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The characteristics of heart disease that you should know

Heart disease is a disease that is very dangerous and is the number one killer disease in the world, therefore it is important to know the characteristics of heart disease so that it can be solved early on. Because with the countermeasure early on then it can lower the risk of death from heart disease. As we know, that the heart is the vital organs to humans, since this organ is as blood-pumping machine that contains nutrients and oxygen to all the tissues and cells of the body. So imagine if organ is experiencing interference, then all the organs of the body up to the smallest cells will undergo interference.

There are various types of heart disease, among other things, namely, coronary heart disease, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, perikarditis, rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart disease, acute myocardial infarction, heart valve abnormalities, and so on. All types of heart disease is dangerous and can lead to sudden death. There are several factors that can be the cause of heart disease, among other genetic factors (family history), decreased function of body organs due to age, hypertension (high blood), high cholesterol, overweight (obesity), urinary diseases sweet (diabetes mellitus), the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol, lack of physical activity/exercise, and stress.

Beware Of The Traits The Following Heart Disease!
Heart disease generally progresses in Chronicles, so this ailment often already inflicted on a person for a long time but the person is not aware of it. In the initial phase, heart disease usually shows only mild symptoms or even without symptoms. This is precisely the thing to look out for, because heart disease can kill a human in a silent or often referred to as the silent killer. Therefore you must recognize the characteristics/symptoms of heart disease at early stages in order to immediately get further handling. Some characteristics of heart disease you have to beware of is as follows:

1. Frequent headaches

You need to be wary if often experience headache, as can be the characteristics of heart disease. Headaches may be the thing that is often experienced by most people. But you need to be careful if the headaches take place often in the absence of a clear cause. Most cases of heart disease sufferers say often suffer from headaches at the beginning of the symptoms.

Indeed not all people suffering from headaches suffer from heart disease, but there is no harm if you are aware of the early signs of heart disease in the form of headaches. Headaches in sufferers of heart caused due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain due to the decreased ability of the heart to pump blood.

2. out cold sweat

At one time you could possibly diaphoretic when not being doing physical activities. Normally the sweat we will feel warm, but in these conditions it will feel cold sweat. It can also be one of the characteristics of heart disease you need to beware. Cold sweat is usually also followed by members of the body feels cold especially in the area of the palms and soles of the feet.

3. pain or stiffness in different parts of the body

The characteristics of heart disease may also be indicated by the occurrence of pain in different parts of the body. Pain usually is felt here as stiff or Achy but occur with frequencies of the missing/hard and often cured. Parts of the body that often feel sore or stiff is the neck area, jaw, shoulders, and back. In addition to weariness, heart sufferers often feel a tingling/numb fingers in different members of the body, especially at the hands and feet.

4. easy to feel tired
The characteristics of subsequent heart disease that is easy to feel tired. So sufferers of heart disease feel not excited/lethargic and easily feel tired despite not working on heavy activity. You need to be wary if usually you can implement easily (for example, walking), but suddenly your body feels weak and feels heavy to tread. Not only when active, symptoms of fatigue can also be felt though are not doing any activity. Kodisi is caused due to disorders of the heart resulting in tissue and body cells lack a supply of nutrients and oxygen.

5. Nausea and bloating

Don't think poorly of nausea and bloating. Because in some cases, the characteristics of heart disease are similar to symptoms of heartburn namely nausea and bloating. The perceived symptoms i.e. the sufferer feels his stomach full despite eating only a little, so that it can cause a decrease in appetite. In addition the sufferers may also feel pain at the solar plexus, as well as nausea and vomiting can occur. This condition is caused due to the disruption experienced by heart to surrounding organs (especially the stomach).

6. Chest pain and shortness of breath

Chest pain and shortness of breath is the characteristics of heart disease that is most distinctive. This means that if someone is experiencing these symptoms, then usually the doctor will immediately suspect to heart disease. Chest pain usually felt like ditusuk-tusuk or feels cenut-cenut. While the flavor of the shortness of breath is usually experienced as down heavy objects on your chest so that sufferers of difficulty to breathe. These symptoms are usually followed by an increase in the speed of the rhythm of the heart/heart palpitations (flutter)

7. The swelling

On heart disease can also indicate the symptoms, namely the occurrence of swelling in some organs of the body, most often in the abdominal cavity and legs. This happens because of the failure of the heart in pumping blood/fluid can impact buildup of fluid in the body cavity so that the swollen/udema.

8. Sexual Dysfunction

On a variety of research, it turns out that heart disease has something to do with sexual dysfunction. This occurs mainly in men. Because of the various surveys, men are more prone to suffer heart disease than women. This meaning is sexual dysfunction decreased sexual ability of a person or a passion for sex without any obvious cause. In some cases it was found that heart disease before being diagnosed with heart disease, many sufferers that begins with the onset of sexual dysfunction. This condition is caused due to lack of supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the sex organs, in which the part is made up of blood vessels are small.

If there are any nearby people or having some characteristics of heart disease that has been mentioned above, then we recommend that you immediately see a physician or health care facility. The symptoms experienced by a person between each other may vary, but it's the characteristics above at least can give a signal to you to be alert and immediately act if suspect symptoms leading to heart disease. If suspected of suffering from heart disease, usually the doctor will perform a series of checks to enforce the diagnosis. These include examination with ECG (Electrocardiogram), pemerikasaan routine blood, enzyme measurements the heart, ECG (Eccokardiogram), or through the cardiac catheterization.

If the diagnosis of heart disease has been upheld then the doctor will provide appropriate therapy patient conditions, either through outpatient drugs nor do hospitalization. In certain situations, surgery/surgery may be needed to improve the performance of the organ the heart from the inside. Because heart disease is very dangerous, so you should perform preventative measures early to avoid heart disease. However, preventing is better than cure. Things that can be done as a way to prevent heart disease, among others, namely by avoiding foods that are high in berkolesterol, keeping the blood pressure to stable/normal, doing regular exercise, avoid smoking and drinks alcohol, enough rest, and avoid stress.

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The characteristics of heart disease that you should know
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