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Recognize Symptoms in children and Tipes Fix

Symptoms in children are generally tipes are almost the same as the symptoms of the disease dengue fever dengue. This sometimes makes the lay community confused distinguishes both the symptoms of this disease. Therefore, the dokterlah examination can usually distinguish between symptoms and disease also tipes DBD. Well, on the article this time we will discuss more about what it is, how the tipes of disease symptoms of the disease that usually occurs in children, and also how to deal with it. The aim is certainly to make readers aware of the symptoms can be more tipes on children which if ignored will certainly give effect harmful to the fruit of your heart. So, for more details please refer to the information below.

What is the cause and what Tipes Disease?
In general the symptoms in children be caused tipes due to a bacterial infection in the intestine. The bacteria causes tipes named salmonella typhi salmonella or paeartyphi. The types of bacteria that can enter into the intestine through the food consumed by the sufferer. Well, the kids may indeed be exposed to this disease very risky, because usually the older children potentially consuming any food that may have been contaminated with typhoid bacteria. The bacteria get into the intestinal tract then proliferate and eventually damage the intestinal wall. Even after that bacteria-bacteria that are already growing it will enter in the lymphatic channels and can go up to the blood vessels. This process usually takes between 24 hours to 27 hours.

And then what happens? Well, once the process for a few hours, the bacteria that thrive will be increasingly spread in blood vessels and eventually leading to the symptoms of the disease tipes. The most common are symptoms of a fever will be higher from the day to day especially when in the evening. And you have to be very aware of when your child is suffering from symptoms such as this within 7-10 days.

Symptoms in children Tipes to look out for Early
Tipes of disease may be one of a disease that is quite dangerous for the health. Especially if sufferers never get further handling. Well, for the symptoms themselves, children usually will experience hot and also headaches. Even other symptoms usually associated with the digestive tract such as stomach pain, diarrhea, even difficult bowel movements. Dangerous is if these tipes symptoms increasingly ill, because a person including a child could just swoon.

As we already know with that disease is a disease not tipes of view of age. This means that either adults or children can experience these tipes disease. Even a baby can stricken tipes, therefore You should be very wary because of the durability of the body of the baby of course is still very weak. Symptoms in children are usually tipes very distinctive odor is unpleasant from his mouth. Experienced fever phase is quite typical, because usually it's always up and down. But you don't need to worry too much because usually the symptom that can cause a person to faint will not occur in children.

For children or adults, must be immediately addressed. tipes Although initially indeed shows only mild symptoms as well as fever. But the longer if it doesn't get help, it could just be a intestinal leaks will culminate in death. However, if your child is still a baby, you should be extra vigilant. Because the symptoms of baby son tipes leih difficult detected. Because infants usually show symptoms in the form of crying and cranky when he began to feel uncomfortable because of illness the tipes.
But to be more specific, usually baby will also experience a fever will begin to rise in the afternoon until even today and begin to subside in the morning until noon. If seen her tongue, then her tongue would look whitened teeth. But in the end and also the edge, her tongue still looks red. You should also be very careful when your baby has begun to experience the mudal accompanied vomiting. Because the symptoms in children like these tipes indicates that bacteria causes tipes had started to develop in the organs of the liver and spleen. And what happens is pembengkakkan on the part of the organ which would then put pressure on the stomach. Well, this raises the nausea accompanied by vomiting in children.

Tips Overcoming Disease Tipes in children
Once you know what are the symptoms of tipes in children that you have to beware, as a parent you must also know how to treat your child when experiencing tipes. Probably the first thing you can do when the child had started experiencing disease signs tand tipes is to take him to the doctor. Thus your child will soon get special handling and also the medicines to cure his illness.

Well, to deal with disease tipes caused by bacteria or virus, actually the better your child is taken to the hospital and was admitted. Why is this so? Because a sufferer tipes typically are not allowed to move around too much. Too many moves could lead to bacteria or viruses that cause the disease can be more tipes on striking the body of the sufferer tipes. This is the reason why a sufferer tipes including children are advised to do hospitalization or much rest at home. The actual movement done by the sufferer tipes thus will also make cause tipes in the body become more mobile. As a result bacteria or viruses that could lead to more severe cuts in the intestine.

Basically the disease could also be addressed by tipes how traditional medicine. But perhaps the time needed is indeed longer and sufferers should rest in total. In addition if your child suffers from tipes, you should also look at food and drink dikonsumsinya. Make sure the intake of its nutrition value always met every day. A traditional medicine that is commonly used to extract the worms is tipes. But you don't need to be disgusted or amused, because maybe now there are many drugs that are derived from the worm but have been processed in such a way become the pills or the like.

But if you want to overcome the symptoms of tipes in children in the traditional way, you can make your own herb wormwood. All you need is a 10 tail worm that's been dumped the contents of her stomach, washed clean, and then boiled with water. Let it boil, and that you drink water that is boiled worms. Although it feels less tasty, but if you mengonsumsinya on a regular basis, you'll be able to get maximum results. And not to be forgotten is should be accompanied by prayers to God Almighty. The article this time and hopefully useful.

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Recognize Symptoms in children and Tipes Fix
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