease, but many also have yet to know in greater depth, related to the transmission and complications when the disease is not immediately addressed. Tuberculosis itself is often abbreviated as TB or TB, an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Generally, the disease attacks the lungs, but does not cover the possibility of other parts of the body can also be stricken.

If we are healthy and have a good body defense system, when we are exposed to the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis the body's natural defense system then we will fight and kill bacteria, so that we do not contract the disease tuberculosis. This is the importance of maintaining the durability of the body to stay healthy.

But sometimes our body's defense system not functioning optimally and failed to kill the bacteria that causes tuberculosis (there is also a vulnerable population groups because they have weaker immune systems; i.e., people with HIV/AIDS, the elderly, toddlers, and those who are undergoing chemo), so these bacteria spread in our body. It could be that we are not revealing any signs and symptoms, but these bacteria will remain in our body. This condition is called latent TUBERCULOSIS. People who are in this condition do not transmit tuberculosis to others.

When our body's defense system once again failed to cope with the infection, the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis which had ' lived ' in the body will move into the lungs or other parts of the body and will cause the signs and symptoms in a time span a few weeks or a few months. Signs and symptoms of tuberculosis which is a typical cough that lasted more than three weeks (and usually accompanied by phlegm), weight loss, a lot of night sweats, fever, tired, lost appetite, and swelling around the neck. This condition is called active TB.

How many latent tuberculosis cases develop into active? The answer is, 10% of cases of latent tuberculosis infection will develop into active, which if left untreated will cause death of half of infected sufferers. Active tuberculosis sufferer can pass the disease to others through droplets when coughing or sneezing are concerned.

How Seriously This Tb Disease?
Tuberculosis can cause some complications and even death. As it has been presented in the previous points, the bacterium causes tuberculosis can stay in the blood stream and invade other organs. This happens especially in the case of active tuberculosis who did not get a good handling. When attacking bones and joints, then the person will feel pain and stiffness in the spine. Joints that stricken usually pelvic joints and knees.

When TB-causing bacteria attacks the lining of the brain, brain membranes membranes can experience swelling we know familiar with the term meningitis. The sufferer usually feel the pain of the head who settled or lost arise which lasted for several weeks. Liver and kidney was not spared from the attacks of the disease. Liver and kidney in charge of filtering out the remnants of the metabolism of the blood flow, resulting in infected tuberculosis both organs will not be able to start its work properly.
In fact, tuberculosis can invade the heart. The network that now envelops the heart will experience swelling and holds plenty of fluids. As a consequence, the task of the heart pumps blood throughout the body can be disturbed. This condition is called cardiac tamponade, which can be fatal. Worldwide, nearly 2.5 billion people (or one-third of the total number of the world's population) are infected with TB, with 9.6 million of them are in a condition of active tuberculosis.

What prevention efforts we can do?
Administering BCG vaccine in infants is the initial step in prevention of disease tuberculosis. In Indonesia, the BCG vaccine is generally given before the baby was 3 months. The vaccine is made from the bacteria Mycobacterium bovine (most similar to tuberculosis-causing bacteria) that have been weakened, so it will not cause the recipient of the vaccine became sick. By administering this vaccine, the immune system will be activated so that it can generate cells that are able to protect the recipients of the vaccine from bacteria tuberculosis.

A person with active TB should undergo treatment by consuming certain types of antibiotics in a specific time period, as prescribed by the doctor. He had to undergo treatment until finished and should not be interrupted. Anti tuberculosis are not taken regularly can cause bacterial resistance tuberculosis drugs, so it will be more difficult to treat it later in the day. In addition to treatment, people with active tuberculosis can also conduct prevention efforts in order not to spread the disease to others.

First, he has to stay at home during the first two weeks of the treatment process. Avoid going to work, attend school, or sleeping one room with others in that time period. Second, cover mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, and then immediately dispose of the tissue into the trash-covered and then wash your hands with SOAP and running water. If there are no paper towels, use the inside of the upper arm to cover Your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

Third, wearing a mask, especially in the first two months of the period of treatment and when interacting with groups of populations that are vulnerable. Finally, set the home environment in order to have good ventilation. TB-causing bacteria would spread easily in small spaces that are closed, in which air cannot move freely. If the temperatures are not too cold outside, open the doors and Windows and use a fan to push air from the inside out.

Maybe twenty years ago when the dissemination of information was not semasif now, sufferers of tuberculosis tend to be obscured by the surrounding people due to ignorance are going the way of transmission and treatment. But now, by applying measures the detection, treatment and prevention, transmission of TB can be prevented and the risk of its complications can be minimized.

This is the cause of a sore throat is the most common Occurs

Sore throat is a State that often complained by many people, so I need to know the causes of sore throat in order to be able to do more prevention early. By controlling factors cause then you can be spared from this disease. People who experience sore throat will typically show symptoms such as pain or soreness in the throat, pain when swallowing saliva or swallowing food, hoarseness, and can usually be accompanied by an increase in body temperature, discomfort in the the body, headaches, coughs, and colds. In some cases, severe sore throat can lead to shortness of breath so should immediately get medical help.

On anamnesa/examination by health workers, on a sore throat usually brings about changes in the area of the throat. These changes, among others, in the form of the appearance of redness on the walls of the throat, swelling, the incidence of rash-rash, and in severe cases can appear pus, water bubbles that form irregular nodule, as well as the presence of a membrane covering the channel respiratory. The throat is upper respiratory tract which are instrumental in the respiratory system. Additionally the throat also was instrumental in forming the various sounds and it can open close automatically to adjust so that the food does not get into the respiratory tract.

The various causes of sore throat Occurs most frequently
The throat is composed of different parts, i.e. the pharynx, Epiglottis, uvula, tonsils, tonsils and larynx/. So the failure of one of the sections can cause inflammation of the throat. But in General, inflammation of the throat is used to describe inflammation of the pharynx/throat the top so often referred to as pharyngitis. The various causes of sore throat, among others, namely as follows:

1. Bacteria

Bacterial causes of sore throat is the most common. Bacteria that can cause sore throat, among others, namely arcanobacterium haemolyticum, streptococcus, bordetella pertussis, and corynebacterium diphteriae. Streptococcus causes a disease that is often referred to as strep throat that is sore throat which often occurs in children. The bacteria causes the wall of the throat like arcanobacterium wounds or rashes on the discovery at the throat.

Bordetella pertussis disease is the cause of pertussis or whooping cough. Meanwhile the corynebacterium diphteriae is a bacterium that causes diphtheria disease that is deadly disease that attacks mucous membranes nose and throat and especially very vulnerable suffered by children who have not got immunization complete coupled with nutritional status. The bacteria that cause strep throat could be everywhere, especially in places with poor sanitation.

2. Virus

Viral infections may also be the cause of sore throat either directly (primary) or indirect (secondary). Viruses that can cause sore throat, among others, i.e. influenza, mononucleosis, apthous stomatitis virus, croup, and measles. The virus generally causes the presence of mucus in the throat so that it triggers the onset of inflammation. The virus is easily transmitted microorganism that compared to other microorganisms. In the case of strep throat, transmission typically occurs through droplets (a liquid resulting when coughing or sneezing).

3. Mushroom

In addition to bacteria and viruses, microorganisms fungi apparently can also be the cause of sore throat. A fungus that can cause sore throat, namely oral trush. The fungus is common in secondary infections in HIV/Aids penerita. In normal conditions this fungus can be easily overcome by the immune system of the body.

4. allergic Factors
Causes of sore throat the next IE due to allergies. Allergy is a hypersensitivity/excessive response of the body against substances/objects. Allergies occur due to disorders of the immune system of the body. Allergic responses can vary between people with one another. Substances that may cause any allergies of course also vary. Substances/objects that can trigger allergies and cause inflammation of the throat, among others, namely certain foods (such as cow's milk, soy milk, seafood, eggs, etc), exposure to chemicals, pollen, animal fur, and so on.

5. Irritation

Some substances are irritants can also be the cause of sore throat. Substances that can irritate the throat causing inflammation, among others, namely smoking, fried foods, foods that contain a flavor enhancer, food that is too spicy, and alcoholic beverages. Substances or foodstuffs are usually may cause irritation due to accumulate in large quantities, are toxic/poison, or occurs when the body's endurance were declining.

6. Dehydration

Dehydration or lack of fluids in the body turns can also be the cause of sore throat. Because at the time the shortage of body fluids, then the throat will become dry. At the time of the dry throat, then it will be prone to throat inflammation. Dehydration can be caused due to lack of fluid intake on the body or when the weather is very hot. Therefore cukupi your daily fluid intake by drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. With enough water needs can also launch the metabolism and increases the durability of the body.

7. Environmental factors

Environmental factors also provide considerable participation in terms of causes of a sore throat. Adverse environmental conditions will certainly cause a variety of health problems, including sore throat. Environmental factors that can lead to the occurrence of inflammations of tenggokan among others, namely motor vehicle smoke, smoke, smoke factory results burning trash or forest fire, dust, or water quality are not good. In addition to weather factors can also trigger the onset of strep throat that usually occur due to extreme weather, such as the weather is too cold or too hot.

8. The presence of a tumor or cancer

Strep throat can also be caused by the presence of the tumor/cancer. Although his case is rare, but should always look out for. Sore throat on tumor/cancer is usually a part of both symptoms occur due to secondary effects due to the presence of the tumor/cancer. This type of tumor/cancer that can cause the symptoms of strep throat include namely cancer of the pharynx, the larynx, the vocal cords, tongue, cancer of the lymph nodes, and so on. Symptoms in General, among others, namely in the form of pain in the throat, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, noisy breathing, there is a lump in the neck, cough up phlegm so, and the presence of blood in the saliva. In addition to the tumor/cancer of the tonsils, or tonsillitis can also cause inflammation of the throat. Read also: Throat cancer symptoms to look out for.

After knowing the cause of a sore throat as already mentioned above, then you certainly can do prevention in order to avoid viewing of the inflammatory disease of the throat. Preventative measures can be carried out, among others, namely by avoiding the habit of smoking, avoid the factors precipitating allergies, avoid fried foods or foods that contain lots of ingredients flavor enhancer, drinking plenty of water, and exercise are a regular basis to increase the durability of the body. In addition wear masks to protect themselves from transmission of microorganisms causes sore throat especially in crowded places or can also be used to avoid exposure to dust and air pollution. To treat a sore throat, can use the natural way for example use a concoction of ginger, lemon and honey, garlic, fruit and star fruit. If sore throat that you suffer failed to recover, then the sebabaiknya consult your physician in order to note the cause and get the proper therapy.

The characteristics of heart disease that you should know

Heart disease is a disease that is very dangerous and is the number one killer disease in the world, therefore it is important to know the characteristics of heart disease so that it can be solved early on. Because with the countermeasure early on then it can lower the risk of death from heart disease. As we know, that the heart is the vital organs to humans, since this organ is as blood-pumping machine that contains nutrients and oxygen to all the tissues and cells of the body. So imagine if organ is experiencing interference, then all the organs of the body up to the smallest cells will undergo interference.

There are various types of heart disease, among other things, namely, coronary heart disease, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, perikarditis, rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart disease, acute myocardial infarction, heart valve abnormalities, and so on. All types of heart disease is dangerous and can lead to sudden death. There are several factors that can be the cause of heart disease, among other genetic factors (family history), decreased function of body organs due to age, hypertension (high blood), high cholesterol, overweight (obesity), urinary diseases sweet (diabetes mellitus), the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol, lack of physical activity/exercise, and stress.

Beware Of The Traits The Following Heart Disease!
Heart disease generally progresses in Chronicles, so this ailment often already inflicted on a person for a long time but the person is not aware of it. In the initial phase, heart disease usually shows only mild symptoms or even without symptoms. This is precisely the thing to look out for, because heart disease can kill a human in a silent or often referred to as the silent killer. Therefore you must recognize the characteristics/symptoms of heart disease at early stages in order to immediately get further handling. Some characteristics of heart disease you have to beware of is as follows:

1. Frequent headaches

You need to be wary if often experience headache, as can be the characteristics of heart disease. Headaches may be the thing that is often experienced by most people. But you need to be careful if the headaches take place often in the absence of a clear cause. Most cases of heart disease sufferers say often suffer from headaches at the beginning of the symptoms.

Indeed not all people suffering from headaches suffer from heart disease, but there is no harm if you are aware of the early signs of heart disease in the form of headaches. Headaches in sufferers of heart caused due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain due to the decreased ability of the heart to pump blood.

2. out cold sweat

At one time you could possibly diaphoretic when not being doing physical activities. Normally the sweat we will feel warm, but in these conditions it will feel cold sweat. It can also be one of the characteristics of heart disease you need to beware. Cold sweat is usually also followed by members of the body feels cold especially in the area of the palms and soles of the feet.

3. pain or stiffness in different parts of the body

The characteristics of heart disease may also be indicated by the occurrence of pain in different parts of the body. Pain usually is felt here as stiff or Achy but occur with frequencies of the missing/hard and often cured. Parts of the body that often feel sore or stiff is the neck area, jaw, shoulders, and back. In addition to weariness, heart sufferers often feel a tingling/numb fingers in different members of the body, especially at the hands and feet.

4. easy to feel tired
The characteristics of subsequent heart disease that is easy to feel tired. So sufferers of heart disease feel not excited/lethargic and easily feel tired despite not working on heavy activity. You need to be wary if usually you can implement easily (for example, walking), but suddenly your body feels weak and feels heavy to tread. Not only when active, symptoms of fatigue can also be felt though are not doing any activity. Kodisi is caused due to disorders of the heart resulting in tissue and body cells lack a supply of nutrients and oxygen.

5. Nausea and bloating

Don't think poorly of nausea and bloating. Because in some cases, the characteristics of heart disease are similar to symptoms of heartburn namely nausea and bloating. The perceived symptoms i.e. the sufferer feels his stomach full despite eating only a little, so that it can cause a decrease in appetite. In addition the sufferers may also feel pain at the solar plexus, as well as nausea and vomiting can occur. This condition is caused due to the disruption experienced by heart to surrounding organs (especially the stomach).

6. Chest pain and shortness of breath

Chest pain and shortness of breath is the characteristics of heart disease that is most distinctive. This means that if someone is experiencing these symptoms, then usually the doctor will immediately suspect to heart disease. Chest pain usually felt like ditusuk-tusuk or feels cenut-cenut. While the flavor of the shortness of breath is usually experienced as down heavy objects on your chest so that sufferers of difficulty to breathe. These symptoms are usually followed by an increase in the speed of the rhythm of the heart/heart palpitations (flutter)

7. The swelling

On heart disease can also indicate the symptoms, namely the occurrence of swelling in some organs of the body, most often in the abdominal cavity and legs. This happens because of the failure of the heart in pumping blood/fluid can impact buildup of fluid in the body cavity so that the swollen/udema.

8. Sexual Dysfunction

On a variety of research, it turns out that heart disease has something to do with sexual dysfunction. This occurs mainly in men. Because of the various surveys, men are more prone to suffer heart disease than women. This meaning is sexual dysfunction decreased sexual ability of a person or a passion for sex without any obvious cause. In some cases it was found that heart disease before being diagnosed with heart disease, many sufferers that begins with the onset of sexual dysfunction. This condition is caused due to lack of supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the sex organs, in which the part is made up of blood vessels are small.

If there are any nearby people or having some characteristics of heart disease that has been mentioned above, then we recommend that you immediately see a physician or health care facility. The symptoms experienced by a person between each other may vary, but it's the characteristics above at least can give a signal to you to be alert and immediately act if suspect symptoms leading to heart disease. If suspected of suffering from heart disease, usually the doctor will perform a series of checks to enforce the diagnosis. These include examination with ECG (Electrocardiogram), pemerikasaan routine blood, enzyme measurements the heart, ECG (Eccokardiogram), or through the cardiac catheterization.

If the diagnosis of heart disease has been upheld then the doctor will provide appropriate therapy patient conditions, either through outpatient drugs nor do hospitalization. In certain situations, surgery/surgery may be needed to improve the performance of the organ the heart from the inside. Because heart disease is very dangerous, so you should perform preventative measures early to avoid heart disease. However, preventing is better than cure. Things that can be done as a way to prevent heart disease, among others, namely by avoiding foods that are high in berkolesterol, keeping the blood pressure to stable/normal, doing regular exercise, avoid smoking and drinks alcohol, enough rest, and avoid stress.

Signs of a Pregnant before Late Menstruation you can Know

Pregnant signs before late menstruation can be detected by the mothers themselves. There are many symptoms commonly accompanies ahead of early pregnancy. Despite the perceived symptoms the mother can not be made determinant sign is definitely pregnant, but the mother needs to know about it. Especially if this pregnancy is a pregnancy is planned, of course all pregnancy-related information will be very important to know. At least with knowing all information related to early pregnancy, many preparations that can be done to support health while pregnant later.

In the medical review, signs of pregnancy are divided into two i.e. the sign and the sign might be pregnant. The discussion this time will limit the pregnant marks that appears before menses only. In other words, this time will be a lot of talk about the usual sign of a pregnant may appear membersamai pregnancy.

The sign may be pregnant shows that that is not the only indication that ensure someone stated definitely pregnant. Signs and symptoms that appeared was a ' possibility ' is pregnant, is not a certainty. The certainty of pregnancy can be expressed via ultrasound assessment or to listen to the fetal heart rate directly using a special tool when the gestational age is starting to enter the 16 weeks.

Know the Signs before the Late Pregnant Menstruation
Even though it is not a definite sign of a pregnant, surely there is no harm in learning the signs might be pregnant. Roughly what aja sign pregnant before her period was late? Let us refer to the explanations below:

1. tense and enlarged Breasts

In the early days of pregnancy, the existence of Human Placental Lactogen (hPL) and laktogenik charge will stimulate the growth of mammary glands in the breasts and various metabolic changes that go with it. Esterogen hormone, progesterone, and chorionic somatotrophin lah that cause breast enlargement are accompanied with full flavor, strain, and sensitive to the touch.

Please be distinguished with the pain while leading up to menstruation. In general the pain inflicted is similar, only breast pain because of this more pregnant berkali fold. This usually happens during the initial two months of pregnancy.

2. Feeling like to urinate more often

Hormonal changes during pregnant affect the performance of many organs in the body. One of them i.e. increasing the speed of blood flow to the kidneys, it does have an impact on a filled bladder more quickly so that the sensation would like BAK became frequent. Not to worry as this is a normal occurrence experienced by pregnant women.

In addition, the growing size of the fetus will suppress the existence of surrounding organs, one of them the bladder. The bladder is depressed would cause a sensation like to BAK. This will increasingly be felt along with increasing the size of the fetus. Never hold BAK. It is so potentially cause infection.

3. Nausea in the morning (morning sickness)

Nausea in the morning often appears at the beginning of pregnancy even though not every pregnant women experience it. This occurs due to hormonal changes that occur in the body. In addition, the nausea is experienced can also because of changes in liver Glycogen metabolism as well as an increase in stomach acid.

The thrill of this nausea can be anticipated with a variety of ways, including: (1) wake-up Time, don't rush your visit, but doing small activities like gymnastics first finger for example. (2) to meet the needs of your morning with liquids to drink hot drinks. Hot tea can be an option but don't be consumed simultaneously while eating. (3) Packed light snacks such as crackers or dry bread will greatly help reduce the sensation of nausea.

4. quickly feel tired

Pregnant signs before the next menstruation is fast late feel tired. These conditions in terms of health, usually called fatigue. This condition is caused by a decrease in Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) in early pregnancy. Along with the increased fetal activity added appropriate gestational age, a sense of tired it will gradually disappear.

5. a strange Taste in the mouth
Changes while pregnant is indeed various. Strange taste in the mouth of any ordinary also occurred. The mouth becomes more sensitive than usual. Very sharp Bebauan fishing the nausea and vomiting. This condition will gradually diminish stepped on second trimester later.

6. the darker colored Nipples

Hormonal changes that occur may result in various physical changes on the mother. One of them is the pigmentation on the nipple. The nipples will become darker colored looks. This is something natural for all pregnant women.

7. The emergence of chloasma gravidarum

Chloasma gravidarum is hyperpigmentation (dark color) on areas of the face (forehead, nose, cheeks, and neck). Areas of the body that are experiencing hyperpigmentation will return to normal once the pregnancy is over, but there are exceptions in the stomach (strie gravidarum). In the areas of hyperpigmentation in the stomach will fade but the scars on the skin will settle down.

8. blood spots Appear (spotting)

Early in the pregnancy the mother experienced some spotting of blood or spotting. Usually this happens on the 3-6 spotting days before menstruation. This spotting is normal thing happen to pregnant women. During early pregnancy, implantation or snapping results conception into the uterus. This resulted in the emergence of blood spots or spotting. No need to be concerned because this usually doesn't last long.

9. increased body temperature

Increased body temperature is rarely realized by pregnant women. Increased body temperature is one sign that the egg was successfully fertilized. Increased body temperature is only a short berlngsung i.e. during 1-2 days before the menstrual schedule.

10. Increased appetite

The existence of esterogen hormone affects sensory nerves to engender curiosity in some foods. Some mothers will feel more passionate kissing with a certain food types. In layman's term, it is commonly referred to as cravings.

11. Often feel dizzy

Dizziness that became pregnant early sign this because the body needs blood circulation for the mother and the fetus. In addition, the dizziness could also be caused due to decreased blood sugar levels because many used to supply fetal nutrition. No need to consume the drug related this, mom just needs to rest are enough.

12. Disorders of the digestive tract

Disorders of the digestive tract that is common is constipation. Pregnant women will experience normal bowel distress. This is due to the work the hormone progesterone which gives direct influence on the work system and large intestine. This gives the effect of discomfort and tightness in the abdomen of pregnant women.

13. Pain in the back

During early pregnancy, back pain will be felt. The cause is the muscle that is in the back began to melonggar. The perceived pain vary, there is even a similar sensation of contraction as it will bear. But no need to worry, this can be addressed for example with warm compresses.

So last sorts of sign pregnant before late menstruation can we auto summary for you. Once again it needs to be emphasized that these signs do not apply absolutely to all pregnant women. Because it is still a sign may be pregnant, you should keep it checked to the doctor to get an ULTRASOUND facility in order to ascertain the condition of pregnancy.

Know the benefits and efficacy of Cucumber for the incredible Eyes

The eye is a very important five senses and obliged to care. Cucumber is a vegetable that is rich in the kind of benefit mainly to maintain eye health.

The following will be discussed the benefits of cucumber for the eyes, as well as how to cultivate cucumber into food or drinks, or a mask for eye health. Happy reading!

Various benefits of Cucumber for the eyes
Cucumber has a latin name derived Cucumin, the plant propagates it has fresh fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals. Grown and cultivated nearly worldwide. Cucumber is famous for the freshness when eaten and processed into various drinks as well as having the effect of aesthetic or beauty.

In 100 grams of meat, there is 95% content of cucumber water. Contained 16 kcal of calories which consists of sodium and potassium, fiber, protein and vitamin content of a wide variety of very good for eye health. A wide range of ailments or discomfort in the eye can be overcome with a cucumber. The following detailed explanation:

1. Treat Puffy eyes

There are various causes of a swollen eye. In addition to the presence of trauma or collision, crying will also cause the eyes become swollen due to a build-up of fluid in the eyelid area. Content of vitamin C in fruit of cucumbers have excellent benefits to cope with this condition.

At least in 100 gr. cucumber, there was 3.2 mg of vitamin c. it is equivalent to 100 mg content of Ascorbic acid and caffeic acid that can wipe out a backlog of water on the area of the eye. Simply by putting a piece of cucumber on your eyelids for about 15 to 30 minutes only a swollen eye and a build-up of fluid will disappear (read also: how to treat puffy eyes that feels Pain).

2. Eliminate dark circles and Eye Pouch

Dark circles and eye pouch may occur due to various causes. Lack of sleep, allergies, eating patterns as well as less a result of aging. Not rarely the ladies to spend to carry out the repair or plastic surgery of the SAC on the eyes.

A smooth fiber content in cucumber, help brighten the face. Eliminate dark circles and eye puffiness on absorbing pouches. As is the case for relieving swelling in the eyes, simply place the slices of cucumber on the eyelid area for approximately 15 – 20 minutes.

Various eye mask which sold as beauty products has also been much use extracts of cucumber, to overcome the SAC and Black circles on the eyes. No need to hassle yourself in the kitchen to get these benefits.

3. Remove wrinkles around the eyes

When growing, then any skin cells have exhausted the period of exuberance. The skin of the body will lose content due to estrogen manepouse so that wrinkles and aging process happen. Not only on the area of the hand, the eye wrinkles and wrinkles will appear in the corner of the eye.

Prior to this time comes, you have to actually make use of the time to take care of the face. What's the area of the eye. The use of cucumber can only prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and aging process. Not being able to treat and tighten instantly.

Content of silica and antioxidan in fruit of cucumber is a very useful content in preventing the process of aging process of first occurrence of wrinkles at the corner of the eye. Just stick a piece of cucumber fruit, you can also menyerut fruit of cucumber. Into pieces and fine fiber and paste of approximately 15 – 20 minutes at the corner of your eye. Do the process with the routine, at least one time in a week.

4. Preventing a decrease in Vision

Vitamin A and betacaroten in cucumber fruits very rich benefits mainly to prevent the occurrence of decreased vision or who have low vision. An estimated 80 Million inhabitants of Indonesia using the glasses, in terms of decreased vision. In fact 80% of children up to the age of adolescence in Indonesia have been using glasses, due to the use of gadgets that less wise.

Consumption of cucumber regularly can help prevent the occurrence of decreased vision. Good low vision far or nearsightedness. The following will be discussed a wide range of recipes is easy to cultivate cucumber into a food, beverage or a mask to nourish the eyes.

Cucumber recipes that are easy and Healthy
Cucumber including types of vegetables are very easy to find and is sold around the place we live. Here are a few recipes that are easy and healthy cucumber especially for the eyes.

Cucumber Mask
To make cucumber mask easily, simply puree the cucumber with a blade or a blender. Mix it with some drops of lemon juice and stir until evenly distributed. Clean your face before applying this mask on areas of the face.

For a mix of lime juice, avoid giving on the eyelid or eye mucous. The mask is suitable for dry skin that tends to breakouts. On the area of the eyes and lids, simply paste the snippet of cucumber on the eyelids.

Pickled Cucumber
Pickled cucumbers pickled cucumber is healthy that doesn't use vinegar. Excessive consumption of vinegar may damage tooth enamel and irritate the stomach and intestines. Due to the nature of the acetic acid in the vinegar the acidic erosion and erode.

You can use lemon juice as a substitute for vinegar. The first step is to wash clean three medium sized cucumber, cut into dice. The next step is to squeeze the cucumber pieces with 1 tablespoon salt until evenly distributed. Let sit for a little while about 5 to 10 minutes.

Once the excess water out of the water, remove the cucumber. Enter the water the juice of one lemon and 1 tbsp grain of salt inside pieces of cucumber. Mix well and put in the refrigerator. You can use these pickles as a refresher or a healthy side dish in your daily food menu.

Ice Cucumber
If tired timun consume directly. You can make ice cucumber healthy and refreshing. The materials need to be prepared, among others, 1 piece medium sized cucumber, lemon, water and ice cubes. You can boil the sugar in the water if you want to set the sweetness. Can also use syrup to add a rich flavor and freshness.

The first step is the grated cucumber using a cheese grater. Combine the grated cucumber with water, lemon juice and liquid sugar. You can add the Basil seeds into ice cucumber. Basil seed is increasingly enriching the content of vitamins and antioxidants so that the complete effect health.

Stir evenly and put in the refrigerator. Add the ice cubes into the ice cucumber if you want them in the cold. Or on a hot weather to restore your body's hydration.

Cucumber Smoothie
Different from the juice which is simply a pure liquid resulting from the process of blackmail of fruit and vegetables or vegetable. Smoothie is a vegetable or fruit juices topped with milk, yogurt so it is thicker than juices. As well as the content of its nutrition value, will be richer than regular juice.

To make cucumber smoothie, prepare 1 piece medium sized cucumber, 2 tablespoons honey, 1 bottle of yakult/yogurt, 1 cup vanilla flavored liquid milk and ice cubes to taste. You can add other fruit such as Apple or watermelon to improve taste and menambkah content of its nutrition value.

Blend all the ingredients so one and add the ice at the end of the presentation. Cucumber smoothie drinks make it mandatory you every morning, to get the effect of the healing for the body. Especially Your eye and skin health.

Such glimpses of the knowledge regarding the benefits of cucumber for sharing eye health. Keep your eyes stay healthy is the obligation of every human being, on the mandate which the Lord Almighty. Hopefully this article useful, healthy greeting!

Senin, 23 Juli 2018

The hot drug children and how to Overcome the fever at home

When your child's fever, do not panic and rush the hot drug delivering children. First identify why the fever can occur and what are the ways that can be done to lower the body temperature before giving the medicine. Surely the fever never experienced by all children. This condition is not a disease, but is a symptom that occurs when the immune system is being against the infection. In medicine, a person is said to be suffering from a fever when his body temperature reached 37.5 degrees Celsius or more. Measurement of the body temperature should be done using the thermometer so that the results obtained are accurate.

Heat Cure before giving the child, recognize the causes of Fever in children
Fever in children can be caused by many different factors. After immunization, for example, a child may experience fever. Likewise, when the activity too long outdoors when the weather is hot, also when he uses his clothes which are too thick or layered. In addition, fever can arise when a child experiencing the following medical conditions:

Respiratory tract infection by bacteria or viruses that cause colds, flu, or sore throat
Ear infections
Tonsillitis or tonsil experiencing inflammation
Sinusitis or inflammation of the sinus walls (cavity containing air is located behind the forehead and cheekbones)
Diarrhea due to contaminated food
Chicken pox
Dengue fever
Meningitis or inflammation of the brain membranes
Pneumonia or pneumonia
Urinary tract infection
Overcoming a fever in children
In most cases, dispensing of hot child is in a fever cause discomfort in children. In addition, handling a fever at home simply by environmental modification, warm compresses, fluid intake, multiply and multiply the break. Handling a fever in children is by following these steps:

Environmental modification
Make sure the room temperature is pretty good, not too hot or cold. When the chills, give blankets to taste. A common mistake is to put on the shirt and thick-thick blankets. In fact, when the child's fever is recommended wearing thin so that body heat can get out. Clothes that are too thick and layered to prevent body heat out into the surrounding environment so that the body temperature thus makin increase.

Warm compress
Heat cure before giving the child, first try it compresses an unused child with a warm compress. Why not cold compress? Compresses an unused children with cold water will cause a narrowing of the blood vessels so that the body will respond by increasing body temperature. With a warm compress, the body will be stimulated to sweating. If perspiration has come out naturally, body temperature will decrease.

Put a warm compress on the armpits and folds of the thighs, rather than on the forehead. The armpits and thighs traversed by major blood vessels, so that it can immediately send signals to the brain's temperature control center to lower fever.

Multiply fluid intake
Drinking lots of hot child is a drug that is natural. Although the child is not thirsty, persuade him to drink little by little. When the fever, the body will lose fluids and electrolytes, so if it is not balanced with the intake of fluids adekuat body at risk of experiencing dehydration. The liquid should not enter the water. Milk, juice or fruit juice, and foods other soups are also counted as a source of liquid.

Nevertheless, avoid caffeine-containing drinks such as cola, coffee, and tea. Many have assumed that the grant of coffee when the fever may prevent seizures. This is another misguided. Drinks containing caffeine will trigger for many urination so that instead of causing dehydration.
Hot child medicine
If the child is fussy, you could give paracetamol or ibuprofen according to the instructions and rules are written on the packaging. The dose of the drug that is needed will depend on the child's age or weight. If your child is under age 2 years or you are not sure with the recommended dose, consult a doctor to know the right dosage.

Avoid giving aspirin as the drug is hot. Administering aspirin in children associated with Reye's syndrome, a potentially fatal disease that is affecting the heart and the brain. In addition to fever, your child may experience some of the other symptoms. However, avoid Merge-Merge some type of medication to relieve the symptoms if you do not know the content of those drugs and how the rules of life.

Many of the rest
Make sure your child plenty of rest. He doesn't have to lie in bed all day places, but enough rest will accelerate the process of healing. Create also an atmosphere of comfortable rooms, that are conducive to it.

Always ready thermometer at home
You may just always provides a remedy of hot child in the medicine cabinet, but don't forget to always provide a thermometer at home to monitor your child's temperature. To find out if your child's fever or not, avoid measuring temperature with just stick a hand on his forehead. This way will not show accurate results, even your child's body temperature could be higher than you feel.

Keep give it a nutritious food
When the fever, usually the child's appetite decreased. Give your child's preferred food, easy to digest (especially if a fever accompanied by a sore throat for example, which make it difficult to swallow), but still contain nutrients.

When to go to the doctor?
If your child is under the age of 3 months, immediately take it to the doctor to get the handling if her fever reached 38 degrees Celsius or more (to get the accurate measurement, place the thermometer in the anus). For children over the age of 3 months, immediately take it to the doctor if the fever reaches 39 degrees Celsius or more, or a fever has lasted more than 24 hours (for children under 2 years old) or 72 hours (for children over 2 years).

In addition, immediately go to a doctor if body temperature children over 3 months less than 39 degrees Celsius but the child showed symptoms as follows:

Recurrent fever
Shows signs of dehydration include infrequent urination, no tears when crying, sweating slightly despite the hot weather, limp, less alert, and are not usually seaktif.
Do not want to eat and drink
His consciousness is reduced
Become more sensitive to bright light
Become more difficult to sleep and was awakened
Indicates impaired breathing
Ongoing diarrhea nor did subside
Vomiting accompanied by headache and stiff occipital
The rash appears or purple spots that looked like bruises in the skin, which previously did not exist
Inner ear pain
Swollen throat
Abdominal pain or pain when urinating
Blue lips, tongue, or nails
No less important than handling a fever is to overcome the causes of fever itself, which causes a fever if not detected may be growing into a more severe stage. Dispensing hot children, coupled with the measures that have been outlined above, will help decrease body temperature with more optimal. Hope this article is useful.

Toothache remedies for pregnant women is a powerful and secure

A toothache while pregnant is not a nice thing, on the other hand you have to pay attention to where the toothache remedies for pregnant women who are absolutely secure. Due to hormonal changes, was at the time pregnant your body undergoes many changes meaning, ranging from nausea to vomiting in early pregnancy (although not all expectant mothers experience it), weight gain, and fatigue. Another important change that occurs when you are pregnant is an increased risk for experiencing inflammation in the gums as well as an increase in the possibilities for experiencing the cavities, which triggers the onset of toothache.

Well that there are many things to do when pregnant (starting from preparation of childbirth and baby care to maintain health while pregnant itself). However, having regard to the reasons above, the care of teeth and gums should also occupy its own priorities when pregnant.

In this article, you will know how to anything that can be done as a toothache remedies for pregnant women. What causes toothache during pregnancy will also be discussed, so that you can do preventive measures further.

Before knowing the Toothache Remedies for pregnant women, Lets get acquainted first with causes of Toothache
Swelling and inflammation of the gums and cavities are the cause of toothache which is common during pregnancy. There are several things that can trigger both these problems, so that you can understand why a toothache can occur during pregnancy.

Dietary changes
The settings may be different from your diet during pregnancy. It could be that You drank more milk and consume more foods that contain sugar.

Nausea and vomiting
Nausea and vomiting who felt pregnant, or commonly referred to as morning sickness, is associated with the onset of toothache. When you vomit, stomach acid can rise from the stomach to the mouth cavity and can be about teeth. A layer of teeth which are often exposed to stomach acid can undergo pengeroposan, which triggers the cavities, causing toothache at the time pregnant.

Lack of calcium
Pregnant women need to consume foods that contain lots of calcium to help bone growth of fetus. If calcium intake is not sufficient, the body will take calcium from your teeth which causes the enamel coating the teeth undergo demineralisasi. This dental pengeroposan process that would cause toothache during pregnancy.

Lack of oral hygiene
Pregnant women are more sensitive to the smell and taste, is no exception with the smell and taste of toothpaste (they become more resistant to the smell and taste of toothpaste). As a consequence, they are more rarely brushing my teeth. This increases the risk of occurrence of cavities that cause pain.

Toothache remedies for pregnant women from the ingredients that you can find at home
Your pregnant condition demands could not accept the use of any drug (ibuprofen and aspirin should not be consumed by pregnant women), because it was feared bringing unwanted side effects on a fetus in the womb you. It is very important to convey in your dentist that you middle contains, so the dentist can give you a toothache remedies for pregnant women are safe either drug pain relief or antibiotics when necessary.

There is also a traditional medicine from natural ingredients which can be consumed to reduce Your toothache pain. But keep in mind that traditional medicines are simply able to relieve symptoms, not get rid of the cause of the onset of toothache, so checked myself into a dentist remains to be done to eliminate the cause until it has been completed.

Toothache remedies for pregnant women from the ingredients and natural way is actually no different than ordinary teeth pain medication (when you are not pregnant), as you can refer to the following:

Fresh clove or clove oil can be used as a toothache remedies for pregnant women, which function to relieve the pain. Dip the cotton bud in the clove oil, then apply it on the tooth that hurts. Or for the more simple you can also chew the fresh clove directly so that the contents of his oil straight out and about a tooth that hurts. Clove not only relieves pain, but also useful as an antiseptic that can relieve some of the symptoms of infection associated with cavities.

You may not like it, let alone eat it raw. But unfortunately (or fortunately?), garlic is what you need when the toothache whack. Chewing raw garlic. Garlic contains a substance called allicin, which is a natural antibiotic that can directly attacking bacteria cause infections of the teeth.

Onion Chutney
Chewing onions for a few minutes, surely in raw condition, can help relieve the pain due to dental pain. If you have trouble chewing, put a slice of onion on top of the tooth that hurts. The SAP out of the onion slices that will help relieve Your toothache.

You may have been familiar with the benefits of spinach to prevent the occurrence of anaemia in pregnant women, due to the high iron content in every strand of the leaves. Without thought, it turns out the spinach can also be consumed as a toothache remedies for pregnant women that did the trick. The trick is, direct chewable spinach to relieve the pain. If you can't stand the taste of bitter, mashed some strands of spinach leaves to make some sort of pasta and then DAB at the top of the tooth that hurts.

The leaves of the guava
The SAP from the leaves of guava can relieve the pain inflicted from the toothache. As with other natural ingredients, you can chew the leaves of guava directly. You can also soak the leaves of guava in a solution of hot water and salt that is already using the water for gargling. When you rinse, make sure water that already contains salt and the guava leaf SAP already touching the sore teeth perfectly.

Salt water
If it is not available in the home, guava leaves water and salt without any mix you can use to treat the tooth that hurts. This is the traditional way to treat toothache that is most simple. Mix a little salt into warm water lukewarm. Use the solution to gargle (after eating or after brushing my teeth), to clean the leftovers were left on the sidelines gears and relieve pain caused by a toothache.

Stay away from sugary food and drink
Avoid consuming too much food and drink sweets when you were pregnant. Not only sweet foods and drinks that can trigger the onset of diabetes during pregnancy, but also accelerate the formation of plaque on the teeth that make toothache became increasingly severe.

So articles about toothache remedies for pregnant women the following factors that could potentially be the cause. Congratulations on maintaining dental health (as well as the health of the fetus) you and hope this article is useful.

Flu drugs for pregnant women: Tips for recovering from the Flu quickly

Stricken with the flu while pregnant can be a very uncomfortable thing, which makes you look for alternative flu remedy for pregnant women are safe for consumption. The flu is a disease that occurs due to viral infection that attacks the respiratory tract and can appear suddenly. Signs and symptoms that arise include fever, pain felt (Achy) in muscles and joints, a sense of fatigue, headache, sore throat, dry cough, runny nose, no appetite, as well as watery eyes and redness.

These signs and symptoms can arise only in the few days since your first virus infected cause flu. Mistaken that much going on in the community is asking for antibiotics in doctors as flu drugs for pregnant women. The flu is caused by viruses, so antibiotics are not used to treat the flu unless ongoing flu followed by a bacterial infection.

What Flu Drugs for pregnant women is safe?
Believe it or not, the signs and symptoms of flu you feel is one part of the process of healing naturally, proof that your immune system is working to fight the disease. For example, fever is one of the body's response to infection of the virus to kill him by way of creating an environment that is more ' hot ' than usual. The fever also made antibodies in the blood vessels is moving more quickly and effectively to fight the cause of the pain.

Likewise with coughs and colds, which works to clean up the way your breath from the slime-slime thick ' trap ' the disease germs get into your lungs. Therefore, you usually do not need medical treatment because the flu can recover by itself. Flu drugs for pregnant women that are written in this article is more in the form of helpful tips that you can do when stricken with the flu.

Sufficient rest
Rest is the flu drugs for pregnant women. The flu sufferer takes about two to three weeks to be truly freed entirely from flu symptoms.

Multiply fluid intake
Intake of fluids, either in the form of white water, juice, fruit juice, as well as various other dishes is a flu remedy for pregnant women who are sick. When you the flu, especially if there is a fever, the body will lose the sugar, salt, and liquids. Fluid intake will help restore the balance of fluids and electrolytes in the body and keep You avoid dehydration.

Warm water is best to cope with the flu. Warm water (likely the heat) in addition to preventing dehydration also can relieve nasal congestion and sore throats. Make herbal tea with hot water, then add a teaspoon of honey. Drinking before bed in order to abate Your stuffy nose so you can sleep soundly.

A warm bath
The belief that circulated in the community is, when the flu then we'd better take a bath of warm water. This certainly have a point. In addition to lowering fever, steam comes out of the warm water can hydrate the channel the breath and thins mucus and phlegm, so that was flu drugs for pregnant women that effectively relieve Your stuffy nose. In addition, a warm bath will also help you feel more relaxed state so that it can rest with more maximum.

Increased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables are a source of vitamins that can strengthen Your immune system, which therefore is the flu drugs for pregnant women who are experiencing. Moreover, the fruits that contain lots of vitamin c. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is important to strengthen the durability of your body. You may feel no appetite, but intake of nutritious food is what very you need at this time.

Salt solutions to overcome nasal congestion
A solution of salt and baking soda mix will be flu drugs for pregnant women, because it helps relieve nasal congestion, while sweeping the viral particles from your nose. How to create a solution that is a mix one-fourth teaspoon salt and one-fourth teaspoon baking soda in 250 ml of warm water.

Use the spuit already eliminated jarumnya to accommodate the solution. Close one nostril with a finger, then spray the solution into the other nostril. Let the solution drain out mucus along. Repeat two or three times, then replace the other nostril.

A solution of salt water (without a mixture of baking soda) you can also use it to gargle, to relieve a sore throat. The trick is, dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in 250 ml of warm water. Use it to gargle four times in a day.

Dump the snot as often as possible
If you have a runny nose, remove as often as possible. Mucus (mucous in the nasal cavity) serves to contain the germs of the disease so as not to infect the respiratory tract You makin. That's why you are encouraged not to menghirupnya back to the back of the nasal cavity.

But avoid also throw the snot is too strong, because it can move the mucus into Your ear canal and triggers ear infection. The best way to do this is to close one nostril with Your finger, then dump the snot out of the other nostril with slowly.

Avoid contact with other people
The times where the flu most contagious is the day before the signs and symptoms appear, and about six the next day. At the time, it is better You avoid contact with other people. Not only that you do not transmit the flu to other people, but also to prevent You not infected other diseases further, remember when you got this flu durability you're on point vulnerable.

The use of decongestants
If you want to consume the flu drugs for pregnant women that contain decongestants, discuss it first with your doctor. The use of these drugs carry a lot of risk for Your fetus, among other congenital heart defects. In addition if you have entered the third trimester during your pregnancy, consult with your physician first if you want to consume the ibuprofen, because usually is not recommended.

Flu seldom cause serious complications. However, you as a pregnant women fall into the category of vulnerable suffered flu complications, along with children, the elderly, sufferers of chronic diseases, and immune system disorders sufferers. Therefore, you should be alert and saw a doctor, especially if any of the signs and symptoms of flu you're experiencing is a high fever.

In addition to flu drugs for pregnant women who are more in the form of the above tips, prevention is the best way to avoid the flu. The spread of the flu virus is generally through sneezing and coughing or sufferers of objects ever touched sufferers. To prevent avoid contact with flu sufferers; avoid sharing utensils and shower; wash your hands before eating, after disposing of garbage, and after holding the surfaces much held people; and use a mask while traveling or are in place. This article may bring benefits to us all.

Signs Labor is near at last weeks of your pregnancy

Some things you might experience in the days of your pregnancy often makes you wonder, is it a sign of labor is imminent? The birth of a baby certainly is an event that you look forward to for nine months. However, not a few of you who are feeling anxious to imagine the process of childbirth. When would delivery arrives? What will I feel? How long will my baby birthing? And how do I know that the moment of birth has come? Those questions which might be raging in your mind. To answer it, there are a few things that be an indication signs labor is near.

By knowing these signs, hopefully you can have a little bit of an idea of what You will be facing, and how berespon against any sign that arise later.

Signs Labor is near: a few days or weeks ahead of time comes
Indeed, your body has already begun to prepare for birthing away the previous day. One to four weeks before labor begins, for example. If this is your first pregnancy, you may observe that your stomach looks increasingly ' down ' and you can breathe with more relief. This is because the fetus you start entering the cavity pelvis thus reducing the pressure in your lungs. Its effect is, you become a frequent urination due to a Fetal position so Your bladder pressing.

You might also feel cramps and pains in the area of the groin and lower back as signs labor is near. This is normal, because the muscles and joints in the area were doing stretching and movement of the time to prepare for childbirth. On the contrary, muscles and joints in other parts of the body will loosen the muscles, including the rectum. As a result, you may experience diarrhea. This is normal, keep Your fluid needs to meet to avoid dehydration.

Then, you will probably feel very tired in the last days. To solve it, try to sleep for a moment during the day to restore your energy. Or, you may feel otherwise. In some cases, pregnant women thus feel a surge of energy labor that made them eager to clean out and organize your home. It is not what it is, as long as you don't do it in excess that ultimately will make you exhausted.

The Latent Phase Of Labor
The first stage of labor is opening, consisting of a latent phase and phase is active. Called the latent phase is when Your uterus mouth first began to open up to the opening of 4. Signs labor is near you feel on a latent phase is:

Pain or toned abdominal or lower back that settled (not lost if you perform the activity), called contraction.
Amniotic water out. Discharge of amniotic waters can only be either seepage or directly in large quantities like those incontinent. Most of the pregnant women who will be undergoing childbirth experience regular contractions before discharge of amniotic waters. However, in some cases, the amniotic water out first. Immediately contact Your doctor or midwife when the amniotic water out.
Out pink or brown flecks are signs labor is near. These flecks are mucus that comes from your cervix with a texture similar to phlegm.
Contraction is a sign of labor is near the most easily observed. However, You could be experiencing a ' fake ' contractions a few weeks or even a few months earlier. Hence, how to distinguish between false contractions and real contractions?

Real contractions will grow stronger over time, and duration of any longer. You feel the contractions start at the lower back, then spread to the lower abdomen, and possibly also to the second leg. Painful contractions also are not lost when you change positions or activities. In addition, the actual contraction would be the more often and regularly.

When the contractions of your uterus tensed muscles, so the pain sensations arise. Try to put your hand over his stomach, you will feel your stomach harden. When Your uterine muscles back loosens, pain will subside and your stomach is no longer harden. This contraction will be ' pushed ' fetus down, past the mouth of the womb, and the walkway was born to be born into the world.
If you are removing the amniotic water while Your contractions do not progress as expected, You may need to be induced because without the protection of intact amniotic bags, Your vulnerable fetus exposed to infection from outside.

What should you do on this latent phase? Try to stay calm. When you feel calm, the body releases the hormone oxytocin that can help launch Your birthing. Do anything to keep your mind calm: watching movies or listening to your favorite song, walk or have a chat with the couple. Ask the doctor, nurse, or midwife who deal with you to teach you breathing techniques and positions.

In this phase, try as much as possible to keep eating, even though you're not a tasteful meal. Consume a small amount of high energy foods that will keep you strong through the process of childbirth.

The Active Phase Of Labor
After passing the latent phase, you now are on the active phase. The active phase is when the cervical opening experience 4 to 10. In this phase, Your contractions getting regularly and often. The longer contraction, duration and intensity of the contractions getting stronger as signs labor is near. In this phase, you may be more difficult to conduct conversations with other people (because of the frequency and intensity of contractions). To relieve the inconvenience that may arise, ask on health workers to teach ways to reduce painful contraction.

Beware of the danger Signs that may arise
You should immediately contact your doctor or midwife on some conditions. First, if you feel contractions regularly but gestational age You haven't reached 37 weeks, therefore it could be one sign of premature birth. Second, if you feel the baby's movements decline. Normally, the baby moving (kicking, squirming, or whatever it does) at least 10 times in two hours.

Third, if you experience bleeding (blood-colored bright red, not pink or brown). Fourth, if the amniotic water You are green or brown. Amniotic water colored clear and odorless. The color green or Brown is a sign that Your water contaminated the amniotic mekonium. Mekonium is the baby's first stool, it will be very dangerous if your baby is breathing in or swallowing amniotic water affected by mekonium.

Lastly, is when you're having eyesight, headaches, or swelling in the limbs of a sudden or extremely severe. The signs can be a symptom of preeklampsia (disorder of pregnancy marked by high blood pressure and high protein in the urine). Preeklampsia if not promptly treated can harm other organs, such as the eyes, liver, and kidneys. On the conditions as mentioned, don't delay to immediately go to health facilities.

Such signs labor is near which you can observe and feel. To remember is, every mother may experience childbirth experience different from other mothers. Even the experience of giving birth to one son with another child any differently. However, by knowing the signs of labor, surely you have an overview and a better preparation in greet him. Welcome welcome labor is soft and comfortable!

How to remove the crust of your easy Dental Practice right

Maintaining healthy teeth and mouth are very important to build up confidence and to your overall health, so how to remove crust effective teeth into one of the much sought after. The crust of the teeth, or tartar, or plaque, is a thin layer of yellow or white inherent in between the teeth or on the boundary between the teeth and gums, due to menempelnya a wide range of bacteria. The incidence of the crust on the teeth first because there are remnants of food left on the teeth. The leftovers, especially containing sugar and starch, edible substances by the bacteria that live in the mouth. In the process of consuming the leftovers, the bacteria produce acids that can damage the enamel of the teeth and cause cavities.

The crust of the teeth seem to be a simple thing so often disepelekan. However, the negative impact brought about by the crust of the teeth is not something to be taken lightly. In addition to causing cavities as it has been presented above, the crust of the teeth can trigger inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) which makes the gums feel painful, red, and swollen. Inflammation of the gums is immediate if not addressed will spread and infect the bone around the teeth, the jaw in a medical term known as periodontitis.

Even if you don't get experience gingivitis or periodontitis, tooth crust layer along with a mineral that exists in your saliva hardens to form a layer of white cement which is called tartar. This layer cannot be removed by just brushing your teeth, so that it can ruin the beauty of your smile. Lucky, there are several ways of removing teeth crust that you can do at home to remove the crust and prevent the formation of tartar teeth. Check out the ways through the explanation below.

Keep clean the teeth and mouth as a way of eliminating the main teeth Crust
There are several factors that may contribute to the formation of a crust of teeth, such as lack of awareness for oral hygiene, brushing my teeth the wrong way, the choice of foods that contain too much sugar and starch, and lack of access to health facilities (the dentist).

Oral hygiene is the main steps in preventing the formation of dental tartar and crust. Try to brush your teeth with toothpaste that is good at least twice a day. Use a toothbrush and soft furry has rounded ends so as not to injure the gums. Toothpaste that you use should be containing fluoride, to strengthen tooth enamel (which might have been a little ' porous ' by bacteria that are not visible). In addition, you also have to rub the tongue, gums, and inside the cheeks because any bacteria susceptible gather in such places.

Brushing alone was not enough. To get protection against the more optimal teeth crust, use dental floss to clean the teeth and gums of the remaining food on a regular basis, at least once a day before going to bed at night. Complete with the use of mouthwash (mouth rinse, not the mouth wash used to freshen breath) twice a day for 30 seconds.

How to remove Dental Crust Using ingredients that are easy to Get
In addition to always keep clean the teeth and mouth, you can also perform several other steps to remove the crust. However, keep in mind that once a layer of tartar formed on your teeth, it will be very difficult to eliminate it. Because that's how to remove the tooth below the crust is best done before the tartar was formed.

Pure coconut oil
Pure coconut oil or commonly known with the Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) have many benefits for health, which makes it different from regular coconut oil. These benefits among others to fight germs, strengthens the immune system, lose weight, supports heart health and lungs, improving the condition of hypothyroidism, heal wounds quickly, preventing stretch marks, and make keep skin young and healthy.

Pure coconut oil can also be used as one way of removing the crust, because a lot of pure coconut oil contains lauric acid which is an anti inflammatory substances and natural antimicrobial. How to use coconut oil to remove the crust of the teeth is: apply 1 tablespoon pure coconut oil in gear and leave it in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. After that, ludahkan (don't swallow it or use it to gargle). Then brush your teeth as usual. Doing it this way in the morning before eating anything.

Baking soda
Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is not only useful in the culinary area, but also you can use as a way of removing the crust of the teeth. Baking soda neutralizes the acid in the mouth, so that it can reduce the population of bacteria forming the crust. Baking soda also helps to whiten and brighten your teeth.

Moisten your toothbrush, then place a small amount of baking soda on it, then use it to brush your teeth as usual. After that, the berkumurlah with lukewarm water. Or, combine 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons baking soda. Dip the toothbrush that has been previously moistened to the mixture, and then use it to brush your teeth. In this way Praktikkan one or two times a week. Why not every day? Baking soda can erode tooth enamel, so not good if used in excess.

Guava leaves or fruit, good is natural ingredients that you can use as one way of eliminating effective teeth crust. Guava also contains substances of anti inflammatory and anti pain naturally so it can also be used to relieve the pain due to dental pain or swollen gums.

Research has shown that guava leaf extract can reduce the formation of teeth due to crustal activity of antibakterinya that prevent bacteria from forming a coating on the teeth. How to use the guava to eliminate teeth crust is: wash clean guava leaves are young and tender, and then to chew ludahkan. Do it this way every day. In addition, you can also take a slice of guava that still raw, sprinkle salt on it, and then chew it slowly. This way you can do 1 or 2 times a day for several days.

Aloe Vera
You may have been familiar with the benefits of aloe vera or Aloe Vera for the care of hair, but who would have thought that Aloe Vera can also be used as one way of eliminating dental crust. Antimicrobial content in Aloe Vera can prevent the formation of a crust of teeth at once eliminate bad breath.

How to use Aloe Vera for teeth crust of eroded quite easily. Cut a piece of Aloe Vera leaf, then grab the resin. Apply the Aloe Vera SAP on the teeth and the border between the teeth with gums. Let stand for approximately 10 minutes, then rinse until clean with cold water. In this way Praktikkan twice a day.

Tomato and strawberry
How to remove the crust next teeth is to use tomatoes and strawberries. Rub both kinds of the fruit directly on your teeth, and leave for 5 minutes. The crust of your teeth will slowly softened. After that, rinse the inside of the mouth with warm water that has given the baking soda to lift crust teeth already loss. In addition to tomatoes and strawberries, you can also use the foodstuffs which contain lots of vitamin C fruit such as berries, lemon, papaya, Orange and in a similar way.

How to remove dental crust like mentioned above you can optimize with as much as possible avoid sugary foods and drinks such as candy, chocolate, snack or cake-coated in sugar or chocolate, and fizzy drinks. If you want a snack, choose healthy snacks like yogurt without additional sweeteners and flavorings, fruit, or vegetables raw. Don't miss it, check with your teeth for at least 6 months. If there are no problems with your teeth, the chance that you can use to clean teeth crust. Good luck!

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This is the natural way of eliminating Black Spots on the face

Many women seeking natural ways eliminate the black flecks on the face to get a facial of black flecks-free, smooth, and glowing. Black spots (which is often also referred to as hyperpigmentation) on the face can be caused by excess secretion of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the pigment which holds a vital function in protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation, in addition to also play a role in determining a person's skin color. Some of the factors that can trigger the emergence of black flecks on the face of, among others, excessive sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, lack of vitamin intake, lack of sleep, stress, and certain drugs that are too heavy.

Before Knowing how to naturally Remove Black Spots on the face, first Identify all kinds of Black Flecks
Black flecks can be caused by many different things. Knowing the various black Fleck will give you hints about how the right way to eliminate it. There are at least three types of flecks of black:

Is the black flecks caused by excessive sun exposure. Ninety percent of individuals over the age of 60 years has black flecks, although many young children who also have it. Flecks of black type does not have specific and common patterns found on the forehead, cheeks, and nose.
Is the black flecks that are triggered by hormonal fluctuations. This black flecks may arise when puberty, pregnant, or leading up to menopause. The use of birth control pills, thyroid disorders, and hormone therapy can also cause the onset of black flecks.
Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Is the black flecks that arose following the existence of trauma to the skin, such as burns, acne, or exposure to chemicals are harsh on the skin.
How to naturally Remove Black Spots on the face to Face More Shine
The incidence of black flecks on the face can be a thing that sucks in addition can also lower a person's self-confidence. However, you do not need to disguise the black flecks with heavy makeup. Most black flecks on the face can be easily removed through various treatments such as peeling and laser surgery. Or you can also try some natural ways eliminate the black flecks on the face that is simple and you can do it yourself at home. Natural ways are as follows:

Aloe Vera
The content of antioxidants and a bitter taste in the Aloe Vera made it an effective natural ingredients to eliminate black spots on the face, especially that caused by sunburn. There are various content of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the Aloe Vera Aloe Vera which makes the fit was applied to all skin types.

How to use it is by taking the Aloe Vera leaf and squeeze to get resin. Clean, wash your face and apply the SAP of the Aloe Vera in the areas where there are flecks of black. Massage gently to help the SAP of the Aloe Vera penetrates into the skin. Do it twice a day for two weeks or more.

Juice lemon
Lemon contains powerful antioxidant compounds that can help a wide range of facial treatments, making it suitable as a natural way of eliminating black spots on the face. Come out roll-a lemon above a hard surface, give a little pressure with your hands. This is useful to facilitate the discharge of orange juice when squeezed. Then halve lemons into 2 parts, then squeeze her Sari and capacity in a container that is clean.

The next step is to dip a cotton ball in the catchment of the lemon juice, then DAB a cotton swab black flecks in the area. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse the face to clean. Do it this way every morning and evening for two weeks or until the black spots fading away.

If you have sensitive skin, dilute orange juice with a little water, rosewater, or honey. Don't apply lemon juice on the open wound. Also avoid directly out in the Sun after applying lemon juice on your face, because the juice lemon can make your skin more sensitive to light.

Shallots and onions
Mix onion and onion is a natural way of eliminating black flecks on the face effectively. The way of processing is fairly easy. Puree the shallots and onions until completely smooth. If your skin is sensitive, dilute the mixture with a few drops of water.

Dip a cotton ball in the mixture, apply it on the black flecks that you want to remove, and allow to dry out. As an alternative, you can also mix the onions already mixed with a little honey or the SAP of the Aloe Vera. Do this step twice in a day on a regular basis. In a few days You will see the results.
Papaya fruit, especially those still in green, many contain the enzyme papain. The enzyme papain helps remove dead skin cells and facilitate new skin cells to grow. Papaya also contains vitamins C and E, so that the fruits of this one fits perfectly into the natural way of eliminating black spots on the face. Simply use a small slice of raw papaya, paste in the areas on the face where there are black spots, keep for 20-30 minutes, then rinse the face to clean. Repeat twice a day for maximum results.

You can also make a mask of papaya fruit. The trick is, pieces of raw papaya, then blend until smooth. Apply to your face and neck. Let stand for about 30 minutes, then rinse your face to clean.

The use of potatoes as to eliminate black flecks on the face is quite simple. Slice the potatoes, and place the slices on the skin area contained flecks of black. Let stand a few minutes before you wash your face with lukewarm water.

Or you can also make a mask of potatoes. How, Peel and grate the potatoes, then add a teaspoon of honey. Apply on your face and leave on for approximately 15 minutes. Then flush the face with lukewarm water.

Cucumbers have potassium content as well as vitamins A, C, and E. Cucumber, which also has a cooling effect on the skin, recommended as one of the natural ways eliminate black spots on the face. Cut the small one or two fresh cucumber fruit and then soak it in water for about 1 hour. Vitamin and mineral content in the water will move to the cucumber. Use the water to wash their faces.

To clean the dirt from the pores completely, though cucumber into a mask by means of memblendernya until smooth and then balurkan in advance. Let sit for about 20 minutes. Once dry, flush face with lukewarm water.

You can also use vitamin E capsules to eliminate black spots on the face. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that contains compounds help repair damaged cells and strengthen the cells were still good. The trick, not a capsule containing the vitamin E oil and apply directly on the black flecks. For the treatment of rajin-rajinlah in, consume foods that contain lots of vitamin E as nuts, sunflower seeds, and Dried apricots.

If the black spots you won't also disappear after you do the ways that have been mentioned, consult with your dermatologist. The doctor will help identify what types of black flecks that you own, possible causes of black flecks, and a proper handling to eliminate it.

In addition to practicing how to naturally eliminate the black flecks on the face above, protect your face and your body's skin from sun exposure directly (can wear a hat, umbrella, or sunscreen). Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, as well as avoid the habit of pressing the acne. Happy practicing and have glowing healthy skin face!