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Lumbago When Pregnant Young, Is It Normal?

Along with the development of a new life in the womb, you've probably experienced pain while pregnant, and wondering whether you need to cemaskan it or not. The fetus is in the womb you are giving a lot of pressure on the muscles, joints, and blood vessels. This can cause an uncomfortable sensation in the stomach, waist, and the surrounding area. During your pregnancy, Your ligaments stretch to propping up more uterus enlarges. So, when you move, you will probably feel a little pain on one side or both sides of your waist. Along with the growth of the fetus, the uterus will tend to lead to the right side so that you may more often feel pain in right waist.

When gestational age you are still very young, it takes time to get used to the fact that you are pregnant, especially if your bowels have not yet begun to dilate. Even when your stomach still appear flattened or cramping pain may arise, and sometimes causing concern on the part of the mother's first child containing.

Knowing the causes of Lumbago when pregnant young and how to overcome it
The good news is that ache or cramping you feel when pregnant young is one thing that is very common. Remember the pregnant happened many physical changes and hormonal experienced by a mother to match yourself against pregnancy, it is very easy to understand that a pregnant woman will be more vulnerable than usual against the conditions cause pain in the abdomen, waist, and surrounding areas. If everything is fine, lumbago when young pregnant without any other signs and symptoms is a normal thing.

Lumbago in the early period of pregnancy is very common, and are generally related to the candidate's foetus shapping (ovum that has been fertilized by a sperm cell) on the wall of the uterus. Lumbago arising is such as you will have experienced menstruation each month, coupled with the appearance of the spots of blood. Pain while pregnant that young you naturally tend to be felt on one side, depending on the side where the fetal candidate snapping occurs.

In addition to dealing with implantation or fetal candidate snapping in the uterine wall, lumbago when pregnant young can also be caused by the position of the uterus, but this is usually in the older gestational age, for example at the end of the second trimester or the beginning the third trimester of your pregnancy where the size and weight of the fetus is already counting. As with any pain you experience in early pregnancy, lumbago on the older gestational age tend to be housed in one particular side.

If you experience pain while pregnant young, try to stay calm. Rest when pain arises is usually effective to relieve the pain. When You try to stand up, sit down for a while. If there was a place to lie down, try lying down on side waist pain, with the position of the feet is somewhat elevated. If anything, put a bottle containing warm water on the area of pain (as you normally do to relieve menstrual pain). A warm bath and massage your back can also reduce the pain you feel
Sometimes, reached the Summit at the time of intercourse will also trigger cramps or pain and slight pain in the lower back. In the third trimester of pregnancy, cramps are caused by intercourse will feels like contractions. Although it is still a controversy, and contrary to that we know all this, but there are experts who stated that intercourse does not trigger labor, even if done on gestational age above 37 weeks. But if you're worried, you could ask on the husband to engage in intercourse with caution and more slowly.

Causes of Lumbago when pregnant Young to look out for
Although common, is not supposed to be this close vigilance because it could be Your pain that you feel is an indication of a medical condition that needs to be immediately gets the right help. Health workers will help ensure the causes of pain that you feel. If the pain does not go away after a few minutes or after you rest, immediately go to the doctor. Likewise, if you experience any bleeding or discharge something unusual from your birth the roads, fever, nausea or vomiting, don't delay to immediately go to the doctor.

Ectopic pregnancy
A condition called ectopic pregnancy with occurs if the fetus develops outside the uterine cavity, where the pregnancy cannot be sustained. Ectopic pregnancy is a rare condition, with number of occurrence is only 1 percent. This is a serious condition. Ectopic pregnancies usually occur in the fallopian tubes. When the fetus grew, tuba patency can be broken so that it can threaten the mother.

Lumbago arising on ectopic pregnancy just feels initially on one side only, then spread to the rest of the abdominal area. In addition to pain, you may also experience a bleeding red in the dark and tended to dilute (not BLOB-shaped). If you experienced an ectopic pregnancy, signs and symptoms usually arise in 5-10 weeks gestational age. Ectopic pregnancy need handling as soon as possible, so you should immediately go to the doctor or Emergency Unit (ER).

Unfortunately, the pain while pregnant young can also mean you middle miscarry. Miscarriage occurs if the fetus was not developing properly. More miscarriages occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Miscarriages that occur after, at the age of 12-24 weeks of pregnancy are more rare.

Besides lumbago that more closely resembles the cramps, the signs of a miscarriage is pain centered in the middle of Your lower abdomen accompanied by discharge of blood from the street was born. Immediately go to the nearest EMERGENCY ROOM or doctor in your city. If it is still possible, before going to the doctor wore pads so that the amount of blood that comes out can be measured accurately.

The cause of the Pain while pregnant that young is not related to Pregnancy
In addition to some of the possible causes of an already outlined above, there are some medical conditions outside of pregnancy which can also trigger the onset of pain while pregnant young. Right waist pain, for example, can be caused by appendicitis (kapada appendicitis), kidney stones, gall stones, or the presence of cyst on the right ovary. In addition to the right waist pain can also be related to a problem in the digestive system such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, constipation, or maybe even food poisoning.

When ache during pregnancy more you feel on the left, there is a possibility it was related to the possible problems concerning the organs in which is located on the left. The organs in the stomach, spleen, among others, a portion of the colon, one of the two kidneys, and adrenal glands. In addition, the emphasis on the muscles, ligaments, as well as constipation, can cause pain while pregnant young you feel on the left.

However, the alert is better than considered paltry but ultimately found that the cause of lumbago when pregnant young you experience turned out to be a serious medical condition. The doctor or midwife will help find the cause of the pain you feel and provide therapy or the suggestions. So the article can be presented, may bring benefits to us all.

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