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Age How Babies Can Tengkurap? Here's The Explanation

Every parent will want to know how many babies could be at tengkurap. This is because the tengkurap became one of the initial process in which the baby begins to actively move the body. As for the development of the motor for the baby before it can run is tengkurap, crawling, sitting, and walking. All it basically centered on the ability of a baby of his own. When the baby can be tengkurap, then certain other motor development of infants up to run is not obstructed.

On the contrary, if it turns out that when the age of the baby has enough but not yet tengkurap baby, parents should be vigilant because there are things that might be wrong in the organs of the baby. Then at the age of what is a baby start tengkurap? As well as conditions such as what to look out for by parents on the unborn baby can tengkurap?

How many Babies can a Tengkurap age and characteristics to look out for
As explained earlier that not all babies have reassurance age how many months until it can be tengkurap. There are several factors that affect this, one is the baby weight. For babies who have overweight or plump, they will be more difficult to move so that the lazy tengkurap. So did the opposite.

In other words, when your child is 4 months old but hasn't been able to tengkurap while other children at age 3 months already tengkurap, you do not need to worry. Still a lot of time that could be spent before the baby is actually tengkurap itself.

However, the thing to note is when the baby was 6 months old or older but have not been able to tengkurap. When the fruit of heart experienced this, then you should call the doctor to get a Checkup and proper handling. These are traits to look out for when baby still hasn't been able to tengkurap:

The baby's feet and hands off move
In General, a healthy baby will be always active moving his hands and feet. This is because there is a motor stimulation of the brain so that the baby's body parts are always on the move. Actually since childhood, even at age 1 month, the baby has been moving his feet and his hands. To this end, we recommend parents always monitors the condition of the baby.

The baby's hands cannot grasp something
The next trait that also to look out for is when the baby's hands cannot grasp something. This means there is an error on either the baby or the hand organ system of the motor on the brain.

The head and neck of the baby could not be raised upright
Other characteristics are the baby hasn't been able to lift the neck and head with erect. But when age infants can be tengkurap, i.e. 3 or 4 months, beginning with the baby's ability in lifting the head and neck. This was a feature that is quite dangerous because of the head into a vital part of the body.

A baby can not tilt her body at all
As for the last baby is not yet able to tilt her body at all. In general the process of tengkurap is also characterized by liveliness babies in moving her body either to the right or to the left. When the baby is not able to tilt the body, do not hesitate to take him to the doctor for the sake of getting treatment.

How to train a baby to be able to Tengkurap
After knowing how the baby can tengkurap age, other things must also be understood by the parents is how to train a baby tengkurap. What does it take? Of course. Although naturally a baby can tengkurap itself, but help the parents will also give a big impact to the motor development of the fruit. Then how do I train a baby so tengkurap? You can do this in the following way.

When the mother breastfeeding the baby, let her mother's own chest to grab the baby. It is useful to train liveliness baby in tilting and moving the body.
Use colorful toys and goes off to the left and right side of the baby. A toy that says will stimulate the baby to menolehkan his body to the right and left because the brain has received a stimulus vote.
The other way is to help baby how on the position of tengkurap. In this step, position the baby's body on the bed, padded with tengkurap. After that, the baby's feet and let silangkan to he tengkurap himself. But doing it this way at the age of how babies can be tengkurap, which is about 3 to 4 months.
Advantage When Baby Can Tengkurap Early
If the previous reviews talk about how age can babies tengkurap and how to train it, now it's time old people know the advantages of a baby can already tengkurap. The following are some of the benefits that can be gained when the baby tengkurap. Among them are as beriku:

Giving time off on the rear part of the body of the baby. The baby too long terlentang will make the body of the back become more easily tired and hot. To that end, the position of tengkurap will give you a break for a moment.
Stimulates the baby's body while moving the liveliness. On the position of tengkurap, then the baby will be stronger in kick-nendangkan feet to the rear. In addition, the baby's hands automatically will also be stronger and often moving.
The next advantage is the ability of the infant motor will be sharpened. When the position of the tengkurap, the grassroots will also try interesting and grasping something nearby.
Baby Development stages from Tengkurap To Run
Reviews on top is about age how could baby tengkurap. Other things also need to be known by every parent is on the stage of development of the fruit of their heart from tengkurap to run. This just in case so that if there are less things to normal growth in children, you as a parent can be immediately checked the condition of her body. As for the infant stage of development are as follows:

The age of 3 – 4 months
When you ask how could infant age tengkurap, then the most ideal answer is between the ages of 3 – 4 months. This is the first stage experienced by most of the baby. Although there is also a new baby aged 1 or 2 months but can be tengkurap.

The age of 4 months
At this age, the baby should already be able to lift up his head with erect. Not only that, the baby is 4 month old or more will start menengadahkan her head and look for the source of the sound.

Ages 7 – 8 months
When the age of a baby 7 months to 8 months, then the baby could be grasping objects tightly with both hands. In addition, babies have also been able to move objects from one hand to the other hand. In this age of baby can sit and try to crawl. Crawling is the process of development in which the baby wants to do exploration around the place. When the baby began to enter the age of 8 months, providing nutritious food intake must also be observed for its development.

Ages 9 – 13 months
When a baby enters the age of 9 months to 13 months, babies generally begin to move his body with walking. It is this balance in their body which is owned by baby started functioning with the good. Though not all babies are able to walk at the age of 9 months or 13 months. There is also a new baby to walk at the age of 15 to 16 months.

Ages 18 – 24 months
After all the process of the development of fruit hearts motor works fine, now is the time you wait for when the little one will start talking. While early to pronounce the words, usually the voice coming out of the mouth of babies less than perfect. But the words are slowly going to be a very meaningful words such mama, Daddy, papa, milk, and so on.

How? You already know how the baby can tengkurap age, right? Whatever the condition, when the movement of the baby's body has yet to be carried out with normal despite his age has been adequate, then feel free to bring it to the doctor. May be useful.

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