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How to Eliminate Insomnia without Drugs

How to eliminate insomnia there is actually a lot of ways, ranging from natural to taking certain medicines. Insomnia is not only experienced by adults only, but also teenagers and the elderly with varying degrees of severity. Experiencing insomnia is certainly very annoying. In addition body become less fit and fit, the mind is also less fresh. Any insomnia condition often frustrating. Not rarely insomniacs have complained of a declining power of concentration and increasing the level of fatigue that the more severe course.

Know in advance what are Things that makes you Hard to sleep
In a recent study showed that insomnia more attacking adults especially women. This is because women are more often have medical and psychological pressures far greater than men. In fact some American communities that willingly reaches for his pocket to spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year to cope with insomnia.

Many things are then cited as the causes of insomnia include sourced from physical, psychological factors (mental), as well as emotional. In terms of physical, insomnia can be caused by consumption of foods that are not healthy. In addition, insomnia could be caused due to a weak digestive system even sometimes appear a sense of heat in the abdomen, bloating, diarrhea also.

When viewed in terms of the psychological (mental), insomnia could be caused due to the inability to let go of certain events or pegalaman that is less fun. Either tragedy or disaster may be unpleasant deed from someone who is still disturbing.

Last seen in terms of emotional, insomnia can arise due to the recurrence of the sort of feeling sad, disappointed, angry, who has long been an undercurrent of an event. The emotions are not terolah are good to sometimes appear for no apparent reason. Both of these latter fakor (psychology and emotional) are called most often being the main cause of insomnia.

In another theory also mentioned that the appearance of stress that is not well-managed will be much impact on the body of one of them cause insomnia. In addition to stress, anxiety, restlessness, anxiety, depression, and fear also became her things from the cause of insomnia.

Various ways of Relieving Insomnia you can do
For sufferers of insomnia is not very recommended for eating certain medications without physician sengetahuan. It is grounded because of concerns for those who have all too often taking the drug will cause addictions, disturbed mind, senile, even up to the appearance of disorders of the body organs and more.

For people with acute insomnia, i.e. insomnia that lasts for one to several days due to stress, treatment can be done by searching or browse the causes of stress at the same time addressing it. For patients with chronic insomnia, i.e. insomnia that lasts in time (weeks to months), requires a different way eliminate insomnia should be done gradually and regularly, such as the following:

1. Relaxation techniques
The causes of sleeplessness be agitated feelings can be overcome with effort relaxation like yoga, meditation, as well as hypnosis. In addition to overcoming difficulties sleeping, relaxation techniques are also useful to increase sleep time, and reduces a person awake at night.

2. herbal Techniques

There are several herbal drugs commonly recommended for overcoming insomnia. Some of these are namely: homeopathic coffee, passionflower, valerian root, hops, lemon balm, lavender flower, motherwort, and more. Types of herbs that can provide a relaxing effect so that it will help the body rest.

In addition, there is also a frequently touted mint leaves is able to give the impression to relax the muscles, lowering blood pressure, so it's quite effective coping insomnia due to high blood pressure. How to mengonsumsinya quite simple: with a BREW of dried mint leaves 5 grams in 250 ml water.

Other herbal remedies are recommended i.e. seed nutmeg. Nutmeg seeds contain compound myristicin which is inducing sleep. No matter how simple, mengonsumsinya can also be brewed, by mixing one teaspoon nutmeg seeds with one or two drops of water and then rubbed on the feet before going to bed.

How to eliminate insomnia caused due to disturbances in the digestive system can be addressed with fennel. Mengonsumsinya easy way i.e. simply boil the two grams of fennel seeds in 250 ml of water for 15 minutes, let cool, strain, and drink. The consumption of fennel we recommend routine at least three times a day.

In addition there are still other ways of relieving insomnia: with a charmomile tea and extract supplement vallerian. The use of lavender oil either used before bed or massage is able to reduce the level of anxiety and gives the impression of comfort.

3. the stimulus control Therapy

How to eliminate insomnia next: with the stimulus control therapy. This technique is getting use of the bedroom only for sleep only. This is because many are making the bed as a place to unwind, not as a place to sleep. So, through this technique, anyone else expected it only to the bedroom for sleep only. Time to wake up also attempted to be in the same time every day.

This technique gives many perceived impact of success is pretty good. However, this technique does require a time briefly. It is precisely that often create impatient.

Tips on Getting quality Sleep
A good quality sleep can actually attempted to reach it. There are a few tips that will try us here:

1. create a cosy atmosphere

As much as possible create a bedroom that is silence, gave the impression of comfort, and make it easier to sleep. Avoid rays or dazzling light or sound. Better to sleep in a dark room or otherwise, can use the lights to sleep. Hormones that work for the convenience of more sleep could serve a maximum in dark conditions.

In addition keep the cleanliness of your bedroom. The comfort of sleep also affected from the cleanliness of the bedroom. Strive at least once a week to replace bed linen room.

2. Relax the mind

Do not bring a sense of anxiety or worry in sleep. Strive that what you have is the ahead best efforts so as not to disturb your mind towards the bed. In taking decisions for example, disconnect carefully so as not to disturb your mind.

3. casual-minded

Relaxing here is not thus abai on each of our actions. In the daily work, sometimes there are many demands to end up making often staying up and mess up the hours of sleep. Despite the demands of a diverse workplace, thoughts should remain relaxed with one of them attempted to try a warm bath, drinking a glass of milk, avoid smoking, coffee, alcohol, and others.

4. Do the routine before going to bed

Create a habit by the time of sleep, for example, lock the door, brushing my teeth, turn off the lights, and more. This is a surefire way to tell yourself that bedtime has come. Indirectly, the body will respond by preparing to welcome sleep. Strive also to wake up at the same time even though you don't necessarily start time. This is attempted in order to ration your sleep is not disturbed.

5. The consumption of healthy foods

Although insomnia is more often caused by psychological factors, regulating the consumption of a meal is also worthy of note. It is recommended that food consumes insomniacs contain copper, iron, and magnesium. But those who have a heart disorder should consult a doctor first. Stop the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and smoking.

So last few related explanation how to eliminate insomnia. It can be concluded that the factor of the mind or psikologislah that many take the role as the cause of insomnia. Therefore, it is very important to manage the mind to relax and relax.

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