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Causes of low blood and how to overcome it

In general low blood causes that everyone could differ between one of the other sufferers and sufferers. But there are indeed some of the causes are a major factor one can experience low blood pressure. Different case like hypertension or high blood pressure, most people considered low blood pressure or hypotension as a health problem. This is because information about the symptoms of hypotension is still not entirely understood by a lay society. Even the symptoms that appear are often interpreted as dehydration or lack of fluids. But if high blood pressure sufferers do not immediately get treatment, the risk of death is the most dangerous. For it so that you can avoid hypotension, in the article this time we will discuss the causes of low blood pressure and low blood how to heal.

Causes of low blood should know
As before, you already know that high blood pressure is a condition in which a person's blood pressure exceeds the normal limit. Vice versa, low blood pressure is a condition in which blood pressure is below normal. The cause of the occurrence of hypotension or low blood pressure is pretty much, so it could be suffered by anyone and at any time. As we get older, the risk of developing hypertension or hypotension usually also increases. Especially as you get older, the flow of blood that flowed towards the heart muscle and the brain progressively decreased in number.

Then what are the causes of low blood? Causes of low blood pressure are in fact not always be predicted clearly. But generally this hypotension condition could be related to hormone disruption problem. For example like thypothyroidism or a condition in which the thyroid is under-active. It can also occur due to diabetes or hypoglycemia. In addition the use of the wrong medication is also potentially cause low blood pressure. Especially the use of excessive hypertension drugs.

Some of the problems that makes the performance of the heart not the maximum again can also affect normal blood volume so that it could be one of the causes of low blood. Diseases such as heart failure, heart attack, disorders of the heart valves, or a weakened pulse. When someone is experiencing low blood pressure, heart rhythm, usually tend to be unstable. Disturbances in the heart can result in decreased blood pressure as a form of body protection to keep the blood circulation in the body.

Causes of low blood as we have already described above usually happen because there are triggers that already lasted a long time. Such as diabetes, taking medication or due to heart disease. However it turns out that there are also conditions that can make human blood pressure dropped suddenly. And it turns out that such a condition is very dangerous and potentially stretch lives.

Several things could be the cause of the low blood pressure suddenly are too much blood loss due to bleeding. For example, the time of the accident, labor and so on. The body temperature is too high or too low can also be one of the triggers of the decline of the low blood pressure suddenly. In addition you should also be wary of sepsis or blood infection already severe. Paslanya the problem could be the cause of low blood which is quite dangerous.
The symptoms that occur in people with low blood pressure
Just now we've explained about what are the factors that can be the cause of low blood. And before we explain about how to cure low blood with low blood natural remedies, you should also know the symptoms or traits of what usually occurs in people with hypotension. You need to know that not all people who experience low blood ache will show symptoms. But if conditions are already quite severe, usually the sufferer will experience some symptoms.

Symptoms that usually occur in people with low blood pressure is a heart beating irregularly or toned. In addition the sufferer usually will also feel limp, lethargy, dizziness, nausea, blurry, lost balance, even get to swoon. Well, the simple things that can be done as a first aid on sufferers of hypotension is to ask him to sit or lie down. Sufferers should also consume a lot of water and berisirahat white. Thus these symptoms could disappear in a few moments.

Well, when you or someone around you are experiencing the symptoms of hypotension as we have just described, immediately check their blood pressure at the doctors. Not just blood pressure, but doctors usually will also check whether there are certain diseases that indeed be the cause of low blood.

How to Cure low blood good
Low blood pressure may be often seen not too harmful such as hypertension or high blood pressure. But if left untreated, serious impact will of course in the future. Then how to cope with low blood? Are there any natural ingredients that can be used to overcome the low blood pressure? Of course there are, and in the deliberations of this time we will describe several kinds of natural foods that you can consume in order to overcome the blood is low.

Eating nuts is apparently quite proven to cope with low blood pressure. This is because the nuts is a type of food that is easy to digest so much easier make blood pressure go up. Sufferers are usually advised to lower the blood taking red beans, green beans, string beans, and the like.

White Water
As we have already explained just now that one of the causes of low blood is dehydration or lack of fluids. So to make your body healthier, konsumsilah a minimum of 8 glasses to 10 glasses of water each day to keep your body hydrated.

Meat and chicken liver
Other healthy food menu that you can take advantage of the low blood as a remedy is chicken meat and chicken liver. The reason is because on meat and chicken liver is a source of animal protein are quite high. Where is the protein substance that could help increase the blood pressure in the body. In addition protein is also needed to build cells in blood vessels.

Bread and cereals
In addition to consuming meat and chicken liver, hypotension sufferers are also advised to eat bread and seral. Where the food is made from wheat. Wheat is itself a source of iron which is quite high, so it can help keep the body condition of the risk of low blood pressure.

Well, that's the last of our brief explanation about what are the causes of low blood and also how to deal with it. So from now on never underestimate the disease on this one, because if it is too late to treat the risk is very dangerous. Start a healthy lifestyle so that You avoid various factors cause low blood pressure. May be useful.

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Causes of low blood and how to overcome it
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