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How to remove the crust of your easy Dental Practice right

Maintaining healthy teeth and mouth are very important to build up confidence and to your overall health, so how to remove crust effective teeth into one of the much sought after. The crust of the teeth, or tartar, or plaque, is a thin layer of yellow or white inherent in between the teeth or on the boundary between the teeth and gums, due to menempelnya a wide range of bacteria. The incidence of the crust on the teeth first because there are remnants of food left on the teeth. The leftovers, especially containing sugar and starch, edible substances by the bacteria that live in the mouth. In the process of consuming the leftovers, the bacteria produce acids that can damage the enamel of the teeth and cause cavities.

The crust of the teeth seem to be a simple thing so often disepelekan. However, the negative impact brought about by the crust of the teeth is not something to be taken lightly. In addition to causing cavities as it has been presented above, the crust of the teeth can trigger inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) which makes the gums feel painful, red, and swollen. Inflammation of the gums is immediate if not addressed will spread and infect the bone around the teeth, the jaw in a medical term known as periodontitis.

Even if you don't get experience gingivitis or periodontitis, tooth crust layer along with a mineral that exists in your saliva hardens to form a layer of white cement which is called tartar. This layer cannot be removed by just brushing your teeth, so that it can ruin the beauty of your smile. Lucky, there are several ways of removing teeth crust that you can do at home to remove the crust and prevent the formation of tartar teeth. Check out the ways through the explanation below.

Keep clean the teeth and mouth as a way of eliminating the main teeth Crust
There are several factors that may contribute to the formation of a crust of teeth, such as lack of awareness for oral hygiene, brushing my teeth the wrong way, the choice of foods that contain too much sugar and starch, and lack of access to health facilities (the dentist).

Oral hygiene is the main steps in preventing the formation of dental tartar and crust. Try to brush your teeth with toothpaste that is good at least twice a day. Use a toothbrush and soft furry has rounded ends so as not to injure the gums. Toothpaste that you use should be containing fluoride, to strengthen tooth enamel (which might have been a little ' porous ' by bacteria that are not visible). In addition, you also have to rub the tongue, gums, and inside the cheeks because any bacteria susceptible gather in such places.

Brushing alone was not enough. To get protection against the more optimal teeth crust, use dental floss to clean the teeth and gums of the remaining food on a regular basis, at least once a day before going to bed at night. Complete with the use of mouthwash (mouth rinse, not the mouth wash used to freshen breath) twice a day for 30 seconds.

How to remove Dental Crust Using ingredients that are easy to Get
In addition to always keep clean the teeth and mouth, you can also perform several other steps to remove the crust. However, keep in mind that once a layer of tartar formed on your teeth, it will be very difficult to eliminate it. Because that's how to remove the tooth below the crust is best done before the tartar was formed.

Pure coconut oil
Pure coconut oil or commonly known with the Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) have many benefits for health, which makes it different from regular coconut oil. These benefits among others to fight germs, strengthens the immune system, lose weight, supports heart health and lungs, improving the condition of hypothyroidism, heal wounds quickly, preventing stretch marks, and make keep skin young and healthy.

Pure coconut oil can also be used as one way of removing the crust, because a lot of pure coconut oil contains lauric acid which is an anti inflammatory substances and natural antimicrobial. How to use coconut oil to remove the crust of the teeth is: apply 1 tablespoon pure coconut oil in gear and leave it in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. After that, ludahkan (don't swallow it or use it to gargle). Then brush your teeth as usual. Doing it this way in the morning before eating anything.

Baking soda
Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is not only useful in the culinary area, but also you can use as a way of removing the crust of the teeth. Baking soda neutralizes the acid in the mouth, so that it can reduce the population of bacteria forming the crust. Baking soda also helps to whiten and brighten your teeth.

Moisten your toothbrush, then place a small amount of baking soda on it, then use it to brush your teeth as usual. After that, the berkumurlah with lukewarm water. Or, combine 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons baking soda. Dip the toothbrush that has been previously moistened to the mixture, and then use it to brush your teeth. In this way Praktikkan one or two times a week. Why not every day? Baking soda can erode tooth enamel, so not good if used in excess.

Guava leaves or fruit, good is natural ingredients that you can use as one way of eliminating effective teeth crust. Guava also contains substances of anti inflammatory and anti pain naturally so it can also be used to relieve the pain due to dental pain or swollen gums.

Research has shown that guava leaf extract can reduce the formation of teeth due to crustal activity of antibakterinya that prevent bacteria from forming a coating on the teeth. How to use the guava to eliminate teeth crust is: wash clean guava leaves are young and tender, and then to chew ludahkan. Do it this way every day. In addition, you can also take a slice of guava that still raw, sprinkle salt on it, and then chew it slowly. This way you can do 1 or 2 times a day for several days.

Aloe Vera
You may have been familiar with the benefits of aloe vera or Aloe Vera for the care of hair, but who would have thought that Aloe Vera can also be used as one way of eliminating dental crust. Antimicrobial content in Aloe Vera can prevent the formation of a crust of teeth at once eliminate bad breath.

How to use Aloe Vera for teeth crust of eroded quite easily. Cut a piece of Aloe Vera leaf, then grab the resin. Apply the Aloe Vera SAP on the teeth and the border between the teeth with gums. Let stand for approximately 10 minutes, then rinse until clean with cold water. In this way Praktikkan twice a day.

Tomato and strawberry
How to remove the crust next teeth is to use tomatoes and strawberries. Rub both kinds of the fruit directly on your teeth, and leave for 5 minutes. The crust of your teeth will slowly softened. After that, rinse the inside of the mouth with warm water that has given the baking soda to lift crust teeth already loss. In addition to tomatoes and strawberries, you can also use the foodstuffs which contain lots of vitamin C fruit such as berries, lemon, papaya, Orange and in a similar way.

How to remove dental crust like mentioned above you can optimize with as much as possible avoid sugary foods and drinks such as candy, chocolate, snack or cake-coated in sugar or chocolate, and fizzy drinks. If you want a snack, choose healthy snacks like yogurt without additional sweeteners and flavorings, fruit, or vegetables raw. Don't miss it, check with your teeth for at least 6 months. If there are no problems with your teeth, the chance that you can use to clean teeth crust. Good luck!

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How to remove the crust of your easy Dental Practice right
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