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The hot drug children and how to Overcome the fever at home

When your child's fever, do not panic and rush the hot drug delivering children. First identify why the fever can occur and what are the ways that can be done to lower the body temperature before giving the medicine. Surely the fever never experienced by all children. This condition is not a disease, but is a symptom that occurs when the immune system is being against the infection. In medicine, a person is said to be suffering from a fever when his body temperature reached 37.5 degrees Celsius or more. Measurement of the body temperature should be done using the thermometer so that the results obtained are accurate.

Heat Cure before giving the child, recognize the causes of Fever in children
Fever in children can be caused by many different factors. After immunization, for example, a child may experience fever. Likewise, when the activity too long outdoors when the weather is hot, also when he uses his clothes which are too thick or layered. In addition, fever can arise when a child experiencing the following medical conditions:

Respiratory tract infection by bacteria or viruses that cause colds, flu, or sore throat
Ear infections
Tonsillitis or tonsil experiencing inflammation
Sinusitis or inflammation of the sinus walls (cavity containing air is located behind the forehead and cheekbones)
Diarrhea due to contaminated food
Chicken pox
Dengue fever
Meningitis or inflammation of the brain membranes
Pneumonia or pneumonia
Urinary tract infection
Overcoming a fever in children
In most cases, dispensing of hot child is in a fever cause discomfort in children. In addition, handling a fever at home simply by environmental modification, warm compresses, fluid intake, multiply and multiply the break. Handling a fever in children is by following these steps:

Environmental modification
Make sure the room temperature is pretty good, not too hot or cold. When the chills, give blankets to taste. A common mistake is to put on the shirt and thick-thick blankets. In fact, when the child's fever is recommended wearing thin so that body heat can get out. Clothes that are too thick and layered to prevent body heat out into the surrounding environment so that the body temperature thus makin increase.

Warm compress
Heat cure before giving the child, first try it compresses an unused child with a warm compress. Why not cold compress? Compresses an unused children with cold water will cause a narrowing of the blood vessels so that the body will respond by increasing body temperature. With a warm compress, the body will be stimulated to sweating. If perspiration has come out naturally, body temperature will decrease.

Put a warm compress on the armpits and folds of the thighs, rather than on the forehead. The armpits and thighs traversed by major blood vessels, so that it can immediately send signals to the brain's temperature control center to lower fever.

Multiply fluid intake
Drinking lots of hot child is a drug that is natural. Although the child is not thirsty, persuade him to drink little by little. When the fever, the body will lose fluids and electrolytes, so if it is not balanced with the intake of fluids adekuat body at risk of experiencing dehydration. The liquid should not enter the water. Milk, juice or fruit juice, and foods other soups are also counted as a source of liquid.

Nevertheless, avoid caffeine-containing drinks such as cola, coffee, and tea. Many have assumed that the grant of coffee when the fever may prevent seizures. This is another misguided. Drinks containing caffeine will trigger for many urination so that instead of causing dehydration.
Hot child medicine
If the child is fussy, you could give paracetamol or ibuprofen according to the instructions and rules are written on the packaging. The dose of the drug that is needed will depend on the child's age or weight. If your child is under age 2 years or you are not sure with the recommended dose, consult a doctor to know the right dosage.

Avoid giving aspirin as the drug is hot. Administering aspirin in children associated with Reye's syndrome, a potentially fatal disease that is affecting the heart and the brain. In addition to fever, your child may experience some of the other symptoms. However, avoid Merge-Merge some type of medication to relieve the symptoms if you do not know the content of those drugs and how the rules of life.

Many of the rest
Make sure your child plenty of rest. He doesn't have to lie in bed all day places, but enough rest will accelerate the process of healing. Create also an atmosphere of comfortable rooms, that are conducive to it.

Always ready thermometer at home
You may just always provides a remedy of hot child in the medicine cabinet, but don't forget to always provide a thermometer at home to monitor your child's temperature. To find out if your child's fever or not, avoid measuring temperature with just stick a hand on his forehead. This way will not show accurate results, even your child's body temperature could be higher than you feel.

Keep give it a nutritious food
When the fever, usually the child's appetite decreased. Give your child's preferred food, easy to digest (especially if a fever accompanied by a sore throat for example, which make it difficult to swallow), but still contain nutrients.

When to go to the doctor?
If your child is under the age of 3 months, immediately take it to the doctor to get the handling if her fever reached 38 degrees Celsius or more (to get the accurate measurement, place the thermometer in the anus). For children over the age of 3 months, immediately take it to the doctor if the fever reaches 39 degrees Celsius or more, or a fever has lasted more than 24 hours (for children under 2 years old) or 72 hours (for children over 2 years).

In addition, immediately go to a doctor if body temperature children over 3 months less than 39 degrees Celsius but the child showed symptoms as follows:

Recurrent fever
Shows signs of dehydration include infrequent urination, no tears when crying, sweating slightly despite the hot weather, limp, less alert, and are not usually seaktif.
Do not want to eat and drink
His consciousness is reduced
Become more sensitive to bright light
Become more difficult to sleep and was awakened
Indicates impaired breathing
Ongoing diarrhea nor did subside
Vomiting accompanied by headache and stiff occipital
The rash appears or purple spots that looked like bruises in the skin, which previously did not exist
Inner ear pain
Swollen throat
Abdominal pain or pain when urinating
Blue lips, tongue, or nails
No less important than handling a fever is to overcome the causes of fever itself, which causes a fever if not detected may be growing into a more severe stage. Dispensing hot children, coupled with the measures that have been outlined above, will help decrease body temperature with more optimal. Hope this article is useful.

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The hot drug children and how to Overcome the fever at home
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