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Baguskah instant noodle Consumption for pregnant women?

Instant noodles almost became one of the staple foods or obligatory in Indonesia. Some even make instant noodles as a side dish, but its content is similar to rice. How do with instant noodles for pregnant women? Whether pregnant women allowed for the consumption of instant noodles? The following explanation.

Is there Content in the instant noodle is good for pregnant women?
Instant noodles are indeed is a very popular food favored by almost all walks of life. How to cook an easy and quickly became an excess of these foods to be cooked and eaten as an easy stomach mountings and did not elaborate.

In one packet of instant noodles at least contained of 420 cal (calories) consisting of 18 grams of fat. 57 grams carbohydrates and approximately 7 grams of protein. In addition there is the sodium or salt content is very high from a packet of instant noodles, namely amounting to 730 mg. sodium levels not only are high, the content of MSG (Monosodium glutamate) as a flavor enhancer and preservative food a lot contained in the packet of instant noodles.

High salt amount here's what to look out for on pregnant women. Too much salt consumption leads to bad both for the health of the mother or fetal health. The mother can increase blood pressure, slows the formation of fetal kidney and can be the cause of swollen feet during pregnancy.

Too much MSG content also be bad for the fetus. Excessive MSG content can affect fetal brain nerves. Make the brain become abnormal growth so that the child will be born who experience hyperactivity or disorders such as autism. On the mother's body of the excess MSG will also cause high risk occurs in the stomach cramps.

Strongly not recommended anyway made instant noodles as a side dish accompanying rice. There are about 135 cal (calories) in a plate of rice. Add instant noodles as a side dish can also increase your calorie intake into the body of the mother. Too high in calories can lead to diabetes when the pregnancy, and the baby can be large, i.e. more than 4 kilograms.

In addition to the content of its nutrition value, several kinds of preservative substances contained in instant noodles in addition to MSG, among others, Sodium plifosfat which is useful for developers and scent Enhancer typical noodles. The second is the preservative Sodium and potassium carbonates, i.e. controlling acidity and flavors of instant noodles so that it feels will still be savory and delicious although eaten raw.

Tartazine substance is a substance used food coloring to dye yellow on instant noodles dry. It also contained Propylene glycol used to keep instant noodles remain moist and avoid the growth of mold.

Processing Instant Noodles Into Healthy Meals For Pregnant Women
In General, instant noodles remain safe and healthy for consumption for pregnant women if it meets some of the requirements. Here are presented a few tips to cultivate and instant noodle consumption for pregnant women:

Use half of the instant noodle Seasoning
A very high sodium content on instant noodles is derived from bumbunya. More recommended using half of the rate of instant noodle seasonings to avoid high sodium or salt content in these foods.

In addition you can also own spice preparing, using ingredients such as onion, garlic, sugar, salt and soy sauce. By preparing a marinade yourself, you can determine the levels of sweetness as well as keasinan of instant noodles is good for yourself and your family.

Add vegetables and side dishes
Content in instant noodles are just a very few carbohydrates, fat and protein will not be enough to meet the daily nutritional needs when pregnant Mothers. It is strongly recommended to add a vegetable or supplemented protein source to add to the wealth of its nutrition value.

Many vegetables are suitable to be added into Your instant noodle dishes, such as carrots, cabbage, kale, broccoli, and a variety of other vegetables. Then the source of the protein can also be presented along with instant noodles, among others, fried chicken, meat or fish, shrimp and fried egg.

Highly not recommended to make instant noodles in lieu of a side dish. As this can result in a too large number of carbohydrates and calories into the body will also increase the risk of the occurrence of diabetes during pregnancy.

Dispose Of Water Decoction Of Instant Noodles
The use of candles as a preservative in the instant noodle is still a controversy to some circles. The expert nutritionists stated that instant noodle durable because the manufacturing process is by deep frying or stir-fried dried so that the water content levels down to just left of 5% water only.

But some among others believe that precisely the content of wax was the one who actually used to preserve dried instant noodles. This can be inferred because when water gravy stew only instant noodle to cool, then will form a layer is white, thin and stiff. This layer is thought to be a layer of wax that is used to preserve dried instant noodles.

For the good and health of pregnant women, more recommended disposing of water decoction of instant noodles and replace them with pure water stew. To avoid various side effects are not known well for the fetus as well as for pregnant women.

In addition note also the serving of instant noodles. Some instant noodles require seasoning to boil along with boiling the noodles dry. But some other brands do not recommend this, because boiling herbs in the marinade boil heat thus making instant noodle seasoning turned into substances that can trigger cancer (carcinogenic).

Not Consumed In Excess
Maximum consumption of instant noodles is one to two packs per week. So the maximum consumption of instant noodles are the only four to eight packs of only perbulanya.

Not very justified daily consumption of instant noodles, especially for women who are pregnant. So is the case in any healthy condition, either adults or children is strongly discouraged for consuming instant noodles every day.

In addition to nutrient content in instant noodle unbalanced coupled with various effects of preservatives and MSG that the danger still need to be further examined, especially in the case of the mother is pregnant.

Not Consumed In Raw State
Some people also have a unique way of presentation in consuming instant noodles. Namely, instant noodles were consumed in raw form. This way is quite popular among the young and yet there is a specialized research regarding the various effects that occur when consuming instant noodles in raw condition.

The recommended serving suggestion is to cook the noodles according to the directions on the packet of noodles by boiling instant noodles with a maximum temperature of 100 degrees Celsius for 3 to 5 minutes.

Avoid also boil instant noodles with plastiknya wrap. Instant noodles wrap unraveled along with the decoction of mie can poison the body. Adding to the risk of the occurrence of cancer and inflammation of the digestive tract from the mouth, esophagus, stomach to the intestines.

Well? Have presented information on instant noodles for pregnant women. Good nutrient, preservative and suggestion to processing instant noodles into a healthy diet for pregnant women. Hopefully this article beneficial and bijaklah in instant noodle consumption when pregnant though this food is your favorite foods. Healthy greeting!

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Baguskah instant noodle Consumption for pregnant women?
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