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Know the benefits and efficacy of Cucumber for the incredible Eyes

The eye is a very important five senses and obliged to care. Cucumber is a vegetable that is rich in the kind of benefit mainly to maintain eye health.

The following will be discussed the benefits of cucumber for the eyes, as well as how to cultivate cucumber into food or drinks, or a mask for eye health. Happy reading!

Various benefits of Cucumber for the eyes
Cucumber has a latin name derived Cucumin, the plant propagates it has fresh fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals. Grown and cultivated nearly worldwide. Cucumber is famous for the freshness when eaten and processed into various drinks as well as having the effect of aesthetic or beauty.

In 100 grams of meat, there is 95% content of cucumber water. Contained 16 kcal of calories which consists of sodium and potassium, fiber, protein and vitamin content of a wide variety of very good for eye health. A wide range of ailments or discomfort in the eye can be overcome with a cucumber. The following detailed explanation:

1. Treat Puffy eyes

There are various causes of a swollen eye. In addition to the presence of trauma or collision, crying will also cause the eyes become swollen due to a build-up of fluid in the eyelid area. Content of vitamin C in fruit of cucumbers have excellent benefits to cope with this condition.

At least in 100 gr. cucumber, there was 3.2 mg of vitamin c. it is equivalent to 100 mg content of Ascorbic acid and caffeic acid that can wipe out a backlog of water on the area of the eye. Simply by putting a piece of cucumber on your eyelids for about 15 to 30 minutes only a swollen eye and a build-up of fluid will disappear (read also: how to treat puffy eyes that feels Pain).

2. Eliminate dark circles and Eye Pouch

Dark circles and eye pouch may occur due to various causes. Lack of sleep, allergies, eating patterns as well as less a result of aging. Not rarely the ladies to spend to carry out the repair or plastic surgery of the SAC on the eyes.

A smooth fiber content in cucumber, help brighten the face. Eliminate dark circles and eye puffiness on absorbing pouches. As is the case for relieving swelling in the eyes, simply place the slices of cucumber on the eyelid area for approximately 15 – 20 minutes.

Various eye mask which sold as beauty products has also been much use extracts of cucumber, to overcome the SAC and Black circles on the eyes. No need to hassle yourself in the kitchen to get these benefits.

3. Remove wrinkles around the eyes

When growing, then any skin cells have exhausted the period of exuberance. The skin of the body will lose content due to estrogen manepouse so that wrinkles and aging process happen. Not only on the area of the hand, the eye wrinkles and wrinkles will appear in the corner of the eye.

Prior to this time comes, you have to actually make use of the time to take care of the face. What's the area of the eye. The use of cucumber can only prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and aging process. Not being able to treat and tighten instantly.

Content of silica and antioxidan in fruit of cucumber is a very useful content in preventing the process of aging process of first occurrence of wrinkles at the corner of the eye. Just stick a piece of cucumber fruit, you can also menyerut fruit of cucumber. Into pieces and fine fiber and paste of approximately 15 – 20 minutes at the corner of your eye. Do the process with the routine, at least one time in a week.

4. Preventing a decrease in Vision

Vitamin A and betacaroten in cucumber fruits very rich benefits mainly to prevent the occurrence of decreased vision or who have low vision. An estimated 80 Million inhabitants of Indonesia using the glasses, in terms of decreased vision. In fact 80% of children up to the age of adolescence in Indonesia have been using glasses, due to the use of gadgets that less wise.

Consumption of cucumber regularly can help prevent the occurrence of decreased vision. Good low vision far or nearsightedness. The following will be discussed a wide range of recipes is easy to cultivate cucumber into a food, beverage or a mask to nourish the eyes.

Cucumber recipes that are easy and Healthy
Cucumber including types of vegetables are very easy to find and is sold around the place we live. Here are a few recipes that are easy and healthy cucumber especially for the eyes.

Cucumber Mask
To make cucumber mask easily, simply puree the cucumber with a blade or a blender. Mix it with some drops of lemon juice and stir until evenly distributed. Clean your face before applying this mask on areas of the face.

For a mix of lime juice, avoid giving on the eyelid or eye mucous. The mask is suitable for dry skin that tends to breakouts. On the area of the eyes and lids, simply paste the snippet of cucumber on the eyelids.

Pickled Cucumber
Pickled cucumbers pickled cucumber is healthy that doesn't use vinegar. Excessive consumption of vinegar may damage tooth enamel and irritate the stomach and intestines. Due to the nature of the acetic acid in the vinegar the acidic erosion and erode.

You can use lemon juice as a substitute for vinegar. The first step is to wash clean three medium sized cucumber, cut into dice. The next step is to squeeze the cucumber pieces with 1 tablespoon salt until evenly distributed. Let sit for a little while about 5 to 10 minutes.

Once the excess water out of the water, remove the cucumber. Enter the water the juice of one lemon and 1 tbsp grain of salt inside pieces of cucumber. Mix well and put in the refrigerator. You can use these pickles as a refresher or a healthy side dish in your daily food menu.

Ice Cucumber
If tired timun consume directly. You can make ice cucumber healthy and refreshing. The materials need to be prepared, among others, 1 piece medium sized cucumber, lemon, water and ice cubes. You can boil the sugar in the water if you want to set the sweetness. Can also use syrup to add a rich flavor and freshness.

The first step is the grated cucumber using a cheese grater. Combine the grated cucumber with water, lemon juice and liquid sugar. You can add the Basil seeds into ice cucumber. Basil seed is increasingly enriching the content of vitamins and antioxidants so that the complete effect health.

Stir evenly and put in the refrigerator. Add the ice cubes into the ice cucumber if you want them in the cold. Or on a hot weather to restore your body's hydration.

Cucumber Smoothie
Different from the juice which is simply a pure liquid resulting from the process of blackmail of fruit and vegetables or vegetable. Smoothie is a vegetable or fruit juices topped with milk, yogurt so it is thicker than juices. As well as the content of its nutrition value, will be richer than regular juice.

To make cucumber smoothie, prepare 1 piece medium sized cucumber, 2 tablespoons honey, 1 bottle of yakult/yogurt, 1 cup vanilla flavored liquid milk and ice cubes to taste. You can add other fruit such as Apple or watermelon to improve taste and menambkah content of its nutrition value.

Blend all the ingredients so one and add the ice at the end of the presentation. Cucumber smoothie drinks make it mandatory you every morning, to get the effect of the healing for the body. Especially Your eye and skin health.

Such glimpses of the knowledge regarding the benefits of cucumber for sharing eye health. Keep your eyes stay healthy is the obligation of every human being, on the mandate which the Lord Almighty. Hopefully this article useful, healthy greeting!

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Know the benefits and efficacy of Cucumber for the incredible Eyes
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