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Signs Labor is near at last weeks of your pregnancy

Some things you might experience in the days of your pregnancy often makes you wonder, is it a sign of labor is imminent? The birth of a baby certainly is an event that you look forward to for nine months. However, not a few of you who are feeling anxious to imagine the process of childbirth. When would delivery arrives? What will I feel? How long will my baby birthing? And how do I know that the moment of birth has come? Those questions which might be raging in your mind. To answer it, there are a few things that be an indication signs labor is near.

By knowing these signs, hopefully you can have a little bit of an idea of what You will be facing, and how berespon against any sign that arise later.

Signs Labor is near: a few days or weeks ahead of time comes
Indeed, your body has already begun to prepare for birthing away the previous day. One to four weeks before labor begins, for example. If this is your first pregnancy, you may observe that your stomach looks increasingly ' down ' and you can breathe with more relief. This is because the fetus you start entering the cavity pelvis thus reducing the pressure in your lungs. Its effect is, you become a frequent urination due to a Fetal position so Your bladder pressing.

You might also feel cramps and pains in the area of the groin and lower back as signs labor is near. This is normal, because the muscles and joints in the area were doing stretching and movement of the time to prepare for childbirth. On the contrary, muscles and joints in other parts of the body will loosen the muscles, including the rectum. As a result, you may experience diarrhea. This is normal, keep Your fluid needs to meet to avoid dehydration.

Then, you will probably feel very tired in the last days. To solve it, try to sleep for a moment during the day to restore your energy. Or, you may feel otherwise. In some cases, pregnant women thus feel a surge of energy labor that made them eager to clean out and organize your home. It is not what it is, as long as you don't do it in excess that ultimately will make you exhausted.

The Latent Phase Of Labor
The first stage of labor is opening, consisting of a latent phase and phase is active. Called the latent phase is when Your uterus mouth first began to open up to the opening of 4. Signs labor is near you feel on a latent phase is:

Pain or toned abdominal or lower back that settled (not lost if you perform the activity), called contraction.
Amniotic water out. Discharge of amniotic waters can only be either seepage or directly in large quantities like those incontinent. Most of the pregnant women who will be undergoing childbirth experience regular contractions before discharge of amniotic waters. However, in some cases, the amniotic water out first. Immediately contact Your doctor or midwife when the amniotic water out.
Out pink or brown flecks are signs labor is near. These flecks are mucus that comes from your cervix with a texture similar to phlegm.
Contraction is a sign of labor is near the most easily observed. However, You could be experiencing a ' fake ' contractions a few weeks or even a few months earlier. Hence, how to distinguish between false contractions and real contractions?

Real contractions will grow stronger over time, and duration of any longer. You feel the contractions start at the lower back, then spread to the lower abdomen, and possibly also to the second leg. Painful contractions also are not lost when you change positions or activities. In addition, the actual contraction would be the more often and regularly.

When the contractions of your uterus tensed muscles, so the pain sensations arise. Try to put your hand over his stomach, you will feel your stomach harden. When Your uterine muscles back loosens, pain will subside and your stomach is no longer harden. This contraction will be ' pushed ' fetus down, past the mouth of the womb, and the walkway was born to be born into the world.
If you are removing the amniotic water while Your contractions do not progress as expected, You may need to be induced because without the protection of intact amniotic bags, Your vulnerable fetus exposed to infection from outside.

What should you do on this latent phase? Try to stay calm. When you feel calm, the body releases the hormone oxytocin that can help launch Your birthing. Do anything to keep your mind calm: watching movies or listening to your favorite song, walk or have a chat with the couple. Ask the doctor, nurse, or midwife who deal with you to teach you breathing techniques and positions.

In this phase, try as much as possible to keep eating, even though you're not a tasteful meal. Consume a small amount of high energy foods that will keep you strong through the process of childbirth.

The Active Phase Of Labor
After passing the latent phase, you now are on the active phase. The active phase is when the cervical opening experience 4 to 10. In this phase, Your contractions getting regularly and often. The longer contraction, duration and intensity of the contractions getting stronger as signs labor is near. In this phase, you may be more difficult to conduct conversations with other people (because of the frequency and intensity of contractions). To relieve the inconvenience that may arise, ask on health workers to teach ways to reduce painful contraction.

Beware of the danger Signs that may arise
You should immediately contact your doctor or midwife on some conditions. First, if you feel contractions regularly but gestational age You haven't reached 37 weeks, therefore it could be one sign of premature birth. Second, if you feel the baby's movements decline. Normally, the baby moving (kicking, squirming, or whatever it does) at least 10 times in two hours.

Third, if you experience bleeding (blood-colored bright red, not pink or brown). Fourth, if the amniotic water You are green or brown. Amniotic water colored clear and odorless. The color green or Brown is a sign that Your water contaminated the amniotic mekonium. Mekonium is the baby's first stool, it will be very dangerous if your baby is breathing in or swallowing amniotic water affected by mekonium.

Lastly, is when you're having eyesight, headaches, or swelling in the limbs of a sudden or extremely severe. The signs can be a symptom of preeklampsia (disorder of pregnancy marked by high blood pressure and high protein in the urine). Preeklampsia if not promptly treated can harm other organs, such as the eyes, liver, and kidneys. On the conditions as mentioned, don't delay to immediately go to health facilities.

Such signs labor is near which you can observe and feel. To remember is, every mother may experience childbirth experience different from other mothers. Even the experience of giving birth to one son with another child any differently. However, by knowing the signs of labor, surely you have an overview and a better preparation in greet him. Welcome welcome labor is soft and comfortable!

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Signs Labor is near at last weeks of your pregnancy
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