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The nature of A blood type that is interesting to be listened to

You have a relative or co-worker blood group A very full consideration in deciding anything, and whether it is so curious properties of blood type A in General? Well, maybe Your curiosity will turn into attraction because in Japan, grouping a set of personality characteristics based on certain blood type (A, B, AB, and O) are indeed popular. In the television show and magazine are available one special column discusses the ' self-fulfilling prophecy ' based on blood type (no dancers looks like the horoscope). In social media users commonly write their blood type. In fact, in Japan, in the comic book series introduces the characters, the author also did not forget to include your blood type each character.

In short, for the people of Japan (and some other East Asian countries like China and Korea) blood type play an important role not only from the aspect of the anatomy and physiology of the human body but also in social life.

Before discussing about the nature of blood type A, B, AB, and O like that is believed by the people of Japan, it's good we first tracing the history of the classification of blood type that is derived from continental Europe in the early 19th century. The inventor of a system of classification of blood type into A, B, AB, and O is the Karl Landsteiner, physician, immunologist and biologist from Austria.

In 1900, he initially found that the blood of two different individuals turns out lumpy when mixed together. It is apparently disturbing sense of curiosity he so he held a further research. The following year, he found that the clotting is because there is a component in red blood cells and blood plasma, which varies between the blood of one person with another person. Slowly, he started categorizing based on blood type there is whether or not a component in red blood cells and blood plasma.

He later found that a blood transfusion between two individuals who have the same blood type doesn't cause clotting and damage to blood cells. While at a blood transfusion that occurs between two people who have a different blood type, can cause clotting and damage to blood cells, which led to fatal. Through ongoing research, the invention became the basis of the classification of blood type into A, B, AB, and O.

Roughly two decades after the system of classification of blood type found by Landsteiner, in another hemisphere, in Japan, there is a professor at Tokyo Women's teacher's school named Takeji Furukawa proposed grouping human traits based on blood type. Like for example the nature of blood type A tends to be reticent, blood type B tend to be friendly and able to communicate well, blood type O are naturally seem to stand out, and blood type AB tend to be shy.

Although this theory is not so got nowhere in the Western world, but in his native country this theory is very popular. In 1990, Mitsubishi, electronic instrument factory of Japan makes one team employee that consists solely of blood group AB employees. In addition, there is a historical record that says that during World War II, Japan forming Army groups based on blood type. Nowadays, there is even a kindergarten pupil grouping based on blood type and apply different education plan.

In short, Japan Society believe that blood carries not only directly impact on an individual's personality (that's the nature of A different blood type from the blood type B, AB, and O) but also on their ability to master in the field different. Allegedly, many cases of discrimination because of a different blood type at work and school. Japan Society has its own term in the language of Japan against such forms of discrimination: bura hara.

The nature of A blood type that makes it Become a good listener
People who have blood type A tends to be easily invited to cooperate, sensitive, has a strong dedication to something that disenanginya, witty, and smart. They are people who are highly organized and planned her life, as well as wise. One of the characteristics of blood type A is the most prominent is their tendency to put the interests of others above their own interests.

They always strive to look at a matter not only of glasses, but also from the point of view of others. It's what makes the individuals with blood type A on average are wise, a good listener, and is therefore very familiar friends deserve to be made. Moreover, the nature of A blood type that can be easily we observe?

Careful and conscientious
The owner of the blood type A is pleased to make a plan (and following the plan). As for instance in romantic Affairs. Individuals with blood type A will plan carefully where it will be on a date, what to do, how to reach the site, and other things that need to be prepared in advance.

In terms of jobs, especially in a job that involves team work, probably many people will often thank employees who have blood type A because of their accuracy in organizing work and executes it. If your spouse has a blood type of A, beruntunglah you because you would be it helpful to plan everything in your life with great detail.

Careful and meticulous nature is one blood type A which will be of great help in the world of work. No wonder many individuals with blood type A's who really enjoy certain professions who are in dire need of proper care, such as accountants, expert library (Librarian), lawyer, Economist, and writer.

The owner of the blood type A is also very successful in academics (if they choose a career as a researcher), electronics, and programming. In Japan, very much the owner of blood type A that a career in the field of research, to discover new phenomena that need to be solved and refine inventions previous researchers. In fact, their research about mikroflora and other fields of medicine is one of the most detailed and best in the world.

Highly pay attention to details in order detail
Discuss the nature of A blood type as this one is endless. The owner of the blood type A is the individual who is very perfectionist. These characteristics seem artificial electronic equipment from Japan, as well as cars that are cheaper but more efficient compared to American-made cars.

Individuals with blood type A is indeed very meticulous and detailed. This can sometimes cause a negative impact on their own. When their work ethic is applied on others (who do not have a similar rhythm) then very likely conflict. Others will probably enjoy them as people who often ranting or talkative, where in fact it is possible that the owner of the blood type A only intends to convey the details of the work that has not been resolved.
Strict regulations
The owner of the blood type A has a strong attachment to, against the rules, and it is not something bad. However, the Ordinance has indeed created to be obeyed, no? However, the nature of blood type A it could bring negative impact to people close to the owner of the blood type A (life partner or a member of the nuclear family), because they love to give commands or blame the spouse or Member their core family if there are something things that didn't go as plan (due to not obey regulations well).

Not so good at expressing emotions
The owner of the blood type A not so clever in expressing their emotions. Maybe from the outside they appear as private. However, his heart could be so full of turmoil and anxiety because they would rather save the trouble to avoid conflicts with other people. If this continues in the long span of time, the owner of A blood type might be vulnerable to experiencing anxiety and depression because they prefer to hoard their own emotions to ' explode '.

Even so, it's not that the nature of blood type A this hinders them to express an opinion in front of the crowd. The owner of the blood type A has a strong principle. In many ways, they have their own opinion on who they believe and they can be mengemukakannya in a meeting or workshop events where there are a lot of people gather. So, they did not completely close the personal self. They are not the shy, private.

Opponents speak of fun
If someone has their own beliefs toward something, not rarely it makes them already have their own assessment of a case (prejudice). In some cases, prejudice or judgment is so sharp and so the risk of divisive social groups in the Association. The owner of the blood type A although it also has a strong assessment against a things, but they can manage it so well that despite having a different viewpoint from the opponent's speech, discussion with the owner of the blood type A is still feels good.

Has the potential to be a good leader
The properties of the blood type A, very careful attention to detail, discipline, and fun when invited to discuss making it potentially be a great leader, just like the owner of blood type O which is the ' natural born leaders ' . Moreover, the owner of the blood type A do not mind receiving a big responsibility.

However, although they are very capable of occupying the position as leader, many of those who did not take that position because a leader should be prepared with stresor, while stress is not good for those who tend to Save conflict in his heart.

While not being the leader, the owner of A blood type can still be supportive of the organization that he was involved in it in a way become an Assistant. As Assistant to the meaning that they should be prepared to summarize and draw conclusions from each discussion, or provide an opportunity to talk to members of the meeting have not voiced their opinions. Though it's not their position of leadership, but they nonetheless became the leader behind the scenes.

The nature of A blood type that makes it Susceptible to a particular Disease Stricken
According to the National Institutes of Health, a person with blood type A tend to have levels of the stress hormone cortisol is higher. So, there are some health problems that are often associated with blood type A, like having a 20% greater risk of developing cancer of the abdomen compared with blood type O and B.

Because their personalities are prone to stress, owner of blood type A is often affected by sleep disorders. So, it is highly recommended for owners of A blood type to allocate time for yourself and enough rest. High stress also weakens their immune systems so they are vulnerable to developing cancer of the pancreas, leukemia, malaria, and smallpox.

So the article can we tell about the nature of blood following A slight relation to health aspects. Although the theory about the nature of human groupings according to blood type must still be examined further, it is worth a positive thing we take to prevent the existence of negative impact to the body. Hopefully this article helpful!

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The nature of A blood type that is interesting to be listened to
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