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Toothache remedies for pregnant women is a powerful and secure

A toothache while pregnant is not a nice thing, on the other hand you have to pay attention to where the toothache remedies for pregnant women who are absolutely secure. Due to hormonal changes, was at the time pregnant your body undergoes many changes meaning, ranging from nausea to vomiting in early pregnancy (although not all expectant mothers experience it), weight gain, and fatigue. Another important change that occurs when you are pregnant is an increased risk for experiencing inflammation in the gums as well as an increase in the possibilities for experiencing the cavities, which triggers the onset of toothache.

Well that there are many things to do when pregnant (starting from preparation of childbirth and baby care to maintain health while pregnant itself). However, having regard to the reasons above, the care of teeth and gums should also occupy its own priorities when pregnant.

In this article, you will know how to anything that can be done as a toothache remedies for pregnant women. What causes toothache during pregnancy will also be discussed, so that you can do preventive measures further.

Before knowing the Toothache Remedies for pregnant women, Lets get acquainted first with causes of Toothache
Swelling and inflammation of the gums and cavities are the cause of toothache which is common during pregnancy. There are several things that can trigger both these problems, so that you can understand why a toothache can occur during pregnancy.

Dietary changes
The settings may be different from your diet during pregnancy. It could be that You drank more milk and consume more foods that contain sugar.

Nausea and vomiting
Nausea and vomiting who felt pregnant, or commonly referred to as morning sickness, is associated with the onset of toothache. When you vomit, stomach acid can rise from the stomach to the mouth cavity and can be about teeth. A layer of teeth which are often exposed to stomach acid can undergo pengeroposan, which triggers the cavities, causing toothache at the time pregnant.

Lack of calcium
Pregnant women need to consume foods that contain lots of calcium to help bone growth of fetus. If calcium intake is not sufficient, the body will take calcium from your teeth which causes the enamel coating the teeth undergo demineralisasi. This dental pengeroposan process that would cause toothache during pregnancy.

Lack of oral hygiene
Pregnant women are more sensitive to the smell and taste, is no exception with the smell and taste of toothpaste (they become more resistant to the smell and taste of toothpaste). As a consequence, they are more rarely brushing my teeth. This increases the risk of occurrence of cavities that cause pain.

Toothache remedies for pregnant women from the ingredients that you can find at home
Your pregnant condition demands could not accept the use of any drug (ibuprofen and aspirin should not be consumed by pregnant women), because it was feared bringing unwanted side effects on a fetus in the womb you. It is very important to convey in your dentist that you middle contains, so the dentist can give you a toothache remedies for pregnant women are safe either drug pain relief or antibiotics when necessary.

There is also a traditional medicine from natural ingredients which can be consumed to reduce Your toothache pain. But keep in mind that traditional medicines are simply able to relieve symptoms, not get rid of the cause of the onset of toothache, so checked myself into a dentist remains to be done to eliminate the cause until it has been completed.

Toothache remedies for pregnant women from the ingredients and natural way is actually no different than ordinary teeth pain medication (when you are not pregnant), as you can refer to the following:

Fresh clove or clove oil can be used as a toothache remedies for pregnant women, which function to relieve the pain. Dip the cotton bud in the clove oil, then apply it on the tooth that hurts. Or for the more simple you can also chew the fresh clove directly so that the contents of his oil straight out and about a tooth that hurts. Clove not only relieves pain, but also useful as an antiseptic that can relieve some of the symptoms of infection associated with cavities.

You may not like it, let alone eat it raw. But unfortunately (or fortunately?), garlic is what you need when the toothache whack. Chewing raw garlic. Garlic contains a substance called allicin, which is a natural antibiotic that can directly attacking bacteria cause infections of the teeth.

Onion Chutney
Chewing onions for a few minutes, surely in raw condition, can help relieve the pain due to dental pain. If you have trouble chewing, put a slice of onion on top of the tooth that hurts. The SAP out of the onion slices that will help relieve Your toothache.

You may have been familiar with the benefits of spinach to prevent the occurrence of anaemia in pregnant women, due to the high iron content in every strand of the leaves. Without thought, it turns out the spinach can also be consumed as a toothache remedies for pregnant women that did the trick. The trick is, direct chewable spinach to relieve the pain. If you can't stand the taste of bitter, mashed some strands of spinach leaves to make some sort of pasta and then DAB at the top of the tooth that hurts.

The leaves of the guava
The SAP from the leaves of guava can relieve the pain inflicted from the toothache. As with other natural ingredients, you can chew the leaves of guava directly. You can also soak the leaves of guava in a solution of hot water and salt that is already using the water for gargling. When you rinse, make sure water that already contains salt and the guava leaf SAP already touching the sore teeth perfectly.

Salt water
If it is not available in the home, guava leaves water and salt without any mix you can use to treat the tooth that hurts. This is the traditional way to treat toothache that is most simple. Mix a little salt into warm water lukewarm. Use the solution to gargle (after eating or after brushing my teeth), to clean the leftovers were left on the sidelines gears and relieve pain caused by a toothache.

Stay away from sugary food and drink
Avoid consuming too much food and drink sweets when you were pregnant. Not only sweet foods and drinks that can trigger the onset of diabetes during pregnancy, but also accelerate the formation of plaque on the teeth that make toothache became increasingly severe.

So articles about toothache remedies for pregnant women the following factors that could potentially be the cause. Congratulations on maintaining dental health (as well as the health of the fetus) you and hope this article is useful.

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Toothache remedies for pregnant women is a powerful and secure
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