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Flu drugs for pregnant women: Tips for recovering from the Flu quickly

Stricken with the flu while pregnant can be a very uncomfortable thing, which makes you look for alternative flu remedy for pregnant women are safe for consumption. The flu is a disease that occurs due to viral infection that attacks the respiratory tract and can appear suddenly. Signs and symptoms that arise include fever, pain felt (Achy) in muscles and joints, a sense of fatigue, headache, sore throat, dry cough, runny nose, no appetite, as well as watery eyes and redness.

These signs and symptoms can arise only in the few days since your first virus infected cause flu. Mistaken that much going on in the community is asking for antibiotics in doctors as flu drugs for pregnant women. The flu is caused by viruses, so antibiotics are not used to treat the flu unless ongoing flu followed by a bacterial infection.

What Flu Drugs for pregnant women is safe?
Believe it or not, the signs and symptoms of flu you feel is one part of the process of healing naturally, proof that your immune system is working to fight the disease. For example, fever is one of the body's response to infection of the virus to kill him by way of creating an environment that is more ' hot ' than usual. The fever also made antibodies in the blood vessels is moving more quickly and effectively to fight the cause of the pain.

Likewise with coughs and colds, which works to clean up the way your breath from the slime-slime thick ' trap ' the disease germs get into your lungs. Therefore, you usually do not need medical treatment because the flu can recover by itself. Flu drugs for pregnant women that are written in this article is more in the form of helpful tips that you can do when stricken with the flu.

Sufficient rest
Rest is the flu drugs for pregnant women. The flu sufferer takes about two to three weeks to be truly freed entirely from flu symptoms.

Multiply fluid intake
Intake of fluids, either in the form of white water, juice, fruit juice, as well as various other dishes is a flu remedy for pregnant women who are sick. When you the flu, especially if there is a fever, the body will lose the sugar, salt, and liquids. Fluid intake will help restore the balance of fluids and electrolytes in the body and keep You avoid dehydration.

Warm water is best to cope with the flu. Warm water (likely the heat) in addition to preventing dehydration also can relieve nasal congestion and sore throats. Make herbal tea with hot water, then add a teaspoon of honey. Drinking before bed in order to abate Your stuffy nose so you can sleep soundly.

A warm bath
The belief that circulated in the community is, when the flu then we'd better take a bath of warm water. This certainly have a point. In addition to lowering fever, steam comes out of the warm water can hydrate the channel the breath and thins mucus and phlegm, so that was flu drugs for pregnant women that effectively relieve Your stuffy nose. In addition, a warm bath will also help you feel more relaxed state so that it can rest with more maximum.

Increased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables are a source of vitamins that can strengthen Your immune system, which therefore is the flu drugs for pregnant women who are experiencing. Moreover, the fruits that contain lots of vitamin c. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is important to strengthen the durability of your body. You may feel no appetite, but intake of nutritious food is what very you need at this time.

Salt solutions to overcome nasal congestion
A solution of salt and baking soda mix will be flu drugs for pregnant women, because it helps relieve nasal congestion, while sweeping the viral particles from your nose. How to create a solution that is a mix one-fourth teaspoon salt and one-fourth teaspoon baking soda in 250 ml of warm water.

Use the spuit already eliminated jarumnya to accommodate the solution. Close one nostril with a finger, then spray the solution into the other nostril. Let the solution drain out mucus along. Repeat two or three times, then replace the other nostril.

A solution of salt water (without a mixture of baking soda) you can also use it to gargle, to relieve a sore throat. The trick is, dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in 250 ml of warm water. Use it to gargle four times in a day.

Dump the snot as often as possible
If you have a runny nose, remove as often as possible. Mucus (mucous in the nasal cavity) serves to contain the germs of the disease so as not to infect the respiratory tract You makin. That's why you are encouraged not to menghirupnya back to the back of the nasal cavity.

But avoid also throw the snot is too strong, because it can move the mucus into Your ear canal and triggers ear infection. The best way to do this is to close one nostril with Your finger, then dump the snot out of the other nostril with slowly.

Avoid contact with other people
The times where the flu most contagious is the day before the signs and symptoms appear, and about six the next day. At the time, it is better You avoid contact with other people. Not only that you do not transmit the flu to other people, but also to prevent You not infected other diseases further, remember when you got this flu durability you're on point vulnerable.

The use of decongestants
If you want to consume the flu drugs for pregnant women that contain decongestants, discuss it first with your doctor. The use of these drugs carry a lot of risk for Your fetus, among other congenital heart defects. In addition if you have entered the third trimester during your pregnancy, consult with your physician first if you want to consume the ibuprofen, because usually is not recommended.

Flu seldom cause serious complications. However, you as a pregnant women fall into the category of vulnerable suffered flu complications, along with children, the elderly, sufferers of chronic diseases, and immune system disorders sufferers. Therefore, you should be alert and saw a doctor, especially if any of the signs and symptoms of flu you're experiencing is a high fever.

In addition to flu drugs for pregnant women who are more in the form of the above tips, prevention is the best way to avoid the flu. The spread of the flu virus is generally through sneezing and coughing or sufferers of objects ever touched sufferers. To prevent avoid contact with flu sufferers; avoid sharing utensils and shower; wash your hands before eating, after disposing of garbage, and after holding the surfaces much held people; and use a mask while traveling or are in place. This article may bring benefits to us all.

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