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Various ways of curing nasal congestion with ease

Certainly very tiring when you experience nasal congestion due to colds, flu, allergies or sinusitis. Headache may accompany the onset of nasal congestion due to less oxygen to flow towards the brain. In addition to breathe through the mouth will also be exhausting, making dry Your mouth and throat area.

The following will be discussed about various ways of relieving nasal congestion due to colds, flu sinusitis or allergies that you can try. Happy Reading!

Medicines to Relieve nasal Congestion
Nasal congestion occurs when there is swelling of the tissue and blood vessels due to excess fluid in the nose area. This condition can usually be accompanied by the presence of mucus or fluid nose thickened due to infection or inflammation in the respiratory tract.

Allergies and sinusitis can also be a cause of nasal congestion. In people who are allergic, megalami blood vessels in the nose and respiratory tract will be berdilatasi or swell. So that the oxygen gets into the lung can be reduced.

While sinusitis is pile mucus in the sinus cavities on areas of the face and can not be ejected normally. This causes the blood vessels in the nasal area is swollen, and there will be a sense of blockage in the nasal area.

To address various conditions above, some type of medication drugs can be used. An example is the spray or breathe in the medication used to relieve nasal congestion. Drugs drugs drugs or breathe spray containing antihistamines can shrink blood vessels berdilatasi. So opened the way of breath and relieve nasal congestion.

In addition to medication drugs antihistamines, there are also other types of drugs that can be used to relieve nasal congestion with how to drink. I.e. medications containing decongestants shape drug syrup, tablets or capsules. As with the antihistamines, decongestants work by narrowing the blood vessels swell and widened on the respiratory tract. So the nose blockage will open.

The use of these drugs must of course be in accordance with the prescription and the recommended dosage doctor. Especially when after the use of the above drugs you are having fever, or snot turns green.

The complications due to use of wrong and excessive irritation may occur, among others, the nose, nausea, headaches, trembling and feeling uneasy, difficult urination in men, the redness due to allergy medications to heart palpitations and sleeplessness.

Consult your doctor immediately if you are mengalama the signs and symptoms of complications that have the above mentioned at the beginning of the use of drugs. Or when you are already using these drugs chronically drug types.

Other tips that you can try to relieve nasal Congestion
In addition to chemical medicines, there is also a variety of natural ways that you can try to cope with the congestion of the nose. A major key in overcoming the nasal congestion is to maintain the humidity of the respiratory tract. The following tips and explanation:

Drink Lots Of Water
The first tips overcome nasal congestion is by drinking plenty of water. Better yet if the water is drunk warm water which is then mixed with herbal ingredients such as ginger or honey.

Sufficient water intake helps keep the humidity of the respiratory tract. Thins mucus nose causes thickening and is experiencing clogged. Warm conditions coupled with ginger or honey can help warm the body from within.

The herb ginger and honey in addition able to warm the body, is also believed to contain antioxidan that able to boost the immune system or the immune system in the human body. Flu, common cold or sinusitis can be recover soon with the consumption of this herb.

Simply prepare the ginger Rhizome, 3 1 tablespoon honey and 500 ml of water. Boil water in conjunction with ginger to boil. After boiling water, strain the ginger stew into smaller glass and add 3 tablespoons of honey with stirred evenly.

Routinely drank this concoction every morning can prevent the coming flu and colds. Diet and slimming effect conferring even. If you are currently experiencing the flu and colds, consumption 3 times in the morning, noon and night so the symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose will reluctantly stood again in your body.

Dump the Snot in the right way
Mucus accumulates in the nose when you the flu or colds can be the cause of the nasal congestion. Mucus is not dikelaurkan properly thus can accumulate and clog the sinus. I.e. the air cavities are in the areas of the face right side – left and top of the nasal bones.

Mucus that cannot be removed and stuck on the sinus cavity, can be a place of growing germs. Resulting in sinusitis, colds and symptoms such as stuffy nose and chronic headaches. A sinus infection can spread and rub off on other nearby areas of the body namely the ear. Other diseases such as vertigo can occur due to infection of the inner ear.

Dump the snot correctly it is not difficult to implement. The trick is to close one nostril to remove nasal secretions in the other nostril alternately. In this way the pressure given on one nostril would be optimal, and snot can be issued with a clean and complete.

Use of dry tissue to remove and clean the rest of the mucus in the nose. Discard the dry tissue in the trash that is closed so that the disease will not be contagious to others.

Inhale Warm Steam
Warm steam is one powerful way to overcome the clogged nose. Warm steam work with moisturizing the skin surface or mucous in the nose. So the blood vessels will be narrowed and swelling is reduced.

How to make warm steam program quite easily. I.e. by boiling the water to boil. After boiling water, turn off the heat and wait until the steam comes out not hot steam that will melepuhkan your facial skin. Move the hot water into a bowl.

If you want a faster effect, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of water. Put a towel over your head cover the bowl of hot water. Breathe in the warm steam coming out of the water for 10 minutes. Perform this way once a day for optimal results.

In addition to the above, you can also inhale the steam with carrying out the bath with warm water. A warm bath will relax your body. Relaxes tensed muscles and will help you get to sleep with peace of mind and quality.

Use Extra Pillows When Sleeping
If you frequently experience nasal congestion especially at night when lying about to sleep. Please use an extra pillow to support your back and head higher than the lower part of the body area.

This addition will help lung expands wider and free, can also relieve shortness of breath due to nasal congestion. This position is also called the spring position fowler, i.e. when the head and back when higher than 45 angles forming sheet – 60 degrees.

So the information about how to troubleshoot a clogged nose through drugs and natural way. The main principle in dealing with a clogged nose is to keep moisture from the surface of the skin in the nose. So the mucus will dry up, a swollen blood vessels can be narrowed and the air can get into the nasal cavities freely. Good luck!

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