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How to overcome the wind Sitting as well as Prevention Measures

How to overcome the wind sitting may be very You need, especially for those who suffer the condition of this one. The wind sits on its own is a condition of pain in the chest caused by the muscles in the heart get blood supply is lacking. Disruption of this one due to hardening or narrowing of blood vessels. In General, attacks the wind sits unfathomable when the influx.

The effect is quite dangerous from the wind sitting is likely sufferers experience pain very outstanding starts from the chest, arms, jaw, and also your back. About symptoms that indicate that you are currently developing wind sitting is tightness, nausea, body that feels very tired, dizzy, to discharge excess sweat. Then how to cope with the wind sitting? To answer these questions, you can listen to the reviews here.

How to overcome the wind Sits a very effective
The treatment of the wind sits on its own aims in order to reduce the risk of a more severe level i.e. death. It can be seen from the many cases of death that much going on, especially in the evening. Without any clear signs, the whole body feels pain, start breathing hard, until it finally died.

In fact, to treatment and how to prevent the wind sits quite easily. You only need to implement a healthy lifestyle every day. In addition, the consumption of a variety of foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients, such as vegetables, fruits, and seeds. But if it turns out that the wind sits already attacking you or people around, do wind sitting how to resolve the following:

Use Nitrate Drugs
For information, nitrate is one of the content in the medicine which can be used to overcome the wind. Not only that, nitrate can also be used in the long term. In a sense, this content is also very effective to prevent the occurrence of wind.

For the mengonsumsinya, surely you should consult a doctor in advance about the drug with nitrates such as what is safe for consumption. You can mengonsumsinya when will run the activity that triggered the wind sits like a sport. Keep in mind, during the taking of the drug on this one, don't drink any kind of fizzy drinks or liquor because it can cause fatal damage in the body.

Use Preventive Medicine Blood Clotting
Other types of drugs are also effective to overcome the wind sits is a useful remedy prevent blood clotting. If allowed to call this type of medication, then you can use Clopidogrel and the type of drug being Ticagrelor to prevent blood clotting. That way, the risk is more dangerous than wind sat can be reduced.

Use of the drug for an inhibitor of Beta
How to cope with the wind the next sitting is by consuming a drug inhibitor of beta. This is one drug that is reliable because it is able to provide resistance to the rise of the hormone adrenaline is very high when the wind sitting strikes. In doing so, then then any heart rhythm can also be more stable.

You may be wondering, why step to overcome the wind sits only use drugs? If there is no traditional medicine which can be consumed? In fact until recently undiscovered folk remedy that serves to overcome the wind. It is due to wind up sitting directly related to the heart of the most vital part of the body. As for traditional materials was only able to prevent the occurrence of the wind sits, not to resolve it.

Therefore, when you often experience symptoms of the wind sits as explained above, you should immediately consult your health to the doctor. It is aimed so that the physician can perform an examination and take steps appropriate to you for experiencing a disease on this one.

The cause of the occurrence of the wind sits down to avoid
You already know some of the ways of overcoming the wind sits. Another thing that You should also certainly notice is about what are the causes of the emergence of the wind sits. So then you can reduce the risk of developing one of a disease that may not be considered trivial. As for the cause is as follows:

High Cholesterol Levels
As we know, the cholesterol levels in the body are high will trigger the appearance of various diseases, one of which is wind. This is because cholesterol levels that are already too severe will accumulate in blood vessels. In doing so, then the blood flow to the heart of the matter will not be stable so that it becomes a major trigger wind.

The second cause is hypertension or high blood pressure. When the flow of blood that flows throughout the body are blocked, then automatically the heart takes a lot of pressure in pumping blood. It will slowly damage the part of the artery wall. Consequently, the occurrence of hardening of the blood vessels.

Obesity or condition in which excess fat buildup in the body that lead to obesity is indeed becoming a trigger for a variety of ailments. Not only wind up sitting alone, obesity has also become a major trigger of a person experiencing diabetes, hypertension, even strokes.

You all surely agree that smoking is a bad habit that should be avoided by anyone, no matter it's kids, adults, men, or women. This is because all the content contained in cigarettes is very dangerous to the body. One of the consequences brought about by smoking for the body is the occurrence of hoarding of cholesterol in the body. This will make the blood to carry oxygen difficulties should be circulated to all parts of the body. (read also: a myriad of dangers to the health of our body)

History of illness suffered
The cause is there is a history of the disease suffered. The diseases in question are all types of ailments related to heart and artery walls. If it turns out You have a history of heart disease, then we recommend that you maintain the health of the body and more cautious because of the risk of developing wind sit quite large.

Lack Of Exercise
Lack of exercise will cause a lot of problems on the health of the body. Because, each day the sports body needs at least for the sake of burn fat and assist the process of absorption of nutrients in the food consumed. (read also: what are the benefits of sport for human health? this explanation)

To that end, if you rarely work out, and all of a sudden when exercising you are too imposing themselves, then the organ the heart that was not accustomed to such heavy activity will bear a heavy burden. This is one of the triggers the onset of wind. Your own surely never had it. When it was rarely exercised, then you do any sports or futsal, the breath will become congested even eye berkunang-kunang.

Old Age
The wind causes the last sitting is age. The older the age of a person, then the risk of developing wind sitting would be the greater. Why? This is because elderly people who have blood vessels that are not supple and hard. As for the people who suffered the risk of developing wind sitting are those aged 45 years and over.At least that's some of the things you need to know about the causes of the occurrence of the wind sits. The bottom line is You should still maintain good health, be it with sufficient daily nutrients or by exercising and avoiding unhealthy lifestyle. In doing so, then your body will also be far from any kind of disease, including the wind sits. Hopefully the reviews about how to overcome the wind sits on top of benefit to you.

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How to overcome the wind Sitting as well as Prevention Measures
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