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Things to know When 7 weeks Pregnant

for those of you who have already entered the age of 7 weeks pregnant, there are more and more things you should know and you have to understand. Although the fetus and mother are having a pretty significant development, but before the first trimester passes the content is still very vulnerable to a variety of health problems. In the article this time we will deliver to you a bit of information about what happens when the gestational age step on Sunday the 7th. Starting from fetal development, the development of the pregnant women and also some tips that need to be done by the mother to keep the health and development of the fetus. But when viewed in outline, at the age of 7 weeks is a fetus in the womb is indeed already looks like a baby. The arms and legs have started to appear, eyelids and nose also began to form. Then what else happened at the age of 7 weeks of pregnancy? The following detailed information.

The development of the fetus and the mother while pregnant 7 weeks
When gestational age was already treading the 7th week, the fetus is in the womb increases in length. On the long week fetus has reached 12 mm, approx size is like a grain of rice. In his body had started to take shape and evolve the digestive system. In addition there are also some respiratory pathways around the heart begins to form. And like our saturates, legs, arms and potential fetal fingers have started to appear when viewed using an ULTRASOUND examination.

On the fetus has begun to grow led to his genitals, but though viewed through ULTRASOUND examination you are still not able to find out the sex. Other parts of the body that is formed when pregnant 7 weeks this is my nostrils. And when the fetus is seen using an ULTRASOUND, her face could've been more defined. Not only the exterior, because organs in also began to develop rapidly. One fetal brain cells develop up to 100 cells per minute of it. And in the weeks of the 7th, the relationship between the plaesnta and the baby was more clearly visible.

That last is the development of the fetus in the womb when he was still 7 weeks. Then what will happen to the mother? When stepping on the pregnancy week 7 thus you must be more careful and more health. Because the nausea and vomiting or morning sickness will start to bother you and cause disturbed eating talking lust. Just as the symptoms in the early weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women will also be more frequent urination. Thus while pregnant 7 weeks, one woman prosecuted for running a pattern of healthy living. Start avoiding berbagia kind of food and drink that negative impact to your health and the fetus.

As last we have already conveyed that until the 7th week of any pregnant women still experience morning sickness or nausea and vomiting. The impact of this condition usually imposes on daily activities. Pregnant women are often nausea and vomiting can be easily tired and limp. However we had a little tips to cope with morning sickness when pregnant 7 weeks. The trick is to suck drops of lemon or sucking on hard candy. And for you men, you should be more patient and calm in the face of your partner's pregnancy at the age of 7 weeks.
Signs of Conceiving a healthy 7 weeks of age
Besides knowing the development experienced by the fetus and the mother, while pregnant is already up at the age of 7 weeks you should look at some of the signs. Some signs that indicate that your pregnancy in a healthy condition. Then what are the signs of a healthy pregnancy? First, the condition of pregnant when aged 7 weeks is considered healthy when bleeding that often occurs in the early period of pregnancy start to stop. Cramps and light bleeding also progressively subside in the 7th week. But if perdarahannya still not died down too, you should be alert and immediately checked the content of Your doctor.

Increasingly today it turns out that pregnant mothers breast size will increase. Even its size could be increased to about 1 cup. In addition a prominent blood vessels around the breast also can lead to itching and tingling around the breast. Not too significant, but it became one of the indicators that States that your pregnancy is fine. In addition as we already broke the last that a mother pregnant 7 weeks also will still be experiencing morning sickness. Thus if you are not experiencing morning sickness yet, you should ask a doctor.

In the early weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women are usually physical condition declined and makes women more easily tired when the activity. The cause is the presence of the hormone progesterone in the body. However, the longer the hormone will fade by itself. And when the pregnancy is already up in week 7, the physical conditions will return to normal again. To mengimbangin the condition of health and fitness of your body while pregnant, keep on keeping your diet and make sure that you always get enough nutritional intake.

In addition the condition of pregnant women will usually make the frequency of urination became more frequent. And while pregnant 7 weeks, the uterus will be more memebesar and pressing the bladder. As a result of bladder capacity diminishing frequency and will want to pee more often than usual.

Foods that Should be consumed during pregnancy 7 weeks
When gestational age was already age 7 weeks, intake of calcium should also always be fulfilled. Where the calcium works to help maintain your bone health and also help in the process of the growth of bones and teeth of the fetus. Konsumsilah milk and processed milk products such as cheese or yogurt. Keep Your food consumption during pregnancy by avoiding fatty foods and high-calorie. There are several types of vitamins are very important and should be consumed by pregnant women, i.e. prenatal vitamins. Where prenatal vitamins is made up of calcium, copper, folic acid, zinc, iodine, vitamin A, B, C, D, and e. types of intake of the vitamins and nutrients you need that should be consumed while you're eating or at night.

And you need to know though is pregnant 7 weeks you are not forbidden to continue the relationship with your partner. But with a record not found serious health problems on your pregnancy. Let alone the time to approach the second trimester the various complaints of discomfort felt pregnant women will begin to diminish. Such a brief article about the things that you should know at time of 7 weeks gestational age. Hopefully can inspire and certainly helpful to you.

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Things to know When 7 weeks Pregnant
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