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The mother gave birth in the water, what are the benefits and Risks?

Earlier in the year 2017, the happy news comes from the beautiful jazz singer, Andien Indonesia which gave birth to her first child-sex male, which uniquely Andien choose method of birth in water. This of course set the curiosity of the public, what exactly is a method of giving birth in water? Why would a mother decided to give birth in water? What are the advantages and risks? This article will Peel about the method to give birth in water, ranging from complete history of the emergence of this method, the advantages, risks, and anything that is to be prepared when you are pregnant women who also want to try to give birth in water. Happy reading!

The history of the Mother to give birth in water: turns out this method already exists since the First
We think that giving birth in water is a new method known lately, popularized by the artist or the House elite. But as it turns out, according to one writer at the same time the founder of Active Birth Movement in the United Kingdom named Janet Balaskas, method of giving birth in water has been known much earlier.

Balaskas tells a legend from the residents of the South Pacific island that gave birth to the baby in the sea is shallow, and the rulers of Egypt who was born in the water. Even to this day, in some places in the world such as in Guyana (South America), many women who give birth to babies at certain points of the local river.

Even in the Western world though, maternal method in water program is not entirely new. Giving birth in the water in Europe was first recorded in 1805 in France. A mother who undergoes a difficult labor process and the length of the assisted way placed in a bath containing warm water. Not how long after the mother went into the water, the process is persalinannya progress. He began to mengejan, and the birth of her baby into the world ... in the position of mother and newborn were still in the water.

After that, around the year 1970, the doctors and midwives in France interested in ideas about how can I make the transition from the womb to the world baby walking sealami possible. This is because they look at modern labor practices laden medical interventions that make the mother and infant trauma. A French obstetrician Frederick Leboyer named argues that how a baby is born can affect the baby her entire life. From there it is a method of giving birth in water for labor practices began to digencarkan.

Until two decades later, the interest of mothers to give birth in water began to grow in continental Europe and Canada. Even to this day, the method of birth in much of the water found in Indonesia. Many maternity hospitals in big cities in Indonesia that has been providing such facilities.

The excess Maternal Method in Water
The theory that supports the practice of giving birth in water is to remember that babies ' swim ' in the amniotic waters for nine months, so lying through an environment that is similar to the amniotic water will support a more gentle birthing for babies and more minimal trauma to the mother. For the mother, maternal benefits in air is:

Warm water used in the method of giving birth in the water it brings a calming effect.
At the final stage of labor, the use of water was able to increase the energy of the mother.
The effects of ' float ' in the water reduces body weight and allow it to move more freely and find a more comfortable position.
The effects of ' float ' in the water encourages uterine contractions that are more efficient and waging a blood circulation, allowing the uterine muscles obtain more oxygen is needed, reducing pain in the mother, and gives more oxygen to the baby.
With the entry into the water, to the dismay of mother decreases so that the blood pressure will decrease. With the decline of maternal anxiety, hormones produced by the body when the stress would be reduced. Instead, the body will produce endorphins that are useful as penghalau pain.
Mother's anxiety is reduced, which was later replaced with a feeling of deep relaxation. When the mother felt relaxed, the body producing oxytocin natural childbirth which can make the process faster.
The water makes the perineum is more relaxed and stretchy, so as to reduce the number and severity of incidents tearing Street was born. The elastic perineum also make midwives need not perform-cutting path of birth (episiotomy).
For infants, maternal method in water also brings benefits, among which are:

Providing a new environment for infants with similar conditions in the womb.
Reducing stress for infants due to labor, which itself increases the sense of security for the baby. The doctors and midwives observe that babies born in the water seemed calmer, more active in making eye contact with the mothers and suckle
The mother gave birth in the water is not without Risk
There is always a risk of going to the decisions taken, as well as methods of childbirth. Based on an article written by the Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists, mothers who give birth in the water are at risk of experiencing emboli, where water enters the blood vessels that are open during the process of labor.

Water, which is a foreign object, when getting into the blood vessels can potentially clog blood flow to an organ. Because of the flow of blood and oxygen, the organ is congested will have failed to function, can even cause more fatal conditions i.e. death. Although 95% of experts believe this method of security, they continue to look at risks of such emboli. Giving birth in water is also likely to further complicate health workers to monitor the amount of bleeding out.

In addition, maternal method in any water instead of do not carry any risk for the baby. If a baby is born on the road too long so he experienced what is called a fetus, critical or if the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby, will probably directly inhale air which causes infant choking water.

What you need to Prepare if you want to Try this method?
Maternal method in water is not suitable for You if you suffer from herpes, herpes because it is very easy to rub off on the water, so this should You discuss with the health care personnel who will handle Your delivery. In addition, you are not advised to give birth in water in a Fetal position head still above, twin fetus, amniotic water you've contaminated mekonium, or premature birth. Likewise, if you suffer from terdiagnosa preeklampsia, you are not advised to try this method.

If you want to try this method, make sure with health workers in the city You do these kinds of facilities are available. Health workers will usually tell the hospital which presumably can facilitate methods of childbirth. So you get the location of the hospital which provides facilities to give birth in water, rajin-rajinlah seek review of friends or relatives about the implementation of the method to give birth in the water at the hospital.

So You've been steady on the day, H be sure the water temperature is not too hot (permanent tubs provided at the hospital are usually designed so that the water temperature is always warm) and you yourself got enough fluid intake so it is not dehydrated. Good luck with your maternal method in water, Your labor may go smoothly!

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The mother gave birth in the water, what are the benefits and Risks?
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