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The causes and how to treat your feet Pain when walking

The feel of the sole of the foot pain while walking is definitely not comfortable. This is because running is a definite activity people do everyday. In the circumstances is not busy, at least people will run at least one time a day when he wanted to use the toilet. Therefore, in order for pain in your feet, don't bring in more severe disease, know the cause as early as possible so that soon could do prevention or early treatment.

Common causes of Sole Pain when walking
Making a diagnosis of the disease did not get done by indiscriminate non-physicians. However, based on some of the symptoms that often share the experiences of people, can be used as a benchmark estimate of disease that may be suffered by the person that his leg pain when walking. The following is a list of causes that could be a factor why feels pain in the feet.

Often Use High Heels
High heels are your favorite women's shoes. Its beautiful and high debt can add a sense of confident women. If combined with a dress that doesn't cover the feet, arms feet people using the heels will look level, elegant and charming. However, it turns out the heels also provide harm to the health of the body when used in a long time. The position of the foot that is not balanced and just use fingers ahead of some object may cause the sole of the foot pain while walking.

Wrong Shoes
The shoe is made with a whole range of not only as fashion, but its use is indeed different. Example, in which case there are special shoes sports shoes, futsal football special, special, special run, volleyball and so on. If using the ball for volleyball shoes, could you will slip on the field because the bottom of the shoe should be made from rubber volleyball makes it a kesat and not slippery when in the field. The size of the ill-fitting shoes can also be a cause of foot pain if used to run.

There's a Fish Eye at the foot
Fish eye disease known as calluses. Its shape is any part of the skin is thickened and rough that if held inside as hollow as it is not attached to the inside of the meat. The eye of the fish surfaced due to the frequent occurrence of friction between the skin with a blunt object. He usually accompanied by itchiness if carded it feels will be more painful.

In addition to the three reasons above, there are other causes that are more specifically related to why the sole pain while walking. This is not apart from the fact that the sole of the foot contains numerous interconnected nerve with vital organs in the body. That's why in traditional healing, usually massage performed on the sole of the foot area.

The specific causes of Sole pain when Walking
Each part of the sole of the foot turns out to have a relationship with one particular organ course. So, that diagnosanya is right, the information should detail about feeling the pain in the soles of the feet next to where. Just check out some of the possible causes of leg pain below.

Digestive Problems
Experiencing indigestion can instantly look like constipation and diarrhea. If the ailment looks easy, will certainly find a solution because the living taking medication only. However, there are also invisible to laymen such as inflammatory bowel disease, stomach pain, and so on. Well if you experience pain in the front part of the sole of the foot heels, maybe your intestines anyone bothered.

Gastric Pain
Soles of the feet that relate to the stomach is at edge of the inside of the right was in the middle of the soles of the feet. If pressed by hand is pain, could have been lambungmu had long experienced the pain but you do not realize it.
It Hurts The Heart
When the hull is on edge in the Center, the heart is on the outside edge of the foot. It is located adjacent to the soles of the feet are out of contact with the intestine and heart area is also not as wide as the other organs in the area of the sole of the foot. So, don't get it wrong because the heart terka is a vital organ.

Lung pain
If the sole of the foot pain while walking terasanya in the front near the toes, it could just be a pulmonary parumu are problematic. Lung pain will usually give a more visible other symptoms such as shortness of breath, the breath of tersenggal-senggal, and so on.

Well, thrice above is not up there in the ranks of serious, make haste to do healing efforts as early as possible. It could have been, the disease is still the symptoms so you don't get serious until pain stricken can not be cured.

The treatment of the sole of the foot pain when Walking
The activity of walking is indeed good for health. However, do not diforsir the preceding continued support especially when you are not accustomed to walking away. If you first tried to walk away, do a warm-up first so that the muscles of your feet are not uptight and you will avoid cramps. If already ill, here there are ways to treat the sole of the foot pain while walking.

Sole of the foot pain that needs to be massaged, so that the muscles that exist on the Palm can relax back and not give the effect of pain when used to run. Do a massage in one direction so that no complications on the leg muscles. If you're not experienced, you should go to your masseuse reflections, because they are already experts and identify the location of the nervous body.

Compresses an unused
Prepare ice cubes that have been broken down into small, then bungkuslah with a soft towel. Use a towel to cool compresses an unused soles with a motion from the heel towards the fingers. Rutinkan this activity for 4 times a day where one sesinya takes at least 20 minutes.

Wear comfortable Footwear
Choose footwear that have thick pads. So, even though you have activity outside the House in a post, your feet will still feel comfortable. If forced to use high heels, always provide footwear flat and shaped reserves have cushioned pads. The goal that you can instantly change into footwear when feeling pain when walking your feet too long.

The Consumption Of Medications Pain Reliever
For tips on this one surely ye shall mengkonsultasikannya the doctor first. The recommended remedy is containing pain reliever and anti inflammation in the foot. Drink according to the instructions and you will be free from the sole of the foot pain.

That's the reviews about how to treat your feet ache when running complete with getting to know the factors that might be the cause. Surely the cause that is the first thing that should be noted because with so you can find the right handling solutions. If a range of self-contained treatment trial have you done but nyerimu never lost, check with your doctor immediately because the soles of the feet is an important body organs. Don't forget also to always implement the healthy living patterns to avoid the attacks of the disease. Good luck

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The causes and how to treat your feet Pain when walking
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