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Tips for Overcoming Cough in infants and Toddlers

Overcoming cough in infants should not be indiscriminate. Although it may seem trivial, keep in mind that the durability of the body of the baby is still very weak. How ill treatment in infants should not be equated with adults, it is not advisable to try medication in infants though adults in small doses. A great many types of cough medicine that is available and it is formulated for babies and children. But you should also note that cope with cough in infants 1 month distinctly different by way of overcoming cough in toddlers who was already more than a year. It is therefore not advisable to give infants or toddlers You any cough medicine, always read the instructions of use beforehand, and it is better to consult a doctor. Read also: Tips on choosing children's cough medicine 2 years.

The durability of a body still weak baby can easily cause esophageal pain, therefore his health should be completely guarded and cared for. Prevent is better than cure. Although a cough is considered mild pain, often also associated with sign or symptoms of the presence of other diseases in the body, including severe illness. Always beware of coughing that is experienced by your child, especially for baby and toddler age children also. Read also: things about Cough Colds in infants who are obligated to Know.

How To Cope With Cough In Infants?
There are many ways that can be done when your baby is suffering from pain and cough. Starting from the drugs doctors, medicinal herbs and also traditional medicine. In Indonesia alone, the first traditional cough more frequently used to cope with cough in infants or toddlers. Although both drugs, but the drug traditionally smaller risks for a child compared to chemical drugs. The following are some tips and natural remedies to relieve a cough in infants.

1. Lemon + Honey

For infants aged one year above, you can try to solve it with a warm drink mix lime juice and honey. A mixture of honey and lemon it will relieve the itch in my throat and was able to stimulate the secretion of saliva that can relieve a cough in infants. For babies aged 1 to 5 years recipe is half a TSP of honey with a little lime juice combine in warm water. Try to meminumkan it on the baby before sleep. Can be taken several times a day as needed.

2. Turmeric

How to cope with cough in infants is using the potion of Saffron. In addition to the commonly used by adults, turmeric can also be used to cure a cough in infants and toddlers. The trick is not too complicated, for those of you who have a baby or a toddler who still suckle, apply turmeric powder to her mother's breast before feeding the baby. In addition there is also other way i.e. by mixing turmeric powder into milk. Give the herb saffron to the sick children coughing as much as twice a day. Saffron is capable of reducing inflammation and strengthening the resilience of the baby.

3. Traditional Oil

Other traditional herb which can cope with cough in infants is traditional oil. Oil that many variants in Indonesia such as eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, or votes can help accelerate the process of healing the sick cough in infants and toddlers as well. Although not in a way consumed like two herb before, but how it also rated quite effectively help cope with cough in infants 1 year 5 months, or toddlers (there is no limit of age). Do not apply this traditional oil near the face of the your baby, simply in the chest, first apply a little amount of.
4. Garlic

Next you can try with garlic. The trick is to dry the garlic, can with baked goods. Once dry and cold, put the cloth bag and then put on your baby's bed, but don't get too close or are within the reach of the baby. For babies aged above 6 months, can also be performed with a mengusapkan cloth bags on the chest, but don't do it directly, check first the temperature and grasp with the hands.

In addition to the already mentioned on the previous page, there are again some more tips to relieve a cough in infants. Give your baby with warm water to drink on a regular basis so keep hydrated. Then also give the porridge a baby pureed vegetables and chicken porridge, both of which also can help restore the immunity of infants.

Although this traditional herb effect is indeed relatively longer compared to the consumption of chemical medicines or drugs from the doctor, but the risks or side effects are smaller and relatively safer for infants and toddlers. In addition to natural ingredients, durability of baby's body is also still not too strong for many medications.

Overcoming Cough in infants Aged Under 6 months
When your baby starts developing coughs or colds, don't panic. The first way that perhaps you can do if you lay still and do not know to treat in a way what, immediately take your baby to the doctor. Consult the doctor and ask for the child-specific tips to her doctor about how to cope with cough colds in infants.

In addition to the checked to pediatricians, there are several things you can do to cope with cough in infants aged under 6 months. Usually the disease in infants this one caused by an allergy or infection. That makes parents panic when fruit heart illness coughs colds are usually the symptom of fever, runny nose, watery eyes, and so forth, but that is the usual thing that happens.

The first step to do is to give an extra portion of breast milk. the content of nutrients in BREAST MILK are assessed can increase the durability of the body of the child. In addition to the fact also said that the baby's movements while sucking BREAST MILK from the breast of the mother will shut down channel channel, namely the eustachian liaison between the nose and the ears. Well, it is able to minimize the risk of infection in the ear is caused by bacteria in the nose or throat.

Tips for overcoming cough in infants is with menjemurnya in the morning sunlight. In this way also though it is generally done by all mothers, but this way is indeed assessed quite effective to help the healing process of infants suffering from cough. The rays of the morning sun is great for helping to eradicate the virus, bacteria or fungi that are present in the body. If your child is clogged nose, liquid is removable by means of menyedotnya or with the help of vacuum tool.

For infants under 6 months, you can also try the tips on using garlic that has been mentioned above, steam from this garlic can relieve coughs and relieve nasal congestion in infants.

If the way your baby still has not recovered much less had passed the 7 days, immediately take it to the doctor or to the hospital in order to get professional treatment. Babies and toddlers are very susceptible to various types of diseases, therefore keep your environment clean and Your family's health as well as possible. May be useful.

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Tips for Overcoming Cough in infants and Toddlers
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