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This is the kind of Bleeding while pregnant that young needs to look out for

Bleeding while pregnant very young need to look out for his appearance. There are a few that occur naturally (normal) but not least also be indication of a problem in the pregnancy. Indicating the presence of bleeding irregularities in pregnancy may lead to the possibility of abort (miscarriage), ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb), pregnancy, etc. Therefore, it is important for the mother to recognize any symptoms arise. Handling in more early will likely minimize a lot of bad that could happen.

Bleeding while pregnant young is said to be still under normal conditions when the form of spotting or spots. The cause of this occurrence is during early pregnancy, there was a snapping results the conception to the uterine wall, so on some pregnant mothers will happen though Fleck is not always so. However, if the bleeding that occurs in great numbers and colored fresh even accompanied the prolonged pain, the mother needs to be mewaspadainya.

Bleeding can occur in any pregnancy age range. The discussion this time will limit the range of young pregnancy only. Please note that up to now the number of occurrence of bleeding is still quite high and is one of the complications that are frequently encountered during pregnancy.

Get to know the kind of Bleeding while pregnant Young
Bleeding while pregnant young could be interpreted as the existence of spending blood during pregnancy in a span of less than 20 weeks. As already mentioned earlier that there are various possibilities of the usual accompanying i.e. Abort an ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy, wine, and more. Let's try we discussed one by one.

1. Abort (miscarriage)

Abort is defined as the threat of spending before the conception of the fetus results ready to live outside the womb, with the age limit of less than 20 weeks of pregnancy and fetal weight of less than 500 grams.

This abort events can happen because few things being backed by its originators. First, from the fetal factors include genetic disorders. Second, from the mom factor include infections, diabetes mellitus, malnutrition, the use of certain drugs, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. Third, factors of the father in the form of sperm abnormalities. Abort in pregnancy is divided into five types:

Imminens Abort
Abort imminens marked with the complaint in the form of a little heartburn or even no complaints at all unless the bleeding. Cervical conditions are still close and results the conception is still in good condition inside the womb.

If these symptoms are found as above then immediately checking your pregnancy to health facilities. Total Bedrest will be recommended to you until the bleeding stops. Besides administering therapy some drugs pregnancy booster will be given. For a little over two weeks it is advisable not to carry the relationship with her husband first.

Abort Insipiens
Abort insipiens marked by flavors of heartburn due to the frequent and strong contractions, as well as the accrued amount bleeding along with the cervical opening and gestational age.

If it is found that such signs, there is no other choice but to immediately go to the hospital. Doctors will consider the circumstances of the mother, the mother, as well as haemodynamic condition the condition of the fetus, before deciding on action. If bleeding occurs in great numbers, the possibility of evacuation (expenditure results conception) would do.

Inkomplet Abort
Abort this inkomplet marked with the conception results have come out and there are still being left behind. The bleeding is usually still occurs. The consistency of the amount of its expenditure ever adjusted to much or at least the remaining network. When bleeding escalated, the doctors will soon be doing spending the rest of the conception of manually.

Kompletus Abort
Abort kompletus has been marked with the discharge of all results of the conception. Bleeding usually occurs only a little because the uterus is already shrinking. In the abort kompletus this is usually no action is needed as well as special treatment anymore.

Missed Abortion "
Abort this type marked with embryos that have died in the womb to age 20 weeks and the results are still to be held entirely in the conception of the content. Usually the mother felt the growth of her pregnancy was not as expected. The doctor will take action in accordance with the gestational age and also consider the condition of the placenta. Moms need to get psychological accompaniment of families.

2. Pregnancy outside the womb (Ectopic)

This type of bleeding while pregnant young ectopic pregnancy is. Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy with fertilization results attached outside the womb, mostly occurs in the egg. Causes of ectopic pregnancy tersering is due to an already fertilized egg cells are choked on his way toward the endometrium so that embryos already developed before reaching pockets of the uterus.

When you place the conception results snapping is not able to adjust to the magnitude of the fruit of the pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy rips that became distracted. If this is the case usually accompanied such bleeding symptoms ranging from spotting to moderate, abdominal pain and lower back, pale, to the awareness of the decline. Take it to the hospital immediately if these symptoms are encountered.

3. Pregnancy wine (Mola Hidatidosa)

Pregnancy pregnancy is a growing wine is not reasonable with no discovery of the fetus. In the beginning of pregnancy, mola showed no difference in meaning with normal pregnancy. The mother will still find the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, it's just the degree of his or her concerns became more frequent and rigorous.

The typical symptoms of pregnancy and mola is the occurrence of bleeding at the age of 12-14 week. The intensity of bleeding is usually a little bit or a lot or all at once causing shock. There is no other choice but to bring to the hospital immediately if these symptoms are encountered.

Businesses can take to prevent the occurrence of Bleeding while pregnant that young is dangerous
A healthy pregnancy is certainly was expected by all pregnant women. But look at events penyulit kind of bleeding while pregnant that young not a few of its appearance, it is important for pregnant women to perform various preventive efforts include:

Reduce the burden of heavy activity. In the early days of pregnancy physical activity weight will greatly affect the condition of pregnancy. It is recommended to do light activities in order to prevent the incidence of bleeding or flecks.
Rest are enough. Enough rest can provide many benefits. The mind calm and relax can be created with sufficient breaks. The minds of many play an important role in the condition of pregnancy the mother.
Diligent checks during pregnancy. Pregnant women who regularly do the examination expectant routinely can minimize the occurrence of things unwanted. At least with the examination expectant routinely, many things that can be terdiagnosa early. Handling can be done early.
Immediately to a doctor if encountered things that are not normal like the bleeding until the pain unbearable. Immediate action will help the survival of the mother's pregnancy.
Basically the sensitivity against the gestational mother became important key health while pregnant. Be careful in managing the pregnancy with a reasonably regular, exercising, consuming enough nutrients, as well as a positive control is helpful preventing a troubled pregnancy, including the incidence of bleeding time young pregnancy as has been discussed above.

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This is the kind of Bleeding while pregnant that young needs to look out for
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