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late Menstruation But negative, Why?

You're curious what caused Your late menstruation but negative? If you are a woman who has a normal menstrual cycle and regular, and then all of a sudden Your menstruation be late a few days than normal (say late 4 or 5 days), you may be doing yourself a pregnancy test at home use the test pack. When the pack test shows negative results, you may be confused and wonder how such a thing could happen. It is actually a reasonably experienced by many people and there are several possible underlying causes. To know what are the causes of menstrual late but negative, please read the following description carefully.

Late Menstruation But Negative? You (Still) Might Be Pregnant
If Your menses comes too late and you are experiencing the early signs of pregnancy, you might suspect a pregnancy as a cause of telatnya your monthly guests. However, if the test shows negative results pack you, there are some things that might be the cause:

Sensitivity pregnancy test tools
When you are menstruating late but negative pregnancy test kits could be you have a low sensitivity. Pregnancy test kits can only detect the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG (pregnancy hormone) at a certain level and cannot detect when hormone levels below these limits. To that end, if you do a pregnancy test too early, when the hCG hormone levels are too high, yet a pregnancy test may show negative results. This is why some brands of pregnancy test kits recommend that you do a test a few days after you are late.

Therefore, if you are eager to find out as early as possible whether you are pregnant or not, use the tool a pregnancy test with high sensitivity and follow the usage carefully. Read the test results in the recommended timeframe. Compare the result with that stamped on the how to use the test results to see if what you get is valid or not.

Urine pregnancy tests that are used to
To do a pregnancy test, it is best to use the urine coming out first in the morning where the concentration of hCG hormone reaches the highest level. Late menstruation but negative one can be caused by the urine is too high the levels of the water, it could be due to the test before you drink water in great numbers.

Likewise, if you do a pregnancy test on day or night, the hCG hormone levels may not be much that can not be detected by the assay of your pregnancy. If you had to not be able to do a pregnancy test in the morning, try not to drink plenty of water and hold the Pee a bit long before you do a pregnancy test.

Still low hCG hormone levels
You've done a pregnancy test using the first urine that comes out in the morning. You already use the test pack with high sensitivity. The result is still negative but why? The cause of the late menstruation but further negative is because Your hCG hormone level that did not yet reached its peak.

After an already fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus, a woman produces the hCG hormone levels vary. But the average hCG hormone levels will be increased to 20mIU/ml on the 7-10 day after ovulation. Some women produce the hormone hCG with lower levels, but several other producing the hormone hCG with higher levels.

Ectopic pregnancy
In some cases, the cause of the late menstruation but ectopic pregnancy is probably negative. The presence of disorders in pregnancy can cause low or declining hCG hormone levels, which makes the results of a pregnancy test becomes negative even when you feel the signs of pregnancy. Immediately go to the doctor if a late menstrual, pregnancy test shows negative results, while you experience some of the following conditions: severe pain in the abdomen, dizziness or feeling faint, want the bleeding or spotting of blood, nausea and vomiting.

Other factors that cause you to Have her period But Negative
The menstrual cycle occurs because the setting of the hormones. The ovaries release one egg on each cycle, this process is called ovulation. When the fertilized ovum by sperm cells, egg cells will be attached to the wall of the uterus which causes menstruation does not occur. But if the egg is not fertilized, approximately two weeks after the egg is released, the lining of the uterine wall will decay and menstruation.

External factors that affect Your menstrual cycle
When the ovaries have yet to release the ovum, the body will not give a signal on the uterus to begin menstruation. So, if ovulation does not occur regularly, menstruation became irregular, could have been late a few days from the time it is supposed to be (late menstruation). When you do a pregnancy test, the results were negative. You don't feel any signs of pregnancy. The cause of the late menstruation but this negative there are diverse, some of them are stress, jet lag, lack of sleep, and too much activity (sports).

Malnutrition, or food intake in General, can contribute to the late menstrual condition you are experiencing. If you are not eating enough in the long term, or the food you consume does not meet the principle of balanced nutrition, or if you drink too much caffeine, Your menstrual cycle can be extended from the usual.

If you just had a baby, breastfeeding can be the cause of late menstruation but negative pregnancy test results. After giving birth, when you get back, take up to some long for the body to adjust itself so that the menstrual cycle can get back to normal. During feeding, when Your hearts suffered a period of fruit growth spurt and became a frequent suckle at night, it can affect Your menstrual cycle.

Certain medical conditions
Some certain medical conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome or thyroid disorders can cause someone late menstruation and further, have a menstrual cycle that is very irregular. In addition to these medical conditions, both late menstruation may also occur ahead of someone experiencing menopause.

Typically, menopause occurs at the age of 50 years. In some women, menopause comes early at the age of approximately 40 years. If you are late menstruation up to 90 days and not having signs of pregnancy, call your doctor to undergo examination in order to cause late menstruation can be known quickly.

Certain drugs
Several types of drugs such as the contraceptive pill (or other contraceptive methods that involve hormones) can disrupt Your menstrual cycle regularity and cause late menstruation. In addition to the contraceptive pill, there are also some types of other drugs which may impact on the disruption of the menstrual cycle, such as lowering blood pressure drugs and drugs antialergi.

Some causes of late menstruation but negative as mentioned above (with the exception of pregnancy) may arise only temporarily, it may also last up to several days. A woman who did not get a menstrual period for more than 3 months (when previously he had normal menstrual cycles) should consult a doctor. The doctor will examine the possible causes, so that it can be done actions appropriate responses.

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