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This is the 7 types of foods so that you can get pregnant Fast Consumption

So fast food pregnant of course became a much sought after food by married couples and want to be children. For a woman of fertile age by consuming fast food in order to get pregnant may help your efforts to have a child soon. These meals if consumed regularly it will optimise the condition of the woman's body to undergo pregnancy.

Different types of food to speed up pregnancy which we will discuss in this article are also easy to find, and often as the food we consume daily. Not only to speed up pregnancy, the foods is also important in adequate nutritional needs of the fetus at an early stage of his life in the mother's womb. But we should know together that not all types of food is a type of food that is safe and can help women to get pregnant quickly, for that is in the article below we present a list of foods in order to quickly get pregnant that is safe for consumption.

7 Foods so Quickly Conceive of a good and safe for consumption
Having children is always yearning to all couples who have been married, therefore so many articles discussing ways to consume foods including pregnancy improves so fast is pregnant. Some of the foods below are believed to be able to maximize the body condition of women in pregnancy, preparing for more clear let us refer to the explanation of the food list in order to quickly get pregnant here!

1. Green peas

Fast food in order to conceive the first we will discuss are the peas. Yups one type of small-sized nuts with a distinctive green colour, it is one of the foods that are rich in protein and become the recommended foods to increase fertility. A study conducted by the Faculty of public health (Public Health) from Harvard University in the United States showed that 39% of the total amount of the subject as much as 19,000 women who are actively trying to get pregnant, experienced a failure and It turns out they're a lot more consuming animal protein intake.

This contrasts with the Group of women who consume more vegetable protein because there was no trouble to get pregnant. So, try to consume nuts per day. If you don't like peas then you could try peanuts, red beans, edamame or other types of nuts.

2. Ice cream

Good news for any woman on this earth because the ice cream is one of the food items so that you can get pregnant fast consumption. A number of midwifery research found that consumption of 1 or 2 times of milk or dairy products (such as ice cream) can increase a woman's fertility. This contrasts with dairy products without fat (skim milk) or low-fat dairy products that turned out thus may interfere with fertility.

It is presented by Jorge e. Chavvaro, M.D., Sc.D, an Assistant Professor who learned about nutrition and epidemiology in the Faculty of public health at Harvard University. An explanation of the cause of it is yet to be ascertained, the theory that can be delivered so far is to remove the composition of fats in the milk would disrupt the balance of hormones in a woman's body. But don't forget if you want to consume ice cream then you should reduce the amount of calories from other foods that you consume as the number of calories than ice cream. You certainly do not want to be obese just because eating ice cream, right?

3. Green vegetables

Next the food so quickly get pregnant which is also excellent for consumption by any woman is green vegetables. Spinach, lettuce, green leaf rocket or arugula, broccoli and various types of green vegetables have a high content of folic acid. Folic acid is a type of B vitamin that can increase a woman's fertility and not only that folic acid is very important in the formation of the brain and nervous system of a fetus in the mother's womb.
Divide these vegetables with your husband because the content of folic acid in green vegetables will also optimize the production of sperm and reduce the possibility of genetic problems in a fetus that will be your siblings later.

4. Complex carbohydrates

You've probably read the term complex carbohydrates on articles that discuss how to lose weight, but it was the type of carbs is also one of the types of foods that are recommended if you want to get pregnant soon. Then what is the relationship of the karbohirat complex with the fertility of the woman? Maybe some we know that type of complex carbohydrates such as cereal, whole wheat bread, brown rice and will keep your blood sugar levels and hormone insulin (a hormone that plays a role in the transport of sugar into the body's cells) more stable. An increase in the hormone insulin which is irregular can interfere with reproductive and hormonal work leads to ever attempt to immediately get the children.

5. Pumpkin seeds

The food so fast the next pregnant may be less familiar to our ears of society Indonesia because we rarely consume pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are known to contain non-heme iron. The content of non-heme iron is one of the intake is important to prepare for pregnancy. You can roast pumpkin seeds in the oven so that it more crunchy when you consume this food and can be used as one of the snacks to speed up pregnancy.

6. source of omega-3

When you are pregnant, omega-3 is an excellent nutritional intake for fetal brain development. Not only does it consume foods with omega-3 content before you get pregnant is also known to be very good because it helps work the reproductive hormones that are important in preparing for pregnancy. Konsumsilah 1000-2000 milligrams of foods containing omega-3 per day, such as the 2-3 ounces fresh fish or seeds 2 tablespoons walnuts. You can add different types of foods contain omega-3 into the food menu every day.

7. Fruit

Types of food in order to quickly get pregnant which can also be you consume every day are the fruits. We certainly know that consuming fruits good for one's health, but some types of fruit here is specifically known to be useful to speed up the process of pregnancy. As an example of the avocado fruit is known to contain good levels of folic acid for women who want to conceive. Not only is it lemon and citrus fruits with vitamin C can also help the process of ovulation (release of an egg from the ovary) which is important in the process of early pregnancy of a woman.

So the 7 food list in order to quickly get pregnant that is safe for consumption by those who want to get the children. In addition to consuming foods with which we have already discussed, you also need to be checked myself to the doctor to check what is the pathology that hinders the efforts of you and your husband to get the child. The final word this article may be useful for all of us especially for those of you who want to immediately given the children!

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This is the 7 types of foods so that you can get pregnant Fast Consumption
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