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The easy way to make a fruit Salad for Dieters

Fruit salad is one type of food for a diet that is relatively easy to be created and combined them yourself at home. But making fruit equivalent corresponding to different nutritional completeness is certainly not easy. The following will be discussed some of the recipes and how to make a fruit salad for a simple diet and you can try at home. Let's start!

Easy recipes make the fruit Salad to Diet at home
Make a fruit salad to diet is not easy. Many things must be considered, especially in the selection of the type and content of the nutrients contained in the fruit. With a blend of fit, the body will still get the calories needed for activity. The Agency will remain healthy and you're ready to undergo any activity with the top condition.

A major key in choosing fruit for fruit salad diet is ripe fruit but not in condition will be foul. Avoid fruit that is also sold in the form of already truncated, since fruits tend to decompose more quickly than with the fruit intact. If necessary, perform checks on the skin of the fruit you are going to buy. Avoid bruised fruit peels or mottled appearance.

Some types of fruit that you can choose to make a healthy fruit salad and fresh diet to include apples, watermelon, grape, berry/strawberry, kiwi, mango, citrus and fruits. The banana fruit is also a source of potassium that are essential for inclusion in the list of your fruit salad.

Make sure that the fruit you buy is fresh fruit. Besides, it would be better if the fruits you choose organic fruit is pesticide-free. It is very important to always buy fruit memasastikan is new and not approaching the expiration date.

The main component in addition to the fruit if fruit salad will make to the diet is the salad dressings. You can use the mayonnaise, cheese, yogurt or milk and honey to your healthy fruit salad. Lemon juice can also be a fresh salad dressings at once healthy. The following recipes are easily made fruit salad to diet at home:

Prepare Fruit Pieces
The fruit that you can use, among others the fruit of strawberries cut into 2 portions, kiwi fruit Peel Peel, wash and diced; Peel papaya fruit from Peel, clean the seeds and cut into small small (the size of dice); melon fruit is peeled from the Peel, wash and cut into approximately the size of dice.

You can also add the PEAR that's been washed his skin peeled and diced. As with mangoes and grapes. Mix all the fruit pieces into a medium-size Bowl for ready mixed with the salad dressings.

After a piece of fruit so you can keep in the fridge for a bit. While you make the sauce or a healthy salad dressings.

Prepare a sauce or a healthy Salad Dressings
Healthy salad dressing is still required for the needs for substances that cannot be satisfied by fruits. Such as milk as a source of calcium. You can choose low-fat milk or soy milk and almond milk as a substitute for cow's milk.

To make salad dressing the healthier to prepare a cheese grater to taste, 250 ml of fresh milk. As the sweet taste and calorie Adders add 1 spoon of granulated sugar. Prepare pula 6 tablespoons mayonnaise or yogurt if not available mayonnaise.

The first step to make a healthy fruit salad sauce: with a dissolve cornstarch with 3 tablespoons of liquid milk. Once dissolved, add the remaining liquid milk and sugar into a saucepan, Cook over low heat until thick and boiling. Mix well and then turn off the heat.
Then add 6 spoons of mayonnaise or plain yogurt into a sauce. Wait for it to cool. You can move into the bottle to be stored in the refrigerator. This sauce can survive for one week in the refrigerator.

Mix the Fruit Pieces with Dressing/Sauce that has been created
After approximately 10 – 15 minute fruit sauces and stored in the refrigerator. Fruit and sauce will become more cold and fresh for consumption. Combine just directly sauce over pieces of fruit to taste. Add the mint leaves and grated cheese on top of the fruit pieces to enhance your appearance. Fruit salad for a healthy diet are ready for you to enjoy alone or with your family.

Various benefits of fruit Salad for the body
Fruit salad is one of the recommended types of diet foods to be consumed by the world's nutrition experts. In the fruit salad contained a variety of vitamin and minerals needed by the body.

Consume fruit salad with regular can beautify the skin and hair. Because fruits contain a lot of antioxidan among others, vitamin C, E and A that prevents it from aging and cell damage due to free radicals and skin damaging sunlight. Fruit salad is also rich in fiber, so it will prevent you from onset of constipation or constipation.

Actually, just consume the fruit salad just for diet is less advisable. Because some important content that is needed by the body does not exist on a fruit salad.

An example is a protein substance. Protein is not found if you only consume fruit salad. When the protein is very needed as a source of amino acids for the body in the process maintaining health network, speed healing of wounds and repair the cells. amino acids in a protein is also very necessary for the process of transport of oxygen through the blood.

Protein deficiency when you live on a diet will be more detrimental to your body. The body will break down the proteins in the muscle. So he will lose muscle mass. In theory, lose muscle mass instead will be difficult for you to lose weight. As more and more muscle mass is lost, will the lower the calories burned.

Other substances like fat or healthy omega 3, calcium, vitamin B 12, vitamin D and zinc is that you don't get with just the consumption of fruits. Lack of calcium will cause you are at risk of experiencing the pengeroposan bone. Lack of healthy omega 3 fats is proven to cause someone easier to depression, and lose motivation to actively move.

Combine fruit salad with a variety of other food sources of protein such as meat, beans and wheat are more advisable. For example, you can add pieces of apples on top of boiled chicken meat, or fried salmon with unsalted butter.

Nuts nuts are also a great source of protein and fiber is good for your body while you live your healthy diet. It is very important for you to always consult with a nutritionist about the number of calories you need each day.

So brief information about how to make a fruit salad for a healthy diet. Choose fruits containing a lot of water as your healthy diet menu. Combine it with a vegetable and a protein source in order to be increasingly provided for nutrient content diet. Good luck and good luck with your healthy diet!

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The easy way to make a fruit Salad for Dieters
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