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The cause of the Itching Bothers on Pubic Area Female

In the event of itching in the pubic area women, various things can be the cause. Tersering cause factors is the lack of cleanliness of areas of femininity. In addition to the less good habits, various diseases can also be the cause of itching in the pubic area. The following will be presented information about the various causes of itching in the pubic women and ways to overcome it. Happy reading!

The various causes of Itching in the Area of Femininity
Female area is one of the areas on the body of a woman who is highly sensitive to environmental conditions. In this area there are good bacteria also called normal flora. These bacteria are strongly influenced by pH conditions on the area of femininity.

normal pH is on the area of femininity is a range between 3.5 – 4.5. Changes of pH will cause changes in the amount of good bacteria, as well as affect the growth of other microorganisms in this area. Aside from environmental factors that affect the amount of good bacteria, the following will explain the cause of itching in the pubic female:

Does Not Maintain The Cleanliness Of The Area Of Femininity
Itching often occurs due to the lack of cleanliness in the area of female vaginal discharge is normal especially during menstruation will be infertile, or during pregnancy. However, cleanliness should be maintained by changing the underwear at least 2 times a day and dry the area of femininity with a tissue after urinating or large to prevent any condition that is too moist.

The conditions are too damp makes the growth of various bacteria, viruses even mushrooms that became the cause of itching in the genital area in women. Besides replacing the pads when menstruation should also be carried out as often as possible. Menstrual blood is where bacteria flourish that can be the cause of the itch.

Pubic shear is also one way of maintaining the cleanliness of the area of femininity. Pubic fur that is too thick will cause areas of rapid moist womanhood and smells, bacteria and microorganisms which flourish. At least put your pubic shear once a month before the first menses come.

Avoid also granting the pubic area on sow powder women. Some women believe the powder by administering sow would make a fragrant area of femininity as well as absorb humidity. Whereas the use of talc sow thus can irritate the skin surface discharge in women, can be even up towards the ovaries and irritate the uterus.

Dr. Charles Rockhead expert physician obstetrics-ginekology stated that the use of talc on the area of sow femininity will change the pH levels in the area. Changing the conditions of acid into the base, so that bacteria and fungi will easily grow to infect and cause itching

The use of tight-fitting Underwear and not absorb perspiration
Underwear as well as the use of pants and a shirt that is too tight will cause a woman's pubic area quickly. Got no air circulation as well. So that bacteria, viruses, parasites and microorganisms will be easily thrives to be the cause of itching, foul-smelling vaginal discharge up to.

Choose clothes that are tight and do not absorb perspiration like cotton. Avoid jeans more than 12 hours in a day for the health of Your femininity. In addition it is also very important to wash your pants with the routine. Pants or a dress that wasn't in the wash with routine can make the conditions too humid.

Substance Abuse Area Cleaners Femininity
Drugs drug use cleaners that are too often the female area can kill normal bacteria on the pubic area. In addition, it can also damage the surface of the skin around the area of her womanhood.

Research conducted by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reveal the fact that women who wear female cleaners had severe risk of ovarian cancer by 25% compared to women who do not have a habit clean the area of femininity with a cleanser.

Also found the fact that the women in the use of excessive femininity will shine at risk against the occurrence of cervical cancer or cancer of the cervix. Dry conditions on the pubic thus increases the risk of injuries when dealing husband and wife so that triggered inflammation of the pelvis or cervical inflammation.

Clean your pubic area with clean water and then dried with dry tissue more recommended to be implemented rather than using the cleaning area drugs femininity that contains alcohol and perfumes.

Diabetes Mellitus
Sugar disease or known by the medical term diabetes mellitus became the cause of itching in the genital area in women. The condition of the blood sugar that is too high will be compensated by the body with plenty of piss. The large number of fluids out of the body will cause the skin getting dry skin but on the area of womanhood thus will be more moist.

Moist conditions and coupled with the high sugar content in the area of femininity make candida yeast easy resting and grow on the skin. Candida yeast is what causes itching, and when you scratch until the injured can happen pernyebaran a more severe infection. The cuts would be difficult to recover due to disorders of the circulation of oxygen and nutrients that are indispensable in the process of wound healing.

Sexually transmitted infections and diseases
A variety of sexually transmitted infections and illnesses have signs and symptoms of itching, especially on female genitalia. Gonorrhea and chlamydia is a type of sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacteria. The initial sign of the onset of Herpes genitalia any itching, heat and redness on the pubic good organs of men and women.

In addition to being caused by bacteria or viruses, itching in the pubic can also be caused by parasites. Scabies and lice hair for example. Hair lice and scabies can be transmitted without sexual intercourse. Use a towel or underwear turns can be the cause of transmission of this disease.

Sexually transmitted disease can attack anyone indiscriminately. To prevent the occurrence of itching caused by sexually transmitted infections and diseases You must always be faithful to your partner, abstinence from alcohol and drugs to prevent the occurrence of sexual intercourse that is not secure, vaccination, using condoms and clean the pubic every organ before and after implementing the procreation.

Natural Cleaners Femininity to treat Itching
Instead of using harmful drugs and at risk on the health of the organs of your femininity. Some natural ingredients and easy processing will help you maintain the cleanliness and health of the female organs. The following explanation:

Betel Leaf Decoction
The betel leaf is known to contain an antiseptic. By boiling a handful of betel leaves in 250 ml water. Wait for the cold water then filter and use as a 1 time on the organ of your femininity.

Content of antiseptic and distinctive smells, will treat you from itching in pubic. As well as eliminate odor and excessive vaginal discharge. Use decoction of betel leaves naturally gives no negative side effects to your health.

Consumption of 1 – 2 cloves garlic directly in the morning. Can treat You from all kinds of diseases, including itching in pubic female organs. The content of antibakterial and antioxidants in garlic indirectly will preserve the health of the organs of your femininity.

Keep clean themselves is a manifestation of our love and gratitude for what God has entrusted to be treated and maintained as well as possible. Various diseases that come may be a reprimand from God for our negligence in maintaining the mandate.

So an article about the cause of the itching in the pubic women, as well as a little extra information about the natural ingredients that you can choose to

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The cause of the Itching Bothers on Pubic Area Female
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