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Netherlands: Eggplant efficacy ranging from Indigestion to healthy skin

Are you intrigued by the Netherlands benefits Eggplant make it often used as vegetable ingredients, seasoning to Cook, drink, or eat raw? You are not alone. For those of you not too familiar with the previous Netherlands Eggplant may be wondering what kind of Eggplant form Netherlands it. Netherlands Eggplant is a fruit-shaped round eggs the size of 3-10 cm x 3-5 cm with both ends tapered. Fruit skin is thin and slippery. Its color varies ranging from reddish purple, Orange, red to yellowish. The flesh of the fruit has a juicy texture because it contains a lot of juice, it tastes somewhat sour, and a yellowish berwana. Eggplant fruit seeds Netherlands are black, round, thin, flat and hard.

Before discussing the benefits of Eggplant Netherlands, let's check out interesting facts about this fruit
If observed, physically more closely resembles Netherlands Eggplant tomato. This is not surprising because in fact comes from the Netherlands Eggplant same with tomato family (Solanaceae), even both of these plants have the same genus name. The scientific name Solanum lycopersicum is tomato, while the scientific name Solanum betaceum Netherlands is eggplant. For commercial purposes, of course the latin name is not widely used. Tamarillo, terong Netherlands is a term internationally.

If you want to feel the benefits of this plant Eggplant Netherlands, including easy to grown. In one tree can grow many branches with foliage that is wider when compared with the ' saudara'nya the tomatoes. In the first year after he planted, Eggplant Netherlands already able to produce beautiful flowers are pale pink. However, the growth of the fruit is not recommended until the plant was two or three years.

The origin of the word ' melekatnya ' in the Netherlands this fruit also have an interesting history. Why people call this the fruit of Indonesia with Eggplant Netherlands? Netherlands Eggplant is native to Latin America supposedly spread ranging from Mexico to Peru. When Spain controlled the Central and South America, they spread the tomato plants-tomatan to their colonies in the Caribbean. When Spain then continued the voyage to the Philippines, they introduced the tomato plants-tomatan there, who allegedly became the starting point of the spread to other Asian regions.

In addition, Spain also brought the tomato plants-tomatan to Europe, in the voyage home they are. Indonesia community can experience the benefits of Eggplant fruit because the Netherlands was first carried on and developed by the Netherlands (though it could be the person to know the Netherlands ' eggplant ' instead of the person who brought the fruit of Spain into the European continent), and first grown in Bogor, West Java, in 1941. Now Eggplant Netherlands has penetrated many parts of the world such as New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Japan, and many more.

In Bogor, Eggplant Netherlands thrives because of this plant can indeed grow well in the mountains or Highlands (approximately 1000 meters above sea level). However, the Netherlands can Eggplant dikembangbiakkan at an altitude of 450-1700 meters above sea level as long as the land where the growing nutrient rich, have sufficient moisture and good drainage.

The benefits of Eggplant Netherlands for health and body fitness
Eggplant Netherlands can directly be eaten raw because it tastes that tempt (a blend of sweet and asamnya can make you addicted!), it can also be boiled first, made into drinks, processed into hot, etc. In fact, the Netherlands is one of Eggplant fruits containing low-calorie, so it is very good for Your diet choices. In 100 grams of meat fresh Eggplant fruit Netherlands, only contained 31 calories.

Eggplant Netherlands many contain B complex vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, Pyridoxine, and work to help carry out various enzymes in the body function. Eggplant red Netherlands more found in the market than orange or yellow. Even so, the Netherlands Eggplant colored orange or yellow contain more vitamin a. Hence, the efficacy of the Netherlands Eggplant colored orange or yellow is better in maintaining eye health as well as maintaining the integrity of the skin and membranes mucosa.

In addition, the Netherlands Eggplant contains enough fiber (3.3 milligrams or 9% of the body's daily requirement) and potassium (in 100 grams of meat fresh fruit contained 321 milligrams of potassium). Potassium is an essential component of cells and body fluids to help control heart rate and blood pressure, as well as ward off bad influences of too much salt intake. In addition, the Netherlands Eggplant also contains a number of other important minerals such as iron, manganese, and magnesium. Here are the benefits of Eggplant Netherlands more:

Help weight loss
It has been mentioned that the Netherlands contain only a little Eggplant calories but quite a lot of fiber, so consumption of Eggplant Netherlands can help you feel full longer but not gain weight. Good eaten raw, sprinkled with spices, or processed into fruit salad, Eggplant Netherlands worked as a detox when consumed. Sitratnya acid helps destroy fats.

However, to obtain the maximum results in losing weight, we should not only rely on one type of food only. The benefits of Eggplant Netherlands to help so that the needle of the scales not makin leads to the right is indeed no need to doubt. However, the combination of different materials the right food with the right diet methods, healthy lifestyle, as well as regular exercise can help fat meluruhkan the more stubborn, especially in those parts of the body like the thighs and belly.

Good for skin health
Efficacy of the second Netherlands Eggplant is to help maintain the health and beauty of the skin. In previous explanations have mentioned that both the Netherlands Eggplant colored red, Orange, or yellow are equally enriched with vitamin A plays a role in maintaining the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, the Netherlands Eggplant also contains vitamins C and E, phenol (including anthocyanin and flavonoids) and carotenoids; all of which act as antioxidant nutrients that can ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing.

Antioxidants protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals, as well as stress and pollution. Don't be surprised if someone who is fond of consuming Eggplant Netherlands have younger looking skin. As with regular tomatoes, Eggplant Netherlands can be utilized to address various skin problems.

Help control the diabetes mellitus
Netherlands other benefits Eggplant is to help control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is composed of two types: type 1 and type 2. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas in the body of the sufferer incapable of producing the hormones the body needs insulin. Whereas in type 2 diabetes mellitus, blood sugar levels very much (due to excessive intake) so that the insulin levels seem diminished. Or, the cells of the body experience resistance to insulin so that blood sugar levels will increase dramatically.

Any type diabetesnya, blood sugar levels approaching normal is the goal that must be achieved and maintained. Normal blood sugar levels can be achieved if sufferers of diabetes mellitus in the discipline of applying the 4 pillars: implementing healthy eating patterns, physical activity (sports), education (understand the ins and outs of diabetes mellitus; how this disease developing, what are the risk factors, what are the chances of its complications), and the last one is drugs.

Netherlands Eggplant can be incorporated into the first pillar i.e. implementing healthy eating patterns. Klorogenik acid in Eggplant Netherlands may help lower blood sugar levels. The benefits of Eggplant Netherlands in lowering blood sugar levels can also be derived from the contents of antioksidannya, which can reduce oxidative stress in the liver and pancreas.

Relieve inflammation of the tonsils
Tonsillar or commonly referred to with the tonsils are gland located on the left and right of the back of the oral cavity. When we were kids, our body's defense system is not yet fully developed. That's when the tonsils or tonsils plays an important role as a defensive front body guard, to protect the body from germs of disease. However, sometimes the tonsils or tonsils any ' lost ' by the disease germ attacks. As a result, the tonsils or tonsils we experience inflammation.

The natives of Ecuador utilizes eggplants Netherlands to relieve inflammation of the tonsils. The trick with the warm Eggplant leaves Netherlands then membalutkannya around the neck. We can certainly try that way. However, don't forget that Netherlands Eggplant fruit contains a lot of vitamin c. Vitamin C acts as a booster of the immune system that can help the body keep out germs that attack the disease. So, to get the benefits of Eggplant Netherlands in relieving inflammation of tonsils simply by eating the raw fruit. Simple and easy, isn't it?
Good for heart health
Eggplant Netherlands many contain potassium. Potassium which helps to neutralize the negative impact the result of too much salt intake from foods we eat everyday (it can help lower blood pressure). Any Netherlands Eggplant contains magnesium cardiovascular system to ensure we can function properly.

The benefits of Eggplant Netherlands for our heart health also, among others, as a source of fiber which can help absorb the bad cholesterol in the blood. Due to the abundance of antioxidants they contain, Netherlands Eggplant can also lower the risk of someone affected by stroke.

Maintain eye health
We mentioned earlier that the Netherlands much Eggplant contains vitamin A which can help maintain eye health. Here's how it works. Vitamin A restore moisture on the eye membrane that serves as a protector against invasion of bacteria or viruses. Vitamin A, along with vitamins C and E protect eyes from infection and reduce the impact of eye damage such as cataracts and macular makular.

Prevent anemia
Anemia is a condition in which the body is iron deficiency, thus leading to weakness and other health problems. Eggplant Netherlands are equipped with iron content that can prevent the body experiencing anemia (iron is the main mineral that is also part of the red blood cells our bodies). The benefits of Eggplant Netherlands this one make Eggplant Netherlands good consumed by women who were conceived as one food source of iron.

Prevent cancer
Causes of cancer with certainty indeed have yet to be known. But have found a relationship between vegetable and fruit consumption towards a decrease in the risk of developing cancer. The Netherlands, especially the Eggplant color darker the fruit flesh, many contain anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a very potential antioxidants to fight free radicals that became one of the causes of cancer. This is how does one get the benefits of Eggplant Netherlands in preventing cancer.

Good for digestion
Just like any other vegetable and fruit, eggplants Netherlands contain fiber which can help improve digestive function. Eggplant Netherlands can help soften the stool and thus more easily expelled. In addition, the Netherlands Eggplant was also able to help improve the absorption of nutrient substances in the body. It would be better if you combine the Eggplant Netherlands with other vegetable and fruit, in order that the benefits you get for digestive system more

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Netherlands: Eggplant efficacy ranging from Indigestion to healthy skin
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