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Is It True That The Disease Lupus Contagious? Here's The Explanation Read More

Have you heard that the disease lupus contagious? Then what you heard that 100% is wrong. Although lupus sufferers experience a variety of physical weakness like HIV/AIDS, please note that the disease is not contagious.

The following will explain how to perception of infectious disease lupus symptoms, as well as handling and treatment. Happy reading!

The wrong perceptions about the disease of Lupus that can be Contagious
Lupus is an autoimmune disease. Caused by inflammation that occurs due to the attack of the immune system of our own. The human immune system that play a role in this matter is the substance of antibodies called immunoglobulin medical terms as well.

The disease lupus, immunoglobulin should be reacting and attacking bacteria, viruses or other disease cells thus turned the attack almost all parts of the important organs in the human body such as the heart, kidneys, joints, muscles, skin, eyes and the nervous system is even disrupting the formation of human blood cells.

Early symptoms of this disease is a chronic weakness, fever, loss of appetite and weight loss. Pain and swelling can occur in the muscle, redness and blotches resembling butterflies on areas of the face (butterfly rash), hair loss, anemia and blood clotting disorders. Even can cause various disorders of organs as well as other blood circulation disorders.

Lupus disease is not caused by infectious diseases that can be transmitted. So the perception about the infectious disease lupus is the wrong perception. The following detailed description of some of the factors precipitating the onset of lupus disease:

Genetic factors is one of the main causes of the onset of lupus. There is a gene that mutates in the body, causing the immune system to experience chaos. Turn attacking the system and various organs in the body.

You need to be wary if there are among your family there who experience the symptoms of lupus. If you are experiencing a lupus sibling, then the risk of you having lupus also became 20 times bigger. Genetic mutation is not always going to happen, but some environmental factors and unhealthy eating patterns can trigger the onset of lupus.

Environmental Factors
As has been mentioned earlier that some environmental factors can trigger lupus. Among other things, excessive exposure to the ultraviolet, virus, physical and emotional stress as well as a history of trauma or accident.

Radiation from UV rays emitted by the Sun contains a UV photon that can be captured by the DNA of skin cells and destructive nature. Avoid working under the Sun too. But if your job can not avoid the condition the blazing sun protective cream SPF use stinging or shirt and CAP that closes the skin's surface.

Different types of the virus among other EBV (Epstein-bar virus), Herpes Zoster virus and Cytomegalovirus is some kind of virus that can trigger the onset of a genetic mutation on the system Your antibodies.

Physical and psychological stress
After knowing the factors precipitating the onset of symptoms of lupus. It turns out that internal factors namely the physical and psychological stress is one of the founders of the emergence of autoimmune symptoms in lupus, especially for a woman. Avoid various physical stress either stress due to excessive exercise and psychological stress can prevent the severity of the disease lupus.

Hormonal factors and gender
Women have a risk of 9 times greater suffering from lupus than men. This happens due to the influence of estrogen in a woman's body that is "immunoenhancing" or improve the immune reaction. For this reason also the fact a woman's immune system would be better than men.

However, does not cover the possibility of men will experience the condition lupus due to unhealthy living patterns, consumption of toxins such as nicotine in cigarette smoke, silica and various other products that contain mercury.

-The immunosuppressant drug use in the long term
Some use drugs can trigger the onset of lupus. Once again keep in mind that lupus can not be transmitted through the touch of a hand, or body fluids. Lupus caused by the use of drugs called also GOES by (Drug-Induced Lupus Erythematosus).

The drugs-prokainamid and quinidine used to cope with the disorders of heart rhythm, CPZ used to overcome the disorder or psychotic disorder can trigger the disease proved soul lupus especially if consumed within long.

Stop the drugs drug use is simply the only way that can be used to stop the occurrence of various symptoms of lupus. The doctor will also prescribe the drug kortikosteorid to overcome this.

Weakness that results from this autoimmune condition causes a variety of health complications and loss conditions. Lupus patients often will experience a variety of infectious diseases such as TB or secondary disorders of other respiratory and hepatitis can occur in patients of lupus. This is precisely the disease can be contagious and spread to other family members.

Avoid conditions of transmission of secondary infections due to Lupus
Have mentioned before that the disease lupus is not contagious disease. But secondary infections due to lupus that can spread and infect family members. Here are a few tips to prevent transmission of the infection while caring for a patient with lupus:

Apply the Wash Hands properly
There are 7 steps wash hands properly recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Preceded by wetting your hands with running water, wipe and rub both hands back in turn. Then rub the sela sela finger in turn. Next is rubbing the fingertips by way of mengatupkan both palms.

The next step is rubbing and twisting the thumbs Alternately, last rinsing the bracelet. Wash your hands of this movement will be more perfect when using SOAP or use liquid disenfektan.

Did the movement of hand washing before touching the patient, after touching patients and after touching objects, objects in the vicinity of patients with lupus. In addition to the later defended himself with an infection, indirectly you also later defended the patients with lupus from exposure to other infections via hand and touches you. Hand-washing is included in the healthy living easy steps that you should make it a habit now.

Using masks and Gloves
When when caring for patients with lupus you are flu or cough. Then it is recommended to use a mask to avoid the transmission of the flu virus and coughs to patients. It is very important to do because patients with lupus experience impaired immune system or a chronic body defense.

Transmission of viruses and bacteria when symptoms of lupus is going be memperberat condition of patients, increase the number of drugs that must be taken and will be more memperberat performance organ such as a kidney and heart.

Deaths from lupus often occurs due to damage to the kidneys, later of heart failure. Exercising regularly, avoiding sun exposure, avoid smoking and cigarette smoke or alcohol and other toxic materials proved to be very useful to prevent worsening of the condition.

Such information as to whether the disease lupus contagious or not, along with how to prevent the onset of secondary infection transmission from and to patients of lupus. Hopefully this article useful, healthy greeting!

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