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Know the proper Handling of drugs and Vomiting in children

Knowing the proper handling of drugs and on the conditions of vomiting that occurs in children is very important. Incorrect handling can cause children to fall on the conditions of chronic dehydration and can lead to death.

This article will discuss the various causes of vomiting, medication and proper handling as well as how to prevent the transmission of vomiting to other family members. Happy reading!

The cause of the Vomiting and is there a Remedy or handling Right?
Vomiting is a condition of occurrence of vomiting accompanied by diarrhea in children. In medical terms vomiting disease known as gastroenteritis. An inflammation that occurs in the digestive tract is especially stomach, small intestine and colon.

The nature of the disease is very contagious. Norovirus, Adenovirus, Rotavirus and Astrovirus is a variety of viruses that can attack the digestive tract and cause vomiting. Viral infections can be transmitted through contact with infected food or infected with a virus.

In addition to viruses, bacteria Escherichia coli is the cause of the vomiting. Food poisoning due to certain chemicals is also not infrequently the cause of vomiting in children. The following handling and proper medication to cope with the vomiting at home:

Oral rehydration therapy and extra Fluids
Vomiting will cause many children lose fluids. So the return of the fluid is one of the main handling in children who experience vomiting. By giving the ORS and give it enough liquid in the form of drinking water or fruit juice can help children cope with the loss of excess fluid.

We can create your own ORS at home. By mixing half teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of sugar into a glass of warm water (equivalent to 200 ml). Stir until salt and sugar dissolve in water. Give each completed defecation. Keep in mind that oral rehydration therapy can be given to children who have aged over 6 months.

If your children are still breastfeeding at the age of. Give BREAST MILK intensively. Avoid giving of milk formula, because it could be muntabernya conditions caused by a mismatch in the milk formulas.

Solid feeding is not high in fiber
On the conditions of vomiting, viruses are attacking children's digestive system. Not uncommon to your child's weight will drop drastically when suffering from vomiting. Feeding too high in fiber is not recommended at this time. Give solid foods soups such as rice with warm chicken soup, chicken porridge, cereal or oatmeal with warm milk.

Give a little food portions, but often you can perform. Provide snacks healthy snacks that are favored by children, such as biscuits milk or pureed green beans. Feeding a little but often can reduce the risk of recurrent vomiting.

Young Coconut Water
Young coconut water contain nutrients and mineral equivalent of body fluids. Give the young coconut water is also one of the right's efforts restore the body fluids that many children are lost due to vomiting.

You can add honey or dates to the mix of young coconut water. To add to the calorie that goes into the body of the child. So her body isn't flagging and accelerate healing.

Don't give Antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs Diarrhea
Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are given no match for diarrhea in children who are vomiting. Because the cause of the vomiting itself is a virus. The most potent medication to cope with vomiting is to let children finish vomiting and diarrhea. So the virus will automatically come out of his body through vomiting and diarenya.

Administering the wrong antibiotics and inappropriately can lead to the occurrence of drug resistant. So when the children later suffered the condition of other infections due to bacteria, the drug will not be powerful tackling infections in children. The granting of child diarrhea medicine without consulting in advance with any doctor can result in a condition that will not resolve the symptoms of vomiting.

Not Recommended Giving The Raw Garlic
A study terpublish in the University of British Columbia Medical Journal by Gurinder & Adam (2017) regarding various uses of garlic as a natural herbal remedy. It turns out that show that the consumption of raw garlic in the long run is the trigger for the onset of vomiting and esophageal inflammation of the.

The granting of a Tablet of Zinc in children
Zinc tablets will usually be given to children age toddlers experiencing diarrhea. Zinc can keep the digestive health of toddlers. Some research has shown that babies given zinc supplements in the form of an additional supplement will have the digestive and respiratory tract conditions better.

The World Health Organization and UNICEF recommend giving of zinc tablets of 20 mg for 10 to 14 days on a toddler who suffered acute diarrhea. For infants aged less than 6 months are recommended for allotment of zinc tablets of 10 mg per day.

In addition to administering the zinc tablets or supplements, you can provide different sources of food are also rich in zinc such as cheese, nuts, oilseeds, cereals, and others.

If after carrying out various drugs and treatment of vomiting that has the above your child failed to demonstrate symptoms of healing. Thus the more weak and no appetite, immediately take it to the hospital and health services. Prolonged dehydration conditions can increase the risk of occurrence of death in children.

Prevent the transmission of Vomiting on the other family members
After learning the various causes and treatment of vomiting in children. It is very important to know how the prevention of transmission of vomiting on other family members. Because not only the children, any adult at risk against the transmission of vomiting. Here's how prevention you can perform:

Wash your hands with running water and SOAP
Viral and bacterial causes of vomiting can be highly infectious and contagious. Wash your hands with running water and SOAP is very important for every implemented after touching the body of a sick child.

Keep The Environment Clean
Viral and bacterial causes of vomiting appear from the environment or food that is not clean. The fly is one of the animals that are easily spread viruses and disease vomiting.

Keep the environment clean and avoid the child not to play on that dirty place should be implemented. Accustom children to wash hands before meals is also one of a powerful way to prevent disease that we don't want.

Separate children's clothes are exposed to Vomit and feces when washing
Bacteria and viruses cause infectious vomiting through the exchange of fluids including vomit and feces. Separate children's clothing affected by vomiting with family is very important to do. So it's not going to happen against the contagion of vomiting other family members.

Clean the Toilet with liquid Disinfectant
The toilet can be a very infectious bacteria and viruses cause vomiting. Always clean the toilet and bathroom with liquid disenfektan is highly recommended in order to avoid the spread of the disease.

Change The Baby's Diaper On Time
Do not change the baby's diaper is full with POO and urine can be the place grew bacteria and viruses cause vomiting. In addition to vomiting, a variety of other diseases such as diaper rash or sores can occur due to a diaper is not replaced with the routine.

Such information about various drugs and treatment of vomiting with precision. Maintain the cleanliness of the environment is one of our primary keys to avoid various unwanted diseases. Hopefully useful!

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Know the proper Handling of drugs and Vomiting in children
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