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The food Being Abstinence after Appendicitis Surgery

Information about dietary restrictions after appendicitis operation is certainly important to note. Because, so the body recovery process after appendicitis surgery can happen in more optimal. In addition, an understanding of the associated pantangannya could also be a precaution so as not to happen complications or even additional post-operative illness. In detail, the post-operative restrictions Appendix will be reviewed below.

The restrictions after surgery for Appendicitis Patients
The intestine is the organ located in the abdomen. When someone is experiencing disease appendicitis, the only way is to cut the bowel so that digestion can come back smoothly. Well, despite this, intestinal surgery can not directly run its function as good as when it is in a healthy state. Therefore, in order not to feel pain when eating after surgery, appendectomy patients should pay attention to anything that he can't consume such reviews here.

Solid Food
Have you ever been dropped, to avoid flaky and bleed? When the wounds of the skin tergesek fabric of the shirt or pants, it's definitely very painful doesn't it? Well it also occurred at a new intestinal surgery. You should treat your intestines like outer skin wounds. If a new bowel sewn it exposed solid food that has not been smooth as it passes through the colon, then you will feel pain and there is a chance the stitches on his bowels can be torn.

Hard Food
The hard texture of food is also a dietary restrictions after surgery appendectomy. For food that has not been properly digested can injure intestines are recovering after surgery. Examples of hard food is like the chips if not chewed until smooth tapered shape and could have the possibility to puncture the intestinal wall.

Spicy Food
Foods that contain chili pepper, paprika, ginger, pepper, and other materials that pose a nutty taste is abstinence after appendicitis operation. Because these materials are the main causes of inflammatory bowel disease. Its spicy could trigger cuts and inflammations on the upper part of the intestine. It is certainly not good for the process of healing the intestines, due to inflammation of the upper intestine can trigger vomiting when patients consume something.

Foods High In Sweets
After the surgery the patient should consume food that has a neutral taste, even if the can tastes tend to be plain. Because of the high sugar in the body can trigger the feces to come out faster. If you have not filled in a lot of food, you could even suffer from diarrhea because of eating sugary foods. So, avoid sweets, syrups, cookies, and other sugared drinks a lot to get healthy quicker.

Fatty Foods
The Pan is indeed a delicious afternoon snacks. However, this menu is abstinence after appendicitis operation. For saturated fats from fried foods could be left behind in the new surgery and colon undigested properly. Surely you don't want colostomy a second time due to the fat that accumulates is not it?

Food and drink containing Gas
The excess gas in the body's normal course it feels uncomfortable, especially if you recently completed the operation of appendectomy. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid broccoli, lettuce, and nuts, because all three have a high gas content if consumed. In addition, soft drinks such as cola and soda also containing gas so high for a while to avoid one of them. Not only that, soda and cola is also the sugar so high that it can cause diarrhea.

Alcoholic beverages and Caffeinated
Alcohol and caffeine is the main enemy of the intestinal disease sufferers. Kafei is itself a major cause of ulcers and alcohol of course already known as trigger factors for many diseases of the body, one of which also triggers intestinal pain.

That's some abstinence after appendicitis operation that you can use as a benchmark so as not to choose the wrong menu. Although it looks like you can't eat and drink freely, but believe me that suffering a moment it will take you on a blissful wellness. Well, that patient recovery appendicitis can occur more quickly, konsumsilah food according to the following recommendations.

Good food is consumed after Appendicitis Surgery
In addition to abstinence, certainly there is a list of what foods can speed up the recovery of the intestines in order to function like other normal intestine. Check out the complete list is below.

Soft Textured Foods
Pureed foods are commonly given to people who are sick. In fact, not all diseases will improve if patients eat porridge. Like pain diarrhea for example, eating solid food will be more advisable. However, for patients with appendicitis, the slurry is indeed the best. Soft and gentle texture will be easy to digest the intestine and have no risk of injure the intestinal wall. If patients don't like pulp, this menu can be substituted with a banana or other soft foods.

Sufferers of appendicitis is not advisable to drink milk because it is abstinence after appendicitis operation. The reason is because the milk has a high fat content. However, if the milk is fermented like yogurt, it will give effect to the contrary. Yogurt will help restore the intestines more quickly because the bacteria in the yogurt is a good bacteria that will indeed provide a positive impact for digestive and intestinal health.

Fruits that can heal the appendicitis, among others, Dragon fruit, bananas, apples, and pears. For banana and fruits, the patient can eat them due to their texture, soft and easily crushed in the mouth. However, for apples and pears, preferably blended first by adding a little water and without adding sugar. If you like sweetness, honey could be the right choice as a replacement for sugar.

Carrot and Pumpkin
Both these materials both have orange color. The similarity of the color it's not without significance, because both include foodstuffs which have a high content of beta karotein. By presenting carrot juice accompanied by steamed pumpkin, appendicitis patients will certainly be healthy more quickly.

In addition to patient recovery through food, will also happen more quickly if he has enough rest. Preferably, do bed rest for up to 3 days and don't do heavy work for up to 10 days after surgery. For heavy work could just make the stitching his intestines are open again. Be sure also to always drink water enough white i.e. as much as 8-10 glass per day. This will help you to avoid dehydration.

If you want a healthy life in the future, be sure to regularly drink one glass of warm water every waking sleep. Doing so will help to Detox your body becomes so you do not have to undergo appendectomy to have to undergo the program avoid the restrictions after surgery appendectomy. So, make sure to always keep a good health.

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