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Signs of a Pregnant before Late Menstruation you can Know

Pregnant signs before late menstruation can be detected by the mothers themselves. There are many symptoms commonly accompanies ahead of early pregnancy. Despite the perceived symptoms the mother can not be made determinant sign is definitely pregnant, but the mother needs to know about it. Especially if this pregnancy is a pregnancy is planned, of course all pregnancy-related information will be very important to know. At least with knowing all information related to early pregnancy, many preparations that can be done to support health while pregnant later.

In the medical review, signs of pregnancy are divided into two i.e. the sign and the sign might be pregnant. The discussion this time will limit the pregnant marks that appears before menses only. In other words, this time will be a lot of talk about the usual sign of a pregnant may appear membersamai pregnancy.

The sign may be pregnant shows that that is not the only indication that ensure someone stated definitely pregnant. Signs and symptoms that appeared was a ' possibility ' is pregnant, is not a certainty. The certainty of pregnancy can be expressed via ultrasound assessment or to listen to the fetal heart rate directly using a special tool when the gestational age is starting to enter the 16 weeks.

Know the Signs before the Late Pregnant Menstruation
Even though it is not a definite sign of a pregnant, surely there is no harm in learning the signs might be pregnant. Roughly what aja sign pregnant before her period was late? Let us refer to the explanations below:

1. tense and enlarged Breasts

In the early days of pregnancy, the existence of Human Placental Lactogen (hPL) and laktogenik charge will stimulate the growth of mammary glands in the breasts and various metabolic changes that go with it. Esterogen hormone, progesterone, and chorionic somatotrophin lah that cause breast enlargement are accompanied with full flavor, strain, and sensitive to the touch.

Please be distinguished with the pain while leading up to menstruation. In general the pain inflicted is similar, only breast pain because of this more pregnant berkali fold. This usually happens during the initial two months of pregnancy.

2. Feeling like to urinate more often

Hormonal changes during pregnant affect the performance of many organs in the body. One of them i.e. increasing the speed of blood flow to the kidneys, it does have an impact on a filled bladder more quickly so that the sensation would like BAK became frequent. Not to worry as this is a normal occurrence experienced by pregnant women.

In addition, the growing size of the fetus will suppress the existence of surrounding organs, one of them the bladder. The bladder is depressed would cause a sensation like to BAK. This will increasingly be felt along with increasing the size of the fetus. Never hold BAK. It is so potentially cause infection.

3. Nausea in the morning (morning sickness)

Nausea in the morning often appears at the beginning of pregnancy even though not every pregnant women experience it. This occurs due to hormonal changes that occur in the body. In addition, the nausea is experienced can also because of changes in liver Glycogen metabolism as well as an increase in stomach acid.

The thrill of this nausea can be anticipated with a variety of ways, including: (1) wake-up Time, don't rush your visit, but doing small activities like gymnastics first finger for example. (2) to meet the needs of your morning with liquids to drink hot drinks. Hot tea can be an option but don't be consumed simultaneously while eating. (3) Packed light snacks such as crackers or dry bread will greatly help reduce the sensation of nausea.

4. quickly feel tired

Pregnant signs before the next menstruation is fast late feel tired. These conditions in terms of health, usually called fatigue. This condition is caused by a decrease in Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) in early pregnancy. Along with the increased fetal activity added appropriate gestational age, a sense of tired it will gradually disappear.

5. a strange Taste in the mouth
Changes while pregnant is indeed various. Strange taste in the mouth of any ordinary also occurred. The mouth becomes more sensitive than usual. Very sharp Bebauan fishing the nausea and vomiting. This condition will gradually diminish stepped on second trimester later.

6. the darker colored Nipples

Hormonal changes that occur may result in various physical changes on the mother. One of them is the pigmentation on the nipple. The nipples will become darker colored looks. This is something natural for all pregnant women.

7. The emergence of chloasma gravidarum

Chloasma gravidarum is hyperpigmentation (dark color) on areas of the face (forehead, nose, cheeks, and neck). Areas of the body that are experiencing hyperpigmentation will return to normal once the pregnancy is over, but there are exceptions in the stomach (strie gravidarum). In the areas of hyperpigmentation in the stomach will fade but the scars on the skin will settle down.

8. blood spots Appear (spotting)

Early in the pregnancy the mother experienced some spotting of blood or spotting. Usually this happens on the 3-6 spotting days before menstruation. This spotting is normal thing happen to pregnant women. During early pregnancy, implantation or snapping results conception into the uterus. This resulted in the emergence of blood spots or spotting. No need to be concerned because this usually doesn't last long.

9. increased body temperature

Increased body temperature is rarely realized by pregnant women. Increased body temperature is one sign that the egg was successfully fertilized. Increased body temperature is only a short berlngsung i.e. during 1-2 days before the menstrual schedule.

10. Increased appetite

The existence of esterogen hormone affects sensory nerves to engender curiosity in some foods. Some mothers will feel more passionate kissing with a certain food types. In layman's term, it is commonly referred to as cravings.

11. Often feel dizzy

Dizziness that became pregnant early sign this because the body needs blood circulation for the mother and the fetus. In addition, the dizziness could also be caused due to decreased blood sugar levels because many used to supply fetal nutrition. No need to consume the drug related this, mom just needs to rest are enough.

12. Disorders of the digestive tract

Disorders of the digestive tract that is common is constipation. Pregnant women will experience normal bowel distress. This is due to the work the hormone progesterone which gives direct influence on the work system and large intestine. This gives the effect of discomfort and tightness in the abdomen of pregnant women.

13. Pain in the back

During early pregnancy, back pain will be felt. The cause is the muscle that is in the back began to melonggar. The perceived pain vary, there is even a similar sensation of contraction as it will bear. But no need to worry, this can be addressed for example with warm compresses.

So last sorts of sign pregnant before late menstruation can we auto summary for you. Once again it needs to be emphasized that these signs do not apply absolutely to all pregnant women. Because it is still a sign may be pregnant, you should keep it checked to the doctor to get an ULTRASOUND facility in order to ascertain the condition of pregnancy.

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Signs of a Pregnant before Late Menstruation you can Know
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